Stop talking about this,WOW will never be F2P

Well, it’s good to see so many ppl discussing WOW which implis that WOW is still one of the best and most-watched games. However, those discussions were completely meanless, it is not possible for WOW to be F2P, totally impossible. Some might say that is just a hypotheis and even some Blizzard offcials admitted that,but I am 100 percent confident to say that this hypothesis is not gonna happen. Even on the day that WOW finishes, it will still be P2P. WOW is the biggest title in the MMO world,no doubt. Having more than ten million subscribers and even more fans all around the world which are willing to pay money for the game,there is no point for Blizzard to make the game free then abandon this massive market. It’s just like doing a business, if we get a shit load of money from a certain market and the market is that stable,why abandon? Plus running WOW is a business with a really big cost,the goal for a business is to make profit.As a resuly,Blizzard have to charge. Another point of view might stand out and say that it is a trend to make the game F2P. Yeah,it is a trend for the industry,then will Blizzard follow the trend?Absolutely no.Think about Apple,the MAC is still that MAC,but only with better specs and better appearance.And every new generation has a higher price,those Apple fans still buy every new MAC neverthelessly when it comes out. Apple never follow the trend in the industry,they make the trend!So it comes down to another talking point—quality. With longlasting high quality, ppl will be deadhard for your product. Consequently,you will have the right to make a trend. Has Blizzard ever let the majority down?I would say never.People pay for good product to enjoy a better life,just this simple. I have played WOW for a long time and communicated with many dozens of WOW players.We are all willing to pay for the game.We pay every month and play happily.Further investment is not needed for those stupid items in the cash shops which normally exist in F2P MMOs. Blizzard will not be that dumb to allow a cash shop in their game as we all know they always want the game to be as fair as possible. So less worry and more balanced game environment. And remember,the MMMO is a business,no one will do a completely free sh*t just to entertain you. If play,why not stick with a good one. One side would like to charge,the other side would like to pay.Then what? A deal! One side is providing good service,the other side feels happy with their service.Then what? A harmonious deal. To break this harmonious relationship?Blizzard won’t be that stupidl.