You simply can’t maintain A dozen Evening?

This guy was not too tall. His figure was just like a tauren. Bernal found that there was a small space around him. It was really weird that no devils stepped into it. He needed to keep calm. He crossed his two light swords before his chest and lowered his body to look at his enemy calmly. “How long do you think you can go to ?” the devil opened his mouth, “watch out!” his words were pretty strange, but that big sword has already cut down Bernal.

Bernal used his hands to support it and defended the attack from the guard. But he felt the weight of the sword became heavier and heavier. He want to figure could why such kind thing would happen here. He alreay got rid of the defending and retreated, but his enemy did not want to release him and directly rushed to him. That sword which was made by  was pointing at Bernal directly. He lowered down his body and the edge of the sword just grazed beside his ear. “That’s very interesting, you can do it again and see if it could make me afraid of you, how about that?” the devil said. Bernal could confirm that this devil was not a common role. He has seldom met such a devil that had so strong power and calm heart.
To tell the truth, this doomsday guard’s figure was incompatible with his ability. He had no way to retreat unless he hit other devils’ bodies. He was fighting against that doomsday guard with  and the golden light continuously appeared from the friction. That devil was even smiling. It was obvious that he was not tired at all, but Bernal felt pretty tired. It was the first time for him to feel so tired and it was like the recovery of his power could not catch up with the speed of his power consuming.
Bernal quickly moved his hands, but his opponent was only using one hand to wave the sword with smiling on his face. A sudden attack made Bernal was rolled up by that long tail. When he wanted to cut it down, the devil used his sword hit to Bernal’s chest in an unbelievable speed. His leather armor was broke up by  and Bernal felt pretty hurt. However, he did not fall down and there was no blood flowing out. The wound was a cut crevice and the light was writhing inside.
He felt that his wound was curing, but very slow. When did his body turn to be like that? In a second he has remembered that he had been injured by hell hounds. There has been blood flowing out from his wounds. But he had no time to think more about that. He cut down to the devil withConcerning 2012 wine celebration occasion issue:

Wow cataclysm release Next year wine beverage celebration, what moment should it start off? The problem within this couple of days have heard often, actually, October along with evening is actually blizzard offered time, lovely go well with Western european garments kitchen table fit can be so, we never from the holiday time in person that is to say, the match precisely what period, we’re just what occasion. Even so, due to clothes at present didn’t variation 5.3, absolutely no available 90 level, there’s wine event, you also usually do not enter into. Because of this, the garments provides confirmed 2012 wines celebration will be on March One, came up.

012 wine festival BUFF experience ascension

Whoa wine celebration passion Powerful allow you to panda men and women your day secret on the web pertaining to Four several hours experience ascension 10% Powerful, make use of this BUFF will be able to efficiently increase upgrade performance also.

As well as the famous wine beverages festivity passion this kind of Aficionado will be greater by 10% encounter 2 hours. So using this goods will definitely find is a large benefit.

And also this Fan every single day only two moment points can be purchased, 6.16 and 20.15 your so-called XX to hold available aquarium ceremony (XX is BL/LM NPC’s name). It is inappropriate for you to XX outside the house wine day time camp accomplish XX, anyone providing nearby can get Fan.

In this way, usually takes 10.24 hours the Fan nighttime 14 e ‘clock LianJi, Ten.A couple of Six the.mirielle. to consider a new Fan, which may obtain a overall of four years old a long time regarding 10% expertise ascension.

???????You simply can’t maintain A dozen Evening?

Do you think I’d personally let you know to accept the BUFF confidentially small return a trumpet clinging with 14 and another in large on the internet?

Over is just using prior a long time experience guess, particular case we all even now together to experience WOW2012 wines festival!

, but that tail has already been received. Bernal raised his head and saw the devil’s evil smile.