Combat: Action and Adrenaline

The Combat HQ has been updated with a whole host of information about the hotly anticipated action bar, and a new feature for the Evolution of Combat beta: adrenaline! This week, all the information you need to know about the upcoming action bar has been added to a new tab, including details of how you can add abilities to the bar; how it works once you have set it up; key mapping, and much more! Also this week, we’re pleased to announce details of adrenaline: a player resource brand new to the Evolution of Combat. Located just above the action bar slots, your adrenaline meter builds up as you do damage in combat.

The new Basic abilities can be used to generate additional adrenaline, while Thresholds and Ultimates require you to have a certain amount of adrenaline before their use, as they’re more powerful. To find out more about this system, head over to the Combat HQ and check out the new Action Bar and Adrenaline tab. In addition to the Combat HQ update, here’s another episode of Behind the Scenes on video, dedicated to the Evolution of Combat. Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter will take you on a whistle-stop tour through the new action bar and adrenaline features! You’ll see how the action bar will work, and watch as both the action bar and adrenaline are used in combat situations!

If you like this video then head over and check out our YouTube channel for previous Behind the Scenes videos, and RuneCast – a fortnightly round up of what’s going on in Runescape. The Evolution of Combat beta sign-ups close on the 19th of June, so if you’ve not registered your interest yet you’ve still got time. Don’t forget, in recognition of the commitment shown by the long-term RuneScape members, anyone with 12 or more consecutive months of membership who signs up will have full, unlimited access to the beta from day one! Don’t worry, though, as we wil also be choosing another 50,000 from the pool of players who apply to take part.