The only way an MMO could topple WoW

Before you read any farther, let me first tell you that this is not a post about how WoW is king and everything is a clone. I don’t play WoW, I’ve never played WoW, I don’t want to play WoW.
1. The current Status of WoW
People who play WoW will not move, not even if something completely mind blowing comes out. Most WoW players do not play other mmos and do not wish to play mmos. In order for a new mmo to topple wow, it has to not focus on gaining these subscribers.
2. The game can not have subscriptions
Subscriptions =/= quality. The truth is, non mmo players are going to be the target to this game. Most gamers will refuse to pay a monthly fee to play a game. Instead, the developers need to rely on revenue from box-sales, expansions, and other item shop items that do not overpower characters.
3. The game can not play like the typical mmo
People who don’t play mmos don’t like mmos. Period. Developers thus need to blend RPG elements with Action elements. It needs to appeal to everyone.
4. The game needs to be cross-platform
Not every gamer is a PC gamer. Deal with it. If you want a game to topple WoW it needs to be playable on a 360 or Ps3. This also opens the doors to players who do not own a computer with the power to run a high-end PC game.