Great WOW Account

Japan has “one thousand people chop”, is a beautiful girl in China is the world of warcraft “# ten thousand”, is really have enough jokes…
World of warcraft account how much red? Maybe in a few words do not all too easy to say, but it is said that in network site, there are already 2000 yuan purchasing price. More and more recently, a player give a test account to publish on the network, the account will immediately become a “ten thousand”!
Today in a world of warcraft players group, has been a critical about the number “ten thousand” strong dialogue, visible warcraft popular degree.
Dialogue is as follows:
Rain man:
Today into a no. Ten thousand, the progress bar is a play by t. Because this number is released, all account of the person all know. There are hundreds of people at any time send a connection request to the account.
You at 3 o ‘clock at night and have a look, because this can take a few minutes.
Rain man:
Someone in 3 minutes, luck also good. I just see the number in all level 1 small, even LianJi to 2 time all have no.