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The First Trailer Of NBA 2K18 Discovers Great Innovations In Appearance


Not only a visual issue, 2K Games is preparing a battery of news for this year’s delivery.

After publishing a couple of screens as an advance, 2K Games has decided that it is time to go teaching their new basketball game to the world. The first trailer of NBA 2K18, under these lines, discovers “great innovations in the appearance of the equipment and in the players themselves for the most realistic graphics to date.”

The game will be available next September 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, while in Nintendo Switch still have to date its exit this fall, apparently because of delays with the manufacture of cartridges. Users of the other two consoles, for their part, will be able to launch their first baskets from September 8, thanks to the free experience The Prelude that allows start your MyCareer on PS4 and Xbox One to then continue with the game week later.

NBA 2K18 Mode Updates In MyLeague And MyGM


NBA 2K18 will be the first game in the series, which will get a full story mode. Sports games for many years allowed to build a career in single modes, but in NBA 2K18 there will be a real story.

The game will remain traditional mode of careers MyLeague, and along with it will be offered the plot of MyGM: The Next Chapter. In it you will lose the role of a former NBA player who returns to professional sports after a six-year hiatus to become a manager.


In the mode, there will be enough plot scenes in which you will interact with the owner of the team, the staff and the players themselves, as well as with media representatives and general managers of other clubs. At the same time personnel decisions will remain for the players, and they will not be dictated by history.

For more details, see the developer’s message on Facebook.

Pre-order NBA 2K18 Game On September 15 & Its Cover Athlete

As one of the first titles announced on Switch, NBA 2K18 has its release date now. The game is scheduled to be released on September 19th and can be pre-ordered after September 15. Though the face of the standard edition cover is yet to be announced by 2K Sports, it has been confirmed that Shaquille O’Neal will grace the cover of Legend Edition and the Legend Edition Gold of “NBA 2K18″.


The standard edition of “NBA 2K18″ will have 5,000 VC worth of in-game currency, 10 weekly “MyTeam” packs as well as MyPlayer apparel.

In the Legend Edition of “NBA 2K18″, Shaq will be seen wearing the number 32 jersey of the Miami Heat throughout his three-plus year stint with the club. The special edition will cost buyers an amount of $99.99 and will provide a Shaq poster, some stickers, 100,000 VC worth of in-game currency, 20 weekly “MyTeam” packs, undisclosed Shaq items and five Panini trading cards.

Moreover, the Legend Edition Gold of “NBA 2K18″ will feature Shaq wearing the number 34 jersey of Los Angeles Lakers. This limited edition will come along with the items of Legend Edition except there will be 250,000 VC worth of in-game currency and 40 weekly “MyTeam” packs. This will cost the buyers an amount of $149.99.


It’s the third-time Shaq has appeared on the “NBA 2K” game’s cover. The past two versions are NBA 2K6 and NBA 2K7. NBA 2K18 will be his first appearance on a Legends Edition.

As the latest title of NBA 2K series, NBA 2K18 will be launched on various platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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The Top 5 Players Are Likely To Be NBA 2K18 Cover Athlete


NBA 2K18 release still months away, definite release date is likely to still early. Take a look back on the last installment in June last year, according to 2K announced, and Indiana Pacers star Paul George as the cover star of NBA 2K17. And, this year, regarding the cover athlete of this year’s entry to the franchise, who can be the cover star of NBA 2K18?


Allen Iverson
Iverson was the face of NBA 2K for the first five editions. During that course, he made the All-Star team all five years, won the MVP in 2001, made All-NBA First Team once, and All-NBA Second Team three times. Currently, his name is still ringing bells among basketball fans as he has just been just inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Kawhi Leonard
The San Antonio Spurs player is a huge favorite amongst basketball supporters. He may not be the most flamboyant superstar, but Leonard has both individual and team success that makes him worthy of the cover. At 25, he has seen his point-per-game average increase each of the last five years. Just like the first two players, Leonard is an MVP pick too.

James Harden
Houston Rockets’ point guard seems to be one of 2K’s favorite picks for the NBA franchise. Harden landed one of the three covers for NBA 2K16 and also graced the cover for NBA 2K15. Fans think he could be this season’s MVP. If predictions are to be believed, he could also lead the NBA in assists and finish as one of the top three in scoring. However, the question is if 2K will consider featuring him again on the cover after a two-year interval.

Kyrie Irving
Touted as one of the coolest athletes in the league, Irving’s jersey sales rank the fourth highest after Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (1st) and Kevin Durant (3rd), and Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James (2nd). That alone already makes him a logical choice for the game cover, although he’s already been the cover of NBA Live 14.

Russell Westbrook
Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook would make a great NBA 2K18 cover athlete. Also a crowd favorite, he is expected to make history this season either by winning the MVP title or ending up second in the voting. However, Westbrook could still be tied with EA Sports since he just graced the cover of NBA Live 16.

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