Massive changes encourage players to train combat skills

Maximum life points will be raised by the armour you’re wearing, so life points will effectively increase by over 15 times of previous amounts for defensively geared players, with a 10 times increase for those equipped with offense in mind. Currently, a common source of disappointment is being killed very quickly in PvP with little chance to react. With larger life pool, players will be encouraged to think tactically rather than relying on lucky, big hits. Those players who truly master the new abilities, equipment rebalancing and target-strengths and weaknesses will find new rewards from the game not only in terms of fun, but also in treasure and progression. Players who master the system will have the best rates available through combat.

Naturally, there are several aspects of the game that need rebalancing in order to achieve this sense of reward. Things like healing via food have been modified to relate more to the new and increased life points of the player; potions and prayers are being modified to allow for high-level features in the future; and massive changes are being made to encourage players to train all combat skills, including the neglected defense skill. The action bar adding to the game allows the player to quickly access the features they want to use, rather than force them to navigate between tabs to find them. This means more time engaging with combat itself, not the interfaces that contain the right buttons.

Players will load the 12 slot action bar with all the abilities, potions, food, prayers, spells etc they want to, and have all the features they wish to use in one place. It’s really easy to set up your action bar and define your own hotkeys to access the bar, and once defined it can be locked, remaining the same until you decide to change it. Players will also have access to multiple action bars, so you can define your optimum setup for whatever situation you find yourself in, even outside of combat. The abilities adding give the player a wealth of choices to use in PvE and PvP combat, and the way those abilities relate to each other will bring a new sense of tactical depth to the game.