How To Equip Accessories in NBA 2K20

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In NBA 2K20, every basketball fan can play your favorite player in the game and wear their shoes. Accessories are a way to actually have them, but they’re a little tricky. Here’s how to get and equip accessories in NBA 2K20.

Firstly, Get your hands on some accessories for your character. The accessories shop is the same as the shop where you get clothes. From there, you can try them all on to see how they look on your character before purchasing any of them using VC.

All the accessories you purchased need VC. That’s where the pain part comes in, as some can cost you quite a lot.

Once you’ve decided which one you want to buy (making extra sure you look good with it on), you can equip it right from there. You can also do this by heading to your in-game hideout where you’ll have your lockers and clothing and all that.

Finally, Match your character with pink sunglasses and over-the-top gold chains.

There are different ways to get the Accessories, all you need to do is buy them from 2K Store which is a default option or you can earn accessories as rewards by performing different activities on your days off.

Search for the accessories you want to apply in the 2K store and apply them to your MyPlayer. Meanwhile, buy 2k20 mt at, which can be used to buy players at auction houses to assemble your all-star team.