Dungeon Crawing With FriendsDungeon Crawing With Friends



ficial announcement and press release about Fortune Online. Fortune Online is a browser-based action-RPG currently in closed beta testing. The game will allow players to team up with friends to romp through endless dungeons and massive labyrinths. To celebrate the official announcement, Gazillion has released a brand new trailer. Check it out!


“Developed with our own patent-pending engine, Fortune Online sets a new standard for browser-based online games,” states Brian Booker, Producer for Fortune Online. “Our engine pushes Flash to amazing new heights, enabling us to create the kind of kick ass game that we, as gamers, like to play – a full-featured MMO we can all play together whenever and wherever we are.”


“Like at work,” continues Dan Fiden, Vice President of Publishing for Gazillion. “But only during lunch, of course. We at Gazillion Entertainment couldn’t possibly endorse the playing of games of any kind during normal work hours. Obviously.”


David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment and designer of Diablo, adds, “I know a thing or two about dungeon crawlers, and with Fortune Online you get into one with unparalleled ease. What we’re doing in a browser is simply amazing. It’s a great example of Gazillion’s focus – free-to-play, console-quality games right in your browser.”