Your Super Adventure Box Questions Answered

How do I get into the Super Adventure Box?
Moto has set up shop at the north end of Rata Sum, near the portal to Lion’s Arch. Round up a party, enter the Box and grab a super coin from the vending machine, and feed it to Virtual Moto. Make sure you save any baubles you collect in the Box, in case you run out of lives.
Can I bring my sweet pet moa or use my amazing teleporting skills in the Super Adventure Box?
To minimize the impact of Tyrian technology and magic on the core edutainment concepts that Moto espouses, all your items and buffs are disabled inside the Super Adventure Box.
How long will the Super Adventure Box be in Rata Sum?
Moto will be demoing his Super Adventure Box throughout the month of April, to gather important data and metrics, as well as to identify any potentially lethal bugs that may or may not be present in his holoware.

Why can’t I hold all these baubles?
Baubles in your inventory are managed by a wallet that is upgradable inside the Super Adventure Box. Your wallet will not total baubles that you’ve stored in the bank or elsewhere. If you enter the instance and have more baubles in your inventory than your wallet can hold, you will be unable to earn more baubles. Be sure to speak to Moto to trade your extra baubles in for Bauble Bubbles so you can keep earning more.
How can I earn the Super Adventure weapon skins?
That’s what the bauble bubbles are for. You can convert 250 baubles into one bauble bubble. Once you have enough bauble bubbles, trade them in to Moto for some of his amazing, solid-holographic weaponry.
What are continue coins?
Once you lose all of your lives in the Super Adventure Box, you must trade baubles for a continue coin in order to keep playing. You can also stock up by trading Moto your baubles for continue coins outside the Box.
Do I have to collect every bauble dropped by a monster in order to earn bauble achievements?
No, you only need to collect ambient baubles that exist in the zone, not the ones in jars, dropped by monsters, buried, or in the end-of-zone chests. Finding hidden baubles, including those in locked chests will challenge your awesome sleuthing skills.
Why did I buy this useless shovel?
There are secret spots with buried treasure all over the various zones. Be sure to check all the nooks and crannies, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
King Toad is too hard! What is wrong with you?
Super Adventure Box bosses are only difficult until you learn to read their “tells.” Don’t forget to use the whole arena. Remember: knowing is half your battle!