Warrior SpotlightWarrior Spotlight




MMORPG.com and the Dragon Knights Online (DK Online) team have partnered to bring our readers a first look at the Warrior class. We’ve got an exclusive developer blog and trailer to show off this awesome class. Read on!


While Warriors can equip two-handed weapons, they’re most at home with the iconic sword and shield combo. Now, we know you may see the old “sword-and-board” and automatically think “tank,” but this is a good time for a short detour to talk a little bit about class roles in general (don’t worry, we’ll get back to the Warrior soon enough). DK Online takes the age-old “tank, healer, dps” trinity and turns it on its head. The classes in this game are built with a measure of versatility in mind, so that they aren’t pigeon-holed into specific roles and groups don’t need to have a designated tank and healer to be successful.