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Test – The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind


With “Morrowind”, Bethesda conjures up a new chapter on “The Elder Scrolls Online” – briefly “ESO” – out of the hat. A new region, a new class, a new PvP mode and more to fill 30 game hours. The new chapter about the Morrowind threat is about 700 years before the third part of the “The Elder Scrolls” series, which is on the island of Vvardenfell, Vivec, the legendary warrior poacher and protector of the island, to help save the world from a deadly threat from the dairy industry.

Since the release of “ESO” a lot has already been done before the expansion. In addition to four published DLCs “One Tamriel” was integrated. The Alliance barriers have been lifted, and the game world is scaled up according to the level of the character so players can explore the whole world freely. Anyone who now wants to go back to Vvardenfell can go straight away and get started.


Since you also had little experience with “ESO”, use the opportunity to create a new character. You would like to try the new class, the Warden. The Wardens are designated as defenders of the green, who tell masterful stories about nature and plunge into battle with frostmies and evoked animals. Easier formulated, the keeper at the beginning are a kind of all-rounder. The evoked creatures are tidy, while the green balance mainly uses curative effects. The whole is rounded off by the winter cold. The Frost Cloak is used primarily to defend itself and its friends.

Since each class can use all the skill lines, the Warden is a nice addition to the other four classes. TheAnimal Companions, supported by a summoned bear, and fight with two swords and a middle armor. Of course there are a lot of combinations available.

As mentioned at the beginning, the main quarantine on Vvardenfell revolves around a deadly threat. The story is not as long as expected, but it is exciting and leads us over a large part of the island. Added to this is the reunion with some famous characters. Even if you could have a longer main quest, there is still a lot to do. Dozens of secondary quests are waiting to be graduated and some places can be discovered. In addition, you can search for the Ancestral Tombs, thus opening up the location of the Lost Library of Andule.

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If you need some variation between the different quests, you can do dungeons with other players as usual. New are the battlegrounds – a fast PVP mode, which offers three different options. In spite of other names, you have the possibility to be on a team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Domination. What is special is that not only two, but three teams of four players compete against each other. This guarantees a certain dynamism at all times. However, as often happens, the fun is dependent on the players. Whether one considers this new content as useful also depends strongly on the taste.

Even if there are some nostalgic moments almost 15 years after “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind”, you wanted to present a slightly different environment. Due to the time shift of the 700 years, the city of Vivec is still under construction and the environment is characterized in large part by a lush and grotesque plant world. However, the closer you get to the red mountain, the more the picture becomes clearer.

All in all, one can call “Morrowind” a successful new chapter. With Vvardenfell you have a new, spacious environment in beautiful style. The guardians also appear to be a useful addition. There is a lot to be said, which makes the indication of 30 hours of playtime appear as optimistic. However, you have to dig deep into your pocket. 40 euros costs the extension or 60 euros the complete package if one “ESO” still does not possess. But the most important question is whether “Morrowind” is also fun. In addition to the content presented, this is strongly dependent on how much “The Elder Scrolls Online” has been so far. Because the game system has not changed. Those who liked the adventure so far, will continue to have fun. But even Newbies try to facilitate the entrance as far as possible, which works very well over long distances.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Create A Character Tailored To The Player


Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character? Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO.


Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character?

It is best to think carefully before answering. Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO. If the player already knows about a previous delivery of The Elder Scrolls, especially The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the process will be familiar. First you will have to select the race and the sex, then you will choose the class and, finally, customize the appearance. However, there are some differences that veteran fans of Skyrim and the original Morrowind should know.

Races – In The Elder Scrolls Online, each of the nine major races is linked to one of the three alliances. The Bretons, Orcs and Red Guards form the Daggerfall Covenant; The High Elves, the Forest Elves and the Khajiites are members of the Aldmeri Dominion; And the Argonians, the Dark Elves and the Norse belong to the Ebonheart Pact (Ebonheart Pact).


When Morrowind starts with any race, the player will find himself on a ship heading for the volcanic island of Vvardenfell. If you want to explore all Tamriel from the beginning, so if you prefer to ignore the introductory zones and start your adventure elsewhere, you can do so. If this is the first time you play The Elder Scrolls Online, the Morrowind tutorial is part of the story and it is a great starting point. Fans of The Elder Scrolls will also know that each race has a number of skills and bonuses. For example, Khajiites are very agile and high elves are very fond of magic. Let’s make it clear that all races can belong to any class, but there are races that are slightly better in some classes.

The Classes – After choosing the race of your character the player will have to decide on which discipline he will specialize. In Morrowind there are five options: Dragonknight, which mixes offensive magic with melee combat; Sorcerer, who uses canes along with powerful magic and invocations; Nightblade, specialized in stealth and assassinations; Templar, combining hand-to-hand combat and healing magic; And the new Warden class, exclusive to those who acquire Morrowind, who invokes magical animals, has natural healing abilities, can destroy the enemy with frost spells and excels in close-range combat.

Each of these classes has three unique skills trees, but it is very important to remember that there are another twenty-eight skill trees available for all characters, regardless of their class. The player decides how to develop the character, from the specialty of the weapon to the manufacture of objects, regardless of the decisions taken when creating it. This has always been one of the main features of all The Elder Scrolls games.


Appearance – Like all The Elder Scrolls games, TESO offers an impressive array of options to customize the look of the characters. First, a triangle with sliding vertices allows defining the basic complexion of the character (fat, thin or muscular). You can then choose other characteristics of your appearance such as height, skin color or size of the feet.

Then comes the time to customize the face of the avatar. With the slider you can select the basic features and modify the different appearances (soft, angular and heroic) and then choose the hairstyle, age, eye color and other elements. The range of options is vast.

Constantly Improve – Once the character’s creation is completed, the player can begin to explore Morrowind and the rest of the wide world of Tamriel. Decisions about the character have only begun. Virtually everything that is done in TESO serves to shape and develop the character, from cooking to stealing or making potions, everything develops an own tree of skills. The most important thing is to create a character with which the player enjoys. Fortunately, discovering what that means is also an adventure.

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