Why so many hates when WoW is compared with another MMO?

It is weird that there always have flames when some mmos are compared with World of Warcraft.

I always heard about these:
Rift VS WoW – WoW Clone
GW2 = WoW killer? – WoW is the best game in the world
Tera or WoW – Go back to Tera noob!
Bns VS WoW? – Blade & Soul sucks!
WoW just has a large number of players and practically everyone knows about it so its easier to hate. WoW is only successful in terms of pure numbers. in terms of graphics, its poor. in terms of gameplay, it keeps most things simple rather than complex. however, what it does, it does right which is why people try to copy it. unfortunately, other people fail miserably when trying to copy it which results in it turning into junk. games also try to label themselves as superior to WoW when it is targetting a different demographic. the results are very different than they expect because they are appealing to completely different people.
There are a lot of WoW fanbois that don’t realize there are other MMORPGs out there because they’re new to the scene so they think WoW invented water.
for starters, the rifts in rift becomes more of a nuisance than an interesting gameplay element.

blade and soul is going to be more action oriented it seems so i doubt you can draw that clear of a comparison.

can’t say much about others.
A lot here having the meaning of = much less then the number of players thinking WOW’s the first MMO. Most wow-boys never even tried a single other MMOrpg. WoW is the most quality of a generic-mmo-product as it gets, too bad people still find it boring since there’s nothing special to generic. It’s like Metallica is to Metal-music, everyone knows it, but it’s simply too generic, unless that the only thing you ever heard.
because there is so many annoying trollers saying wow clone to everything and they think wow its the frist and the only mmo that can exist but no one saying clones to fps (dont know why if they looks almost the same)

i dont care if wow its that great as lots of people say or not but i dont think everyone must choose wow as the only game that we can play
i just hate the hole “wow vs this” thing. stop comparing them and start judging games on their own merits instead of comparing them to the current reigning giant.