Guild Wars 2 : Asura and Sylvari ReviewGuild Wars 2 : Asura and Sylvari Review


We spent some time with the asura and sylvari during this past weekend’s final Guild Wars 2 beta event before launch and today we’re offering our thoughts on both!

Ever since it was announced that we could choose different races in Guild Wars 2, I’ve had my heart set on making a Charr.  I know I’d make a Norn down the road, but I’d start with a Charr.  Well now I have to rework my plan.  I was really surprised at what the Asura brought to the game.   I always liked the Asura, but I never thought I could connect with one.  The Asura add some comic relief to the game.  Their sarcastic nature and experiments constantly blowing up bring much needed comedy to a world ruled by dragons and war.   The connection between me and my Asuran character happened almost instantly.