Guild Wars 2 Takes You Back to Southsun Cove

Flame and Frost living story of Guild Wars 2 has come to an end, while it is the start of a new living story. Starting on May 14th, ArenaNet team will be enticing players to return to Southsun Cove, the location of the controversial Lost Shores event.

[Guild Wars 2]

ArenaNet team has also released a new dec blog to outline what the team is looking to do with the living story: “May represents a transition: The Flame and Frost arc is now complete, and our plan calls for content to build on what came before while also kicking things off in a new direction. With that in mind, Team Spring Break first focused on the essentials: characters, story, and gameplay.”

In this first chapter of the new living story, players will team up with Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard as she and her allies address a tense situation between the settlers and the Consortium. It’s only the start of the story, however; events won’t be heating up until the summer proper.