World of warcraft shocked China

Comprehensive public beta launch Chinese enthusiasm to shake the world
When needle crossing on April 26, 2005 at 2 a.m., blizzard and 9 cities jointly launched the “world of warcraft” comprehensive public testing. That night, Internet cafes, packed; Residential, brightly lit; While azeroth, lit the fire of life, the first excited the world because of the existence of players and become infinite brilliance! This night, how many sleepless night, how many people are there in tears, how many people the world of warcraft and crazy, it is difficult to statistics, but the fact of experience tends to make people excited.
First open the two regions on April 26, 96 set of server in the morning opened less than a few hours after fully packed. During the rush hour, and each group of nearly 2000 the number of waiting in line, the server players all can enter the world of warcraft as soon as possible to enjoy fun and excitement. We fight day and night, three days later, prepared to open the third district, in a short span of 1 hour, is fully packed. Circulating in the Internet bar, the phrase “is not installed in world of warcraft Internet bar is not a good Internet cafe!” ;Between players, also with the phrase “without ever played world of warcraft will be lifelong regret!” . World of warcraft perfect charm only has shocked the whole China in a few days, let tens of millions of players have a boiling passion! At the moment, China shocked the world!

We service our ideal
“500000 online at the same time” is just the beginning. Each player are the leaders of the world of warcraft. So we are well aware of our responsibility, dare not slack off. In order to allow more players to have a good game environment, solve the existing server queue crowded phenomenon, new fourth district already in place in preparation. We will also timely open more servers, for players to enjoy a steady and fast game environment to provide the most solid guarantee.
At the same time, in order to meet the demand of the game, we will continue to improve the renewal speed of game content. Much-anticipated latest honor system and world of warcraft battle system and more game content also has entered the testing phase, after everything is ready to meet with you soon!
In the face of more and more players and more demand, we know we have much to improved, so we will further improve the professional service level of the game. We want to thank you again, dear player, whether you are criticized or incentives, comments or Suggestions, will supervise and urge our continuous efforts, continuous improvement. The future road is long, we hope that we can more understand and support us, together to take care of our world of azeroth!
Warriors, magnificent chapter in azeroth has just opened the first page, and the world of warcraft in the future waiting for you to write. Let us work together to create a more perfect world of warcraft!