Evolution of Combat

After we announced the EoC back in June, many of you asked how you could continue using the current combat style for non-PvP content; particularly for longer Slayer assignments. It’s clear that many of you like the current system, and you challenged us to keep it in the game.
So, we did.
You’re able to keep using the traditional, low-intensity combat that has always been a part of RuneScape. Clicking on an enemy still initiates a repeated auto-attack, and the amount of damage this does can be multiplied for a 20-minute period by using the Momentum ability.
Momentum is an ultimate ability in the Defence/Constitution category, available to players of all levels, that can be activated when your adrenaline is fully charged. You can access this ability via the ability book that’s been incorporated into the ‘magic’ side stone on your interface.
You can also minimise the action bar at any time. This will free up valuable screen space, and will keep your chat window active by default, so you don’t need to press enter each time you want to speak to your friends.
So what does this mean for you? Well, basically you get to pick and choose the features you want to use without being forced to do any of it. You can have all the cool new gear and other upgrades that the EoC brings, while still enjoying the game in the way you’re used to via the Momentum ability. It’s just one more click every 20 minutes or so!
EoC: Upcoming Changes
Changes To EoC on Launch
When the Evolution of Combat launches next week, there will be a number of changes from the current beta based on your feedback since the last rebalance.
These are the most significant changes, and also the ones that have caused most discussion on the forums!
Combat Triangle
There has already been a significant amount of rebalancing done in the beta around this, but there has been consistent feedback that the triangle is too strictly enforced in certain instances, particularly around PvM. This means that – in certain cases – you have to carry three sets of kit.
Therefore we’ve significantly increased the hit chance for users in either the same or negative side of the triangle as a result. We will continue to monitor this after release, so please let us know your feedback next week.
Potions & Herblore
Following your feedback, these have been powered up and given a serious boost compared to the beta.
As with potions, there’s been a lot of discussion around Prayer and how it now interacts with the combat triangle. There is a general consensus that it is currently underpowered in the beta; therefore, at launch, it will be significantly stronger than in the current beta version.
Equipped Items Interface
The star system in the Equipped Items Interface was intended to provide a clear indication of an item’s effectiveness, but has ended up causing more questions than answers. For release, this is going to be replaced by a numbered bar, which will be less ambiguous and easier to interpret.
Special Attacks
There are no special attacks in the EoC (they’ve essentially been replaced by abilities) but there has been consistent feedback from yourselves that you like the current special attacks and would like to retain them.
Firstly, in the current beta, God Swords now have passive effects that are similar to their special-attack counterparts.
The list of items and effects as follows. All have a 1/4 chance on hit to do the following:
Armadyl: Increases Attack and Strength stats.
Bandos: Decreases targets defence if they are above a certain base Defence level.
Saradomin: Heals some of your base life and prayer points.
Zamorak: Stuns your target.
Enchanted Excalibur (off-hand): Heals some base life points, which are boosted if the player has completed the elite tasks.
We are going to monitor how these work and potentially add similar passive effects to other items in the future, too.
The RuneScape Team 

Behind the Scenes: December

To celebrate this fantastic time of year, we’ve filled your plate with wintery weekends and a funky festive aura, which will complement the quest and minigame meat like a tasty sauce. Anyone who signs up for membership over December will be given an aura which, when activated, will add a 50% bonus to XP gained within the next 30 minutes. It also gives you a set of wings themed around snowflakes. In addition, we’re hosting a variety of special weekends over December, giving double boss drops, double XP in certain skills, double Dungeoneering
tokens and even a special snowman-themed community event. It’s going to be a great month, so get involved!
TzHaar Grandmaster Quest: ‘The Brink of Extinction’ – Members Only
In this Grandmaster finale to the TzHaar storyline, you’ll be asked to resolve the differences between the Ga’al, TzHaar and TokHaar by using a fiery combination of wits, knowledge and the sheer, unbridled potency of the new combat system. You’ll have to fight your way through waves of vicious foes and burn through tricky puzzles, as you march forward to the ultimate goal – bringing the city back from the brink of extinction. With fantastic graphics, voiced characters and full integration with the EoC, it’s the flaming hot action we’ve all been longing for.
As with any Grandmaster quest, the rewards are particularly awesome. Not only are the XP rewards some of the biggest we have ever awarded, we’ll allow you to smith obsidian armour
If your allegiance tends towards the TokHaar, Solomon will have three tiers of cosmetic armour reskins for sale, based on the ancient race.
Player-Owned Ports – Members Only
I first mentioned the idea of Player-Owned Ports at Runefest last year, and it’s something we’ve been working hard on ever since. This month, after months of plank-walking, kraken-dodging and sail-hoisting, it’ll be ready! Arrrr! That it be!
Player-Owned Ports is a massive minigame where you can build and manage the port, your ships and your crewmen – ships, sailors, captains and adventurers – and explore the realm of the Eastern Lands!
Building the port itself is a simple matter of creating and upgrading buildings by using the resources your pirates traders bring back from their exotic adventures. The better your port, the better the shipmates you attract to your fleet. The strategy lies in equipping and preparing your ships for any eventuality, finding the right crew for the job and choosing the right voyages to undertake. And there are HUNDREDS of voyages that occur in real-time, meaning you can go back to the surface world and go about your normal business while your crew
do all the hard work.Accessing the port requires at least level 90 in one of the following skills: Herblore, Prayer, Runecrafting, Thieving, Slayer or Fishing. Each skill attracts a different adventurer, who has their own deep, mysterious storyline to investigate, unlocking more and more of the fabled Eastern Lands. If you want to explore ALL of the content that the ports can offer, you’ll need at least level 90 in all of those skills.
There are heaps of new rewards to be accessed as your crew brings back the rare and elusive items of the eastern archipelagos. There are so many rewards, in fact, that we can only give a taster here:
New level 85 equipment for rangers, mages and warriors. These need to be crafted, runecrafted or smithed by players with 90+ in those skills
A brand new, ‘highest-healing-ever’ food type (90+ Cooking to cook)
New scrimshaw items that can be carried in a brand new ‘pocket’ slot, offering a range of skilling and combat benefits (90+ Fletching to make).
Of course, no update would be complete without some fantastic new graphics and audio, and the ports have those by the barrel load! Not only is it fully voiced and features some fantastic shanties (look out for a special shanty in an up-and-coming video) but the Graphics team have really pushed the boat out with some amazing buildings, ships and characters, all of which really bring the update to life.
Solomon will also be opening Davy Jones’ Locker to reveal various sailor outfits (east and west) and nautical hairstyles and beards.
A Stray in a Manger – Free and Members 

Drygore Weapons and Exiled Kalphite Hive

Speaking of gear, the Kalphite King brings with him the first level 90 equipment: the grotesquely powerful drygore weapons. Rare drops from the Kalphite King himself, they comprise a rapier, longsword and mace – as well as off-hand equivalents – and are wrought from nightmarish arthropod appendages. They’re the very best dual-wielding melee weapons in the game – requiring level 90 Attack – and are sure to lay waste to whatever stands in your way.
Drygore weapons degrade with use, and can be repaired with chitin gathered from enemies in the new Exiled Kalphite Hive. This will drop in the form of untradeable damaged chitin, but a smith of level 60 or higher can break this down into chitin scraps at an anvil. This will render it tradeable, and ready for use in repairs.

Alternatively, speak to Bob in Lumbridge to repair your weapons in exchange for coins, or do so at an armour stand in your player-owned house.
Zoologists, desert travellers and entomophobes alike are bewildered by the emergence of a new Kalphite Hive in the Kharidian Desert. Home to a new strain of ‘exiled’ kalphites, it has been theorised that these creatures have broken away from the original hive, and even that they are preparing for war against their former home.
No-one knows for certain why this new hive has been founded; why there are newly-evolved breeds of magic-using kalphite within; or why it is presided over not only by the Kalphite King, but also another Kalphite Queen. For now, those venturing into the hive can expect to find fierce opponents on which to train combat or Slayer, a source of chitin with which to repair drygore weapons, and the entrance to both the Kalphite King’s and the Exiled Kalphite Queen’s lairs. Drops from kalphites – both regular and exiled – have been improved to make them much more appealing as a combat target, and the original Kalphite Lair has been graphically updated to bring it in line with the quality of the new one, as have all kalphite NPCs, with the exception of the Kalphite Queen. 

Traveling in Astral SpaceTraveling in Astral Space

What really seems to help with Allods is that there isn’t a vending system like other F2P games have, so there isn’t an area that is overcrowded by players who are just sitting around AFK trying to sell items. Instead there is just an auction house for trading among players. There is some music in the game, but there can be long periods of time where there isn’t any. In some towns the music gets very tedious after awhile, and often I found it better just to turn it off completely. Still, the visuals are beautifully rendered and not too taxing on the system
In our latest review here at MMORPG.com, Cat Mo takes a look at Allods Online. Allods was one of those games a couple years ago that was so filled with potential that people took notice 

Reach level 3 Farming, you’ll come up with a Scarecrow

RuneScape has been determined and so no person electricity overcomes additional. Nor Warriors or Mages or Rangers will surely have just about any certain benefit on the various other 2. One beats one more, yet is usual from the some other. In the case of fight gold in rs, Warriors overpower Rangers, Rangers overpower Mages, along with Mages overpower Warriors. That has the name the particular Battle Triangle. Warriors can certainly overpower Rangers for just two explanations: Their particular hefty, strong platemail will be very tolerant in order to drained arrows, along with easily reduces the risk for his or her problems. Second, buckskin merchandise are usually no go with for a warrior’s large, distinct system.

Rangers can easily overpower Magicians for just two factors in addition: Their own arrows are usually very powerful for a Magicians fine material, along with considering that leather (especially Dragonhide) is definitely a bit sensational, that resists spells. Whenever you reach level 3 Farming, you’ll come up with a Scarecrow. They should ward fowls from the a person’s Sweetcorn, consequently keeping condition of buy gold for rs. They should be used in allotment patches when you will have planned and planted Sweetcorn. You won’t manage to grow crops some other sprouts across the Scarecrow. If you don’t want to head into the Wilderness alone then you should head over to the ‘Clans’ section of our site and search for PvP or combat clans.

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