RS Champions Guild

RS Champions Guild
The two dragon hide armor pieces are the chaps for 3,900 gold coins and vambraces for only 2,500 gold coins. He can also sell you a coif for the low price of 200 gold coins. You probably won’t find a person in runescape selling these items for less then the shop. The second shop is run by a girl named Valaine, she sells some armor and you can sell her items too. She will give you the same price that you would get for the item at the general store so always make sure you check what price she will pay for it before you sell. You can do this by right clicking on the item and select the check price option, the amount she will pay will show up in chat. She sells only four items a blue cape for 41 gold coins, a pair of black legs for 2,496 gold coins and an adamantium plate body for 16,640 gold coins.
For members who pay to play Runescape they have an added feature to this guild in the basement they can fight champion monsters when they find a champion scroll. They find these as a random reward for killing the monsters who have picked a champion of their race. Since many creatures have chosen champions they are all found in an arena in the basement of the guild. These champions are here to take on those who have made themselves know as a mass slayer of their race. There are six different races in the champion’s guild, werewolf, dwarf, human, gnome, elf, and TzHaar. Each duel has different rules to it so they can even out the playing field. You fight them by giving the scroll to a man named, Larux. These challenges can only be done on member’s servers.

Now after you have entered the guild and you will be able to see that there is an upper level. There are two stores set up there you can buy the items by clicking to trade with each shop keeper. The first is a man named Scavvo he can sell you rune items and green drogon hide items. He has a Rune skirt for sale for only 64,000 gold coins for a female character. He has a set of Rune legs for only 64,000 gold coins for a male or female character. He sells a Rune mace for only 14,400 gold coins which is used as a blunt weapon. He sells a body made of Rune chain for only 50,000 gold coins for a male or female character. If you want to buy Cheap Runescape Gold in our store, our professional workers are at your service. As for swords he sells a rune sword for 20,800 gold coins or a rune long sword for 32,000 gold coins.

One of the reasons Runescape Champions Guild exists is to provide motivation for the people playing on free to play to finish the majority of their quests. You can only become a member of this guild if you have 32 quest points. Membership in this guild will give each player access too the guild master who is the man who greets you when you come through the door. You will need to talk to him to start one of the longer quests The Dragon Slayer. If you want to upgrade in a short time, you can Buy Runescape Gold to help you achieve your aim. As a reward for this quest you will be able to wear rune plate body armor, the best possible plate body in the free to play version. Now the guild itself is located just south west of Varrock, it’s a relatively small building with a chicken coop on its east side. If you open up your world map, it is clearly marked as the Champion’s Guild.

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