Some disputable talent comments

FS often says he can earn 30W experience in one hour. No drinking and sweeping. Please don’t trust it, as in the current version, except you are golden mage, otherwise it must drink water.
1. At present, the easiest way to earn money is avoiding Q or XD brushing prison. It is very boring when mage brushes PS, so players must make a correct attitude.
2. Substitute brushing talent. Try to add full of ice rain.
The arcane 10, ice 51.
Fire 8 points, freezing rain storm +6%, others adding ice talent.
61 points ice.
I like the second talent.

Some disputable talent comments
Shatter Barrier: it can be used as hands, but the defect is very obvious. It is depended on your personal habits.
Brain freeze: at last, the 2w7 blood JY monster. Other monsters kill it, there is 4000 blood left.
Long cold winter
Strengthen ice pick
Deep frozen

It is important to note that, the smart guild leader have a gang,don’tdon’t roll you initiatively. He will ask his men to provate you. Once you accelerate young, he comes out and uphold justice. So you can not brush him on NGA. You also need to observe the internal potential of all kinds of power division.

Which guilds are bad?
1. too many protection old members rules, such as TFWOW, old members only spend 30 gold to buy a suit, but new member can’t buy in half a year.
2. Excessive priority system. Have priority to tank, treatment. It is normal to do these during opening up wasteland, while after the killing the farm’s BOSS, it is too excessive.
3. excessive substitude systems. Except the reason of black hand, new comers can’t get any suit in a month. Just go and don’t need to say any words.
4. farm’s boss doesn’t allow you to join the copy.
5. too much ban of words.

Which guilds are good?
1. during opening the wasteland, having priority to tank and treatment. Everyone has duty to support opening wasteland.
2. observing new comes for substitute. If let you to come into copy and pick up the equipment other people don’t like, the guild is good.
3. don’t take you to wasteland, but take you to farm.