May 2012 Monthly Update PublishedMay 2012 Monthly Update Published


The Age of Conan team has published its monthly update with the news that the annual survey is ready for players to complete. As an incentive for finishing the survey, players will be entered into a drawing for free premium lifetime subscriptions. The letter then goes into a bit of detail about what the team has been working on for the last month.
It genuinely does have an impact. Many of the answers in the previous surveys became the templates for specific additions, features and new content. People voted for a 12 v 12 mini-game two years ago, and that was what we made for the next mini-game. People wanted more solo instances, those arrived as well. Last year’s feedback also helped shape the recent raids, the dynamic instances, the changes to the progression in Khitai, the upcoming multiple specification system, and the order in which the class changes were looked at. It helped to refine the free to play offer, and helped us with a lot of the prioritisation we have to do all the time.