Latest POE 3.3 Builds: Duelist Slayer Spells

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1.POE 3.3 Builds For Earthquake Bleedquaker

3.3 was Again a nice update for this development. No nerfs and a few pics buffs!
– EQ now features a great deal reduce delay for the aftershock impact!
– EQ now as a Vaal Version that adds harm and fun 🙂

– Pretty secure (6k– life, 77% hit AND spell block, big leech) -> can go AFK in maps
– Incredibly superior group damage and clear speed
– Atziri / Uber lab viable (did each at lv 80 on a 5L on 3.0 beta, missing five skill points as a result of missing acts)
– Can do all maps including Guardians
– Can do nearly all map mods (except no leech, Hexfont and Blood magic)
– HC viable (though I by no means played a lot HC, so others might judge if this can be correct)
– Blood everywhere, searching pretty nice with diverse gore themed MTX
– Uses bleed as a principal damage supply -> one thing special 🙂
– Can reach greater than 250k single target DPS with investment and a great deal larger group damage

– The construct requirements two highly-priced products to get its complete possible:
1) +1 Curse Anvil (2 to 3 Exalted)
2) Helm with uber lab enchant for lowest EQ duration (about 50C)
– “only” 250k+ damage so no million DPS content destroyer 🙂
– Will struggle to perform Shaper as a consequence of “low” single target damage

Leveling Guide:
This development is rather uncomplicated to level.

Start off with Cleave as your melee AoE skill. Purchase EQ, much less duration, and swift affliction as quickly as you can and level them. Use either EQ or bleed, depending around the axe you locate. Should you get an axe that syncs nicely with your EQ delay, use EQ. Otherwise, use Cleave with Multistrike and more quickly attacks rather than less duration and swift Affliction.

Get RT as soon as you can, it will give a lot of clear speed. Try and get the bleed passives later within the game because, in the beginning, they’re extremely weak. Take life and damage once you feel you need it.

Following you may have RT, you can find 3 huge clusters that all give survivability, two also give harm. It is actually up to you, what you would like to get next. I normally do plenty of traveling first in order that I just can gather each of the superior passives for the duration of the late game. Practically nothing is more annoying than having to level from 82 to 86 just to get 40 strength from passives.

8% additional Block Chance should you were Broken by a Hit Not too long ago,
40% improved Harm if you have taken no Damage from Hits Lately

Versatile Combatant:
100% of Block Chance applied to Spells

Gratuitous Violence:
Attacks have 25% possibility to lead to Bleeding
30% elevated Harm with Hits and Ailments against Bleeding Enemies

The Pantheon Powers add one more layer of defense to the make.
Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Gruthkul

Pob Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Instance Link:

2.POE 3.3 Builds For Lacerate Facebreaker Elder Bleed Gladiator ft. Blasphemer’s Grasp

We are employing bleed as our primary harm by having the ability to inflicting Bleed up to eight occasions due to Crimson Dance in the talent tree (for bleed is our major damage, you need to not concentrate on low tooltip damage which will have). We make use in the following abilities coming from Blasphemer’s Grasp;

Now has an added harm effectiveness and base damage of 60% at gem level 1 (down from 95%), as much as 73.7% at gem level 20 (down from 117.8%).
Now gains up to +9 to the location of effect radius at gem level 20 (up from +5).
Now has 25% likely to cause bleeding on hit.
Now offers 25% much more harm with hits and ailments against bleeding enemies.
No longer has 25% less attack speed.

-Deadly Ailments Help
Now causes supported abilities to deal 45% a lot more harm with ailments at gem level 1 (up from 40%), up to 64% at gem level 20 (up from 59%).
Now causes supported abilities to deal 10% less harm with hits (down from 20%).

+ Fairly quick clearing speed (not the fastest available)
+ Getting solution to experience a rare ability in POE meta: Lacerate
+ Insane survivability
+ Reflect damage proof create
+ Capability to run all map modes
+ Capacity to run T14-15 corrupted maps

– Reasonably extended end game boss fights
– Being in need of going back within the map to gather loot for we inflict bleed and move forward when mobs’ lives are drained & they finally die

In the following order:
– Blood inside the Eyes
– Gratuitous Violence
– Painforged
– Versatile Combatant

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:

Path of Exile Orb of Alchemy Guides

PoE Orb of Alchemy is a currency item that can be used to upgrade a piece of normal equipment to rare. Used to transmute a Normal quality item into a rare quality item. I suggest only buying gear for this Orb while leveling, and later on, use them to create mid and high tier rare maps. Can be also used to improve the quality of strong boxes in higher level areas.

How to Use Orb of Alchemy
Orbs of Alchemy can use to upgrade a normal item into a rare item. The resulting rare has randomly chosen affixes and has a random number of affixes (ranging from four to six [three to four if used on jewels]). Common use cases include upgrading good normal items (especially those with appropriately linked sockets) during the questing phase of a character’s development, upgrading a normal map in order to take advantage of the large item quantity bonus from having up to six affixes, and upgrading strongboxes. Orbs of Alchemy are rarely used in the crafting of high-end rare items because it is easier to start with a good magic item and instead use a Regal Orb to upgrade it to a rare.
Orbs of Alchemy can also be used to purchase various items from vendors, including maps, skill gems, and unidentified rare items.
Furthermore, Orbs of Alchemy are also useful for a very large number of crafting bench recipes associated with the Forsaken masters Haku, Elreon, Tora, Catarina, Leo, and Vagan.

How to Get Orb of Alchemy

Orbs of Alchemy are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.
Orbs of Alchemy can also be obtained by combining 20 Alchemy Shards, which are in turn obtained by selling identified magic and rare items with certain modifiers to any vendor.
An Orb of Alchemy can be purchased from Clarissa in exchange for 1 Orb of Regret. Vagan will sell 10 Orbs of Alchemy in exchange for 8 Orbs of Regret once daily.
Orbs of Alchemy can also be obtained from the following vendor recipes:

You can sell any white (nonmagical) weapon, a blacksmith’s whetstone and a rustic sash to the vendor to get an Increased Physical Damage weapon of the same type. The level of damage is dependent on the rarity of the sash. So I use alchemy orbs on the sashes, do that recipe, and get back a solid 70-80% IPD weapon. Then I use orbs of augmentation to see what suffix it gets.

It’s not the sort of thing players with much wealth will do but for self-found and races, it can be extremely valuable.

Get a headache just trying to figure out this vendor nonsense. Always up for a challenge but since we all get a boatload of good socketed linked white items the experimentation system fails completely with the inability to craft a decent amount of alchs to use. We all have boatloads of Orbs of Wisdom but the tedious way to get to an arch is just crazy stupid.
Come on devs please give us a better (easier) way to craft some alchs.
Currently have +22% iiq and +17% air + a +40% item rarity support gem on my poison arrow attack.
read a post of someone getting +92% iiq to do farming runs so can do better with more time and luck to get better gear but the current way to craft an inch is just not worth the effort.

Divination cards
A set of 5 Emperor’s Luck can be exchanged for five Orbs of Alchemy.
A set of 3 The Survivalist can be exchanged for seven Orbs of Alchemy.


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Detailed and Lastest POE 3.3 Duelist Slayer Ranged Builds

The Duelist is a man of haughty character and deadly ability. He is brash and confident. Some may well get in touch with him arrogant, but he backs up his taunts using a keen blade along with a callous heart. The Duelist is often a thrill-seeker, often sniffing out conflict and choosing fights. This habit has gotten him in problems countless times, but he’s generally survived with talent and guile. The Duelist is actually a master of close-quarters combat, dealing lethal harm having a wide array of weapons whilst escaping most harm. Women swoon at the sight of him, guys tremble at the thought of him, and a couple of that face him in battle reside to tell the tale.

[POE 3.3 Barrage Build] Arrow Slayer Guide For Newbie

What are your thoughts on Soul of Arakaali, and making use of a cwdt+ic setup with blood rage to help trigger the 50% boost life recovery value?

3.3 Shaper kill with inexpensive gear:

– large shatters
– sturdy Slayer mechanics:
– generic damage
– enhanced location of Effect
– 20% cull
– over leech
– low-priced to start with
– very good scaling into the endgame
– feels so tanky with inexpensive gear compared to Deadeye
– conveniently killed: Shaper / Guardians / Uber Atziri / Vaal Temple / Red Elder
– no Blood Rage degen

– not as quick as a Deadeye
– feels terrible in uber lab
– you will be not immortal (when compared using a 100ex RF jugg -.-)

Alira is going to be the only accurate option here. She supplies harm and aids acquiring resist when acquiring a lot of uniques.

Soul on the Brine King is usually a really should avoid chain stun.
It’s as considerably as you either a defensive selection like Soul of Gruthkul /
Soul of Garukhan or utility like Soul of Yugul for Reflect reduction.

– Goldrim (lvl 1, helm, rly great obtaining lots of resists)
– Wanderlust (lvl 1, boots, alot of movement speed)
– Tabula Rasa (lvl 1, 6L physique armor)
Karui Ward (lvl 5, amulet, harm, movement speed)
– Wurm’s Molt (lvl eight, belt with mana leech)
Hyrri’s Bite (lvl ten, quiver) – Swift to craft by your self
– Belt using the Deceiver
– any Iron Rings until:
– Thief’s Torment (lvl 30, no a lot more mana troubles)

Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:
Example Link:

[POE 3.3 Spectral Throw Build]Fast, Economical and Tanky For Aias_o_Telamonios Guide

The guide is rather detailed and probably consists of answers to all your inquiries so please read it quite first prior to asking.
This could be a guide to Physical ST Slayer. It really is an ideal league starter, might be employed in SSF and scales to accomplish all content inside the game. It actually is an excellent deal of fascinating to play since it is rapidly and Tanky has excellent clear speed and conveniently destroys all bosses.

It now grants 20% enhanced harm as opposed to 20% elevated elemental damage. So +2% harm! :

– Can swiftly do all content material inside the game
– Low-priced, Nonmeta gear
– Quick and entertaining to play, 0.five sec Whirling Blades, rapid to dodge boss slams
– 2-button generate. We only use ST and WB, just about every little issue else is automated
– 7K life without Belly
– Substantial leech
– Great clear speed
– Terrific boss killing potential
– Superior league starter
– Proper for SSF
– Straightforward to level, all knowledge obtainable extremely early
– No anticipated gear
– Not most likely to have nerfed (no metal gear or mechanics)
– Spectral Wolves as decoys

– We’ve got to switch a gem for clear/single target
– Not the present meta million DPS create

Map clearing: Whirl around killing mobs. Use your flasks for added damage precisely exactly where essential. All of the factors else (immortal get in touch with, blood rage, ice golem, enfeeble) is automated. This can be a two button construct.
Bosses: Facetank the boss applying slower projectiles as an alternative to GMP. Use WB to prevent telegraphed hits (Shaper slam and so forth.). Any time you see your overall health operating out whirl away for any sec to let leech get you back to full overall wellness. Repeat till the boss is dead.

Leveling Guide:
Leveling this construct is pretty simple.
Initially, you could have mana challenges till you get Soul Raker so assure you have got a claw with mana gained on hit. Life gained on hit can also be far improved than leech early on. You are able to also use Celeron rings, Praxis, or Poacher’s mark to help with mana. Try and hold a balance amongst life and harm.

Get Lesser Various Projectiles at level 8 and Greater Many Projectiles at level 38. These will give you a huge clear speed enhance.
In case you’ve got strength/intelligence problems, you’ll be capable of getting a couple of +30 nodes. This is determined by the gear you’re applying. Soon after you’ve got your final gear at level 90+ you might want to refund these.

In case you are not producing this as a league starter then you undoubtedly can use each of the usual leveling uniques like Tabula Rasa, Wanderlust, Praxis, Goldrim and so forth.
Usually, do not neglect to check the weapons section on what claws to make use of despite the fact that leveling. Many people don’t do that and struggle using the incorrect weapons.

Endless Hunger, Brutal Fervour, Headsman, Bane of Legends
Endless Hunger is our priority. With each other, with Brutal Fervour it can be really mainly what tends to make a Slayer.
Brutal Fervour supplies us endless leech and much more harm.
Headsman provides us a conditional damage raise and protects us from reflect.
Bane of Legends delivers us onslaught and 20% cull that are amazing harm boosts.

Kill all is going to be the most effective option.

Pantheon powers are rather subjective for many builds.
Taking substantially less area harm, lowered elemental damage and avoiding ailments from crits are also extremely great to have.

As a minor energy, ordinarily have Gruthkul for the physical harm reduction and decreased enemy attack speed.
Yugul is valuable in reflect maps (far more on that further down).
Ryslatha is good for fab.

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:

Typically, they might be not worth the difficulty for factors which may be adequate inside the lengthy run. When they are useful for players who may perhaps well know nothing in regards to the game. For most likely probably the most portion, they’re obtaining out tools for newbies to ease them in to the game. For additional Path of Exile 3.3 Builds, you could possibly quit by Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no expense from the reps when you Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.

Easy way Garden Poe Currency

You’ll be able to select and select which maps to complete within the atlas to manipulate which maps will to suit your needs. You will discover several guides available for this by now, and numerous variations so that you will not go into too much detail on this component.

Which maps you choose to shape is eventually up to you. Within this atlas, you could pick Mesa, Strand, Mud Geyser and Atoll. You are able to produce a large amount of Poe currency by offering all Tier 14, 15 and 16 maps you receive. Try to sell them in bulk for optimum efficiency. Discover an approach that operates to suit your needs. So long as you might be able to speedrun maps in three minutes or much less, and sustain you’re sought after map pool whilst nonetheless earning much currency, you’re possibly not accomplishing it incorrectly.

The approach you have tried and appreciated is simply:

1. Usually, do not complete any T10-T13 maps unless you will need them for any Shaper’s Orb. If you’ve killed the boss within a map, that map can drop while in the appropriate level array, even if you didn’t full the atlas bonus, so you seriously don’t need to run them in any way.

2. Comprehensive the bonus for all T16(guardian) maps and Shaper. (You may acquire completions for these if your character is not able to solo them. Just head to /trade 820 and hold an eye out for completion sellers)

3. You’ll need to use Cartographer’s Seals on your Colonnade, Excavation, Estuary, and Higher Gardens maps after acquiring their respective shaper’s orbs since you do not want these to drop as an alternative to your shaped maps of preference.

4. In lieu of endeavoring to progress naturally via the atlas, you can start out shopping for the specific maps you will need to complete as soon as the marketplace has become established somewhat. Until that time, it is possible to just run reduced tier maps or Merciless Dried lake.

5. It is possible to comprehend all T14 and T15 maps for additional atlas bonus, Otherwise, you can depart those uncompleted and form a T9 in addition to a T10 into T14 and T15 to ensure that only the shaped variants of individuals tiers can drop. There are actually also other variations you could do, but I’ve presently gone into more detail than I wanted to in this section.

6. Total the bonus for all T1-T9 maps.

seven. Get at the least 1 Shaper’s Orb to form the tiers five, 6, 7 and 8, producing these maps your ONLY tier 10, 11, twelve and 13 maps.

8. Total all Distinctive maps

Quick Method to Farming Poe Currency
Here is a picture of what my atlas looked like on the end of Legacy League. I’m missing Vaal Temple and Perandus Manor within this, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt to carry out people, but you are going to commonly be capable to sustain your shaped map pool just fine with about 80 or extra atlas bonus.

The Most Popular Path Of Exile League Among Players

In Path of Exile, what is your favourite leagues? Personally, I like Harbinger, its the only time I’ve ever been able to sustain running endgame. I killed more shaper guardians and shaper during that league than every other league combined since their release, and farming hard bosses is my favorite thing.

Path of Exile

Take a look at the players’ favorite league types:

1. Abyss

“Because it was the first league where I really managed to make a ton of currency from playing consistently and fully understanding the game, and it was the first time I killed shaper. Also I love abyss jewels and the league uniques were all super fun.”

2. Perandus

“I think it’s fun to have that chance of getting a cheap T1 unique. I got 2 Shavs during it and was able to fund some gear.”

3. Legacy

“Legacy is the obvious answer for pretty much anyone that played it. If I had to pick something else, Perandus was a great power trip that lead to an explosion of creativity and build diversity. But the former stayed and the latter didn’t. Breach and Anarchy are personal favorites of mine as well.”

“Legacy, by far. It gave me access to every league and I could choose which ones to put together. Sure the leaguestones were a bit management intensive but the fun I had was infinite.”

4. Harbinger

“I’ve been playing since 2014 and my selection of Harbinger as 1 was because it was the first league ever that let me sustain and develop a map pool to get me up to T16 Guardian maps and then Shaper – then keep those end-game maps sustained and able to farm them.”

5. Breach

“But not because of lootsplosions, which there were many, but because that was the greatest interest my guild had and we were super active every night. Everyone had sweet gear and builds and it was just good fun.”

Is your favorite league on the list? Additionally, do not skimp on your wallet, keeping an eye on poe currency purchase can save you a lot of time in game.

The Latest News about PoE Incursion League FAQ

With last week’s reveal of the Incursion update to Path of Exile, players definitely have more than a few questions about what’s coming up. To answer some of those queries, the devs have posted an Incursion League FAQ with lots of mechanical information.

Incursion League

Path of Exile is preparing to throw players back in time with its upcoming Incursion Challenge League. When the league arrives in June, players will travel back to an ancient treasure temple and monkey about with history all in the name of sweet, glorious loot.

Of course, players have had a lot of questions about how the Incursion League will function, which is why Grinding Gear posted a helpful FAQ to clarify details.

Players will be hunting for Alva on the game’s many maps. When found, she will open up portals to incursions and the temple. All of these will be modified by the level of the map in which they are found, so it sounds like the instances will vary in difficulty.

The studio said that the temple itself features a randomly generated layout that changes based on what you do during your incursions. And if you get locked out of certain rooms? “That’s what the explosives room is for.” Do you want to poe currency trade? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

How To Unlock Path Of Exile Scion

Path of Exile uses three main attributes – strength, dexterity, and intelligence – and its
seven playable character classes (also called core classes) are each associated with one or
more attributes.

The seventh character, the Scion, has to be unlocked through completing a specific task in Path
of Exile. She’s not a starting character because she starts with no specialty and isn’t
suggested for new players. Having enough chaos orbs poe is a wise choice.

Path of Exile

The Scion starts in the very middle of the passive tree. The Scion comes off as more of a
traditional RPG character in the sense that you build her from the ground up, similar to an
Elder Scrolls character. The world is your oyster and you can choose how you make her. The
benefit is that since you’re in the middle, you can reach out skills on opposite ends of the
tree more easily.

How to unlock:

Unfortunately, the Scion can’t be unlocked until the very end of the game. Towards the end of
Act III (the final act), you will head to an area called “The Scepter of God.” This is the area
that literally leads to the final boss of the game. Right before said final boss of the game,
there is a stairway leading up to him.

At the base of this staircase, there is a woman locked in a steampunk looking testing-jail cell
type device. Open this up and the Scion is inside. You’ll see a yellow exclamation mark above
her head. Talk to her, listen to her story, receive the freedom achievement, and now you can
play as the Scion.

Do note that talking to the Scion is the only requirement to unlock her. You do not have to
beat the final boss to use her. If you really wanted, you could unlock her, quit the game, and
start over using her without ever beating the game once.

The Shaper Only Has Power Within Maps in Path of Exile

I really really really like the Shaper, is my favorite character of all the PoE universe, but how powerful he is in lore? He seens to have time manipulation abilities, can control and modify (create?) life, control of matter and elements, master of magic an forbidden knowledge, he’s for me above all the gods of Waerclast but the Elder Still manage to steal his memories and with the power of his guardians overpower him. Do you want to poe buy items? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

The Power of the Shaper

Before that he seens almost like a cosmic entity and this is boosted with his cosmos themed powers. Is the Shaper stronger than the Beast? A being capable of alter the reality itself and devour al other gods? Is the shaper stronger than Atziri whom for my view is a ultra powerful demon, the breach lords?

I know his high in the top tiers of lore power, but, how high?

1. The problem is that The Shaper only has power within maps. In the normal world he’s just a dude. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s not clear to me exactly what maps represent. It seems like they’re some sort of other dimension or alternate reality? They’re consistently described as a dream land in-game but seem to be something more.

2. Zana describes the Maps as worlds, I always view the map device like a from of reality travel, between different specific location in different realities and/or universes/worlds, Valdo describe his first experiences with the maps as “conscious dreaming” but then he realized that is not a dream, is real an those worlds or locations are in fact real places just not in his “real world”.

3. Shaper the father of zana is a dude from oriath, he learned about these maps from studying the map device, and in the maos he discovered the sealed entity who called himself the elder. Elder taught shaper many things but shaper was not stupid he did not release elder. In time shapers “master” found about this and became jealous and also wanted these powers from elder, so he released elder from his seal. Venarius got killed and shaper sealed the entire map device. While us the exile with zana we study the map device and try to open it shaper became corrupt by elder and so we have to finish him off eventually. It goes much deeper but here is a small exposee, i might not be 100% accurate.

New Players Guide On Path Of Exile Act 5

Act 5 is Path of Exile’s fifth storyline act. In this act, the exile seeks to kill High Templar Avarius in order to end the tyranny of the Templars. The following content you should know when you in act 5, additionally, poe trade currency is important for you in game:

Path of Exile

  1. Multiple vaal skills will divide the soul count amongst themselves and as such charge slower per additional vaal skill.
  2. Skill gem quality isn’t always worth it.
  3. After progressing through each Kitava fight (Act5/Act10) your resistances will go down by 30%, gear accordingly.
  4. Stuns and Freeze duration are based on your max life barring specific effects.
  5.  Chaos Damage pierces Energy Shield.
  6. ‘Low Life’ is defined as 35% max health or lower. CI does not proc this, but it does proc ‘Full Life’ effects.
  7. Dying after Act 5 will make you lose experience (5% to next level), but will not decrease your level or put you into a negative value. Higher penalty (10%) after Act 10.
  8. It is possible (after iLvl50) for ‘large’ items (Body Armour and 2H weapons) to get up to 6 sockets but smaller (Boots/gloves) can only get up to 4.
  9. A corrupted item (using a Vaal Orb) is not alterable. You cannot change sockets/colors/affixes/craftedMods etc with the sole exception of level 8 Vorici.
  10. By now you should have an “of Staunching” (anti-bleed) and “of Heat” (anti-freeze) flask. They help avoid many of the more common ‘sudden death’ mobs you may run into.
  11. A Divine Orb does not re-roll the numbers completely, they stay within the affix range that was already given. So a 6% Cold Res roll on some boots will re-roll between 6-11% and no higher. Be careful.
  12. Lily will sell every gem (just like Siosa) but at level 1.
  13. Cast when Damage Taken is a popular trigger gem. An even more popular combo is to pair CwDT with a spell called ‘Immortal Call’.

Does It Require Some Maintenance Buffs or Something Else in PoE

I’ve decided to try out PoE today, I’ve played Diablo 2 and 3, and Torchlight 2 previously. I prefer to play various types of Mages in games, thus I chose a Witch, searched for “beginner friendly” guides and these two caught my eye:

Spellcaster or Summoner

Both kinda appeal to me, but I do not have an idea about “strategic” (?) advantages both builds might offer. I enjoyed Chain Lightning Sorc in D2, I believe the first build will have a similar gameplay? Summoner build seem to have a higher endgame potential, however despite liking Skeletal Mages from D2 I wonder whether it is close to being ResidentSleeper-like, can’t quite understand much from videos provided. Also, as far as I understand atm, it’s not a good idea to try to completely respec a character and to roll a new one instead, in case if I’ll want to try the other build for the same class? If you need poe currency cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Generally self-casting spells is in a pretty bad state right now (what I mean by that is spell builds are generally stronger when built around Totems or Mines or the like, rather than casting them yourself). That being said, the Arc build you referenced is very thorough and easy to gear, and should play very similarly to chain lightning sorc in D2 – though as you said, it has a lower “endgame ceiling”.

Summoners are very strong and are more likely to scale into the highest content the game has to offer (in your note about respeccing, it’s not exactly plausible to respecc from a lightning self-caster into a summoner – but it is more plausible to repecc from one type of summoner [Skeletons] to another type [Summon Raging Spirits/Spectres etc.]). I haven’t played a Skele summoner in PoE, and I never tried them in D3, but summoner builds in PoE are not quite like summon Necro was from D2. In my opinion, the closest summon build to D2 Necro would be a Spectre Summoner, but you only have ~5 Spectres instead of D2 Necros… ~100 summons.

Both builds seem viable, though the skele summoner is a bit more complex. I’d say whichever playstyle you prefer is the way to go. Both Arc and Summon Skeletons are available very early on; so though you won’t get the feel right away of a fully leveled character invested into each skill, you can get an idea for how each skill works mechanically by just trying them at level 10/12 when they become available.