Sola butyl battle

25th afternoon, arathi highlands ignited the fire, in order to honor, honor digital accurately for the group, their alliance and tribal fights, believe that the honor system, almost all of the PVP server do the fighting bitterly.
When I at 3 PM to join league has hit the town of drop hammer, the outside door, after a moment of confrontation some alliance warriors rushed into the town, but, but, almost every behind the warriors out of the group of guards. Squad in the league so broken, originally to tribal refuge to rushed to the valley, because the league team scattered everywhere, quickly occupied by tribal refuge valley! Because of asylum furuuchi alliance guard constantly refresh and league team to collection, and will be back to the town of drop hammer home tribe. Union, however, some people repeated the last error into the town, and so the alliance and horde offensive and defensive with each other, from kill shy away from difficult valley town of drop hammer, refuge from valley back to the town of drop hammer. About 10 o ‘clock in the evening, tribe gave up the highlands, turned against the town of the south China sea. Until 26 at 2 o ‘clock in the morning, before I go to bed, the two sides still too dark. Here also have each attack, from the town of the south China sea to tribal farm, from the farm to play back to the town of the south China sea, constantly repeat this scene seesaw battle, just like that.
Although I am a league member, but here I want to boast a boast, in a few times to shelter when the valley was so wonderful, refuge valley are almost razed to the ground. To fend off several times in the town of the south China sea, tribe alliance is to adopt a few wizards are entering into alliance with wild group magic method, I have is ice art or arcane, anyway, is the body of a transparent bubble of several sizes of that kind of, I 39 warlock, 1600 blood (don’t laugh me, my whole body waste equipment), were they hang up, put three times the process more than 2 seconds. It also raises the very depressed for the alliance of two things:
Level 1, a great disparity in the guard, I 39 see hammer town guards, guards at the farm, are in class 1, guards in the town of call drop of drop hammer (ha ha), killing people is a group of, like of guanyin, I call him thousand shadow guard, and guards asylum valley high level is 43! No wonder valley was razed to the ground by them easily, but the union wants to harder into their small farm.
2, mage like Peter pan, in their team into alliance, there are so two necromancer, like fly, my mouse is very difficult to them, so I want to write down their names are difficult.
By the war, the sola butyl two camps have a preliminary impression:
1, relatively speaking, playing than tribal alliance, but it is full of level, I casually point to each other, are in class 45, and we are a large group of six teams, a total of 30 people, only three level 45!!!!
2, don’t fight! Especially alliance, teams are scattered, and battalion, lack of core of leadership to direct the war, nobody give me a shield! I died N times, and no one others for my resurrection! The most critical moment, no one give me a blood! No organization and discipline, even in comprehensive propaganda are reminded don’t enter the town of drop hammer, the inside of the guard is very abnormal condition, but there are some people repeated mistakes, lead to league rout of again and again. That is to say, in the melee, everybody did not strictly according to the people who should be rushed in front, and those who keep behind, only those people responsible for plus blood and shield strategy, tribes, scattered, everyone is running around.
3, alliance, tribal, play is a lot of people, no necessary to despise each other!