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Stormblood Has Been Designed To Streamline FFXIV’s More Complex Elements


According to Final Fantasy XIV designer, director and producer Naoki Yoshida elaborated, Final Fantasy XIV launches new expansion Stormblood, and it’s aim to appeal to a wider audience of both novice and MMORPG players. They believe deep down that the idea is bound to be achieved.06013As the latest expansion to Yoshida’s revamped online Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood has been designed to streamline Final Fantasy XIV’s more complex elements in a bid not only appeal to general Final Fantasy fans, but to those that love MMOs but haven’t given the series a look-in before. More latest update and new expansion details, click for source.

To help newcomers better understand, and play, Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood reworks some of the game’s core systems. “Our current build, [version] 3.57, is quite complex,” Yoshida explains. “If we add any more complexity to Final Fantasy XIV’s systems it’ll become harder, overwhelming and discouraging players to get into the game.” Now, you have chance to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL.

Looking back to previous Final Fantasy XIV, which is a failure evolve. However, Yoshida was brought on to save the floundering Final Fantasy XIV project, it was regarded as a new online adventure for Square Enix, it’s no hyperbole to say that it was a total mess. Fortunately, Square Enix rebuild the entire game from the ground up. Until now, Final Fantasy XIV is an ever-growing success for Square Enix.

Libra Eorzea: FFXIV official iOS app

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea, its official smartphone application that can be downloaded through the iTunes Store iOS. Application offline games and a full-featured database character outlines audience, more features and Android version, future plans.Here to supply Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Game database
FINAL FANTASY XIV: LIBRA EORZEA included in the game, including projects, tasks, non-game characters of the NPC, achievements, and more extensive catalog. Will host updates the database works as a useful resource for constantly Final Fantasy XIV adventurer: a realm of rebirth.

Character Profiles
Players active FINAL FANTASY XIV: the realm of rebirth Square Enix account can login account credentials examine its properties and gears character information. They can also free in their company, Linkshell browse profiles of other characters, or use the search function of the other players and free company details. In addition, players can even learn their fellow adventurers acquisition equipment.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn officially launches tomorrow, but Square Enix is already working on future content for the game. Given the MMO’s required monthly subscription, this sort of future planning is to be expected — but how long will players have to wait for new content to arrive?

“We’re planning on doing a major update every three months once the game has been released, and continuously adding large-scale content,” game producer and director Naoki Yoshida said. “Ongoing support for the game will be included in the monthly subscription.

“We’ve already begun work on the first update that is currently called patch 2.1 and will introduce a large-scale housing system, as well as “The Wolves’ Den” — the first ever PvP content in the series. Furthermore, the update will include new dungeons, a new daily quest system, new Primal battles, extensions to the main story, and loads of other new content to enjoy,” he explained.

“There will be a significant update every three months, so everyone will be able to continue enjoying the game for a very long time!” Yoshida assured. “Of course we also have long-term plans to release full expansion packs, so watch out for future updates on those, too.”Here to supply Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Major updates to MMOs are to be expected, especially for subscription-based models, but it’s a little disconcerting that players will have to wait three months. Zenimax Online Studios, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, recently revealed that they are hoping to release new content every four to six weeks. Guild Wars 2, a free-to-play MMO, meanwhile releases new content updates every two weeks.