The designers have added some new dungeons

The designers who design the Cataclysm are very pleased with level 1-60 overall reproduction. Each region is very attractive and they strengthen the process of the task of gaming. Each region has a climax of the stories. In addition there will be incentives for blue items usually. The chaotic regions have a clear subject directly related to the return of the wings of death. The designers also combine low-grade underground city to better integrate with the task in which they are located line up. Now the players have a better reason to explore them. To the designers satisfied, the players in level 10 specialization also working. As we all know that almost every design will inevitably be controversial, some players will like and so do not other. It is the inevitable result for possess a huge and diverse user base.

But level 10 specialization is the most widely accepted one they have designed so far. It is effective to allow the player to make truly meaningful choices at an early stage and obtain the strong, practical and interesting skills. This item allows each specialization shows their individuality and continued until the high-grade stage. The game content of level 80-85 is also very nice.  There are beautiful landscape and good story line in each region. The designers have added some new dungeons, raid and battlefield. In the later stage of Cataclysm the designers also bring in the team Finder.

It seems to a life cycle: many old patterns and functions are no attractive as before. The number of a person can play the trumpet is limited. The people maybe also have been tired of endless success. Therefore, the design must provide a whole new way to allow players to the gamers which is a huge victory. There’s also a lot of health boosting, again pointing towards longer fights and heightened survivability. Some zones and dungeons will change drastically to fit this. While though there are thousands of gold selling sites in the internet who say their wow gold is the cheapest, after you bought from them.