D3 difficulty guide

Normal (Level 1-30) – the Normal difficulty is the easiest of theavailable difficulties. In Normal, the player is not debuffed and the monstersare not buffed, making it the basic difficulty type in Diablo. It allows theplayers to gradually familiarize themselves with the character’s subsequentskills.

Nightmare (level 31-50) – Nightmare is the difficulty level following Normal.Although you will have the creatures with the same appearance and the samequests as in Normal, they will be much harder and a few might use more spells.Furthermore, while in Normal difficulty dying loses your gold, in Nightmare youwill also lose experience. The enemies are more resistant to our attacks and atthe same time can deal us a bit more damage. So testing new skills andcollecting more powerful equipment according to the same rules.

Hell (level 50-60) – Hell is the third difficulty level, followingNightmare in Diablo 2. Although you will have the creatures with the sameappearance and the same quests as in Normal and Nightmare, they will be muchharder and a few might use more spells. It’s high time to review all acquiredskills and bet on those with the highest effectiveness instead ofattractiveness.

Inferno(level 60) – Inferno is the fourth, final andhardest Difficulty in Diablo 3. It’s available only to those who have finishedHell and reached level 60. It’s on Inferno that you can find the most powerfulequipment available in the game, which makes the whole play much more bearable.

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Diablo 3 features four levels of difficultythat will progressively challenge players. While the adventure restarts fromthe beginning, the enemies become more challenging to defeat and have thepotential to drop better rewards. As you progress in difficulty not only willthe monsters become significantly harder to defeat, but the loot earned fromdrops will improve as well. So players will need to tackle the hardestdifficulty settings to have a chance to outfit their characters with evenbetter items.

D3 Release Date Unaffected by Job Cuts

We’ll have exciting news to share in the coming weeks regarding Diablo III’s release date, and will soon be holding a private media event to showcase the latest work on Mists of Pandaria. It goes without saying that we’re working hard to get all of these games in your hands as soon as possible.

As reported by IGN earlier today, Blizzard Entertainment has cut some 600 jobs, largely from positions that had nothing to do with game development. Mike Morhaime, President of Blizzard Entertainment, took to the official Battle.net forums to clarify what these job cuts entailed. In short, Morhaime says that some areas of the company have become overstaffed, which in turn has made it necessary to part with a number of their colleagues today.

I also want to emphasize that we remain committed to shipping multiple games this year, and that our development teams in particular remain largely unaffected by today’s announcement. We’re continuing to develop, iterate, and polish Blizzard DOTA, Diablo III, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, as well as other, unannounced projects.

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The protagonist arrives in the town of New Tristram to investigate the falling star which struck the cathedral, which is now emanating risen dead; the same cathedral that was the setting of Diablo. The protagonist accompanies Leah to the cathedral in order to rescue Cain from the crater into which he fell. After rescuing Cain, the protagonist learns that the only way to the fallen star is to defeat King Leoric, the former ruler of Tristram known now as the ‘Skeleton King’. Cain informs the protagonist that Leoric’s crown must be recovered to defeat him, and the protagonist searches for Leoric’s crown with the aid of Haedrig Eamon, the blacksmith of New Tristram. After recovering the crown, the protagonist defeats Leoric and finds a stranger where the fallen star landed. The stranger’s only memory is of a sword that shattered into three pieces as he fell.

D3 Item Values Strategy

To get good at this you’d have to constantly reference the AH on your finds and develop a sliding scale of quality referenced by item level. How much strength and vit makes a pair of gloves valuable at level 25 is very different than at lvl 40.

The real strategy is knowing the value of what you find, and that can only come with experience. Most players by now have developed an instant value calculator in their brain for Inferno rares, but the same is not true for level 20 or 30 or 40 items.

You’ve got to learn all the different item types, too. A few times on the podcast I’ve amused myself by pop quizzing the guests with some of the weird mid-level item type names from Diablo 3. No one ever knows any of them. Including me, if I didn’t have the list in front of me. Here are a few item types you’ll find in Nightmare: Ono, kindjal, gada, spontoon, dao, spatha, kastet. Which are worth picking up? Um… yeah…

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It’s funny to look at the names, but if you want to make gold doing this you’ve got to know instantly which items are worth picking up and which you’re going to leave lying on the dungeon floor.

D3 Gear Prices for Low/Mid Levels

There are three obvious benefits to paying a lot for low level gear in Hardcore. 1) You’ll level up more quickly and have more fun. 2) You’re much less likely to die. 3) When you outgrow the gear you can stash it for some future reroll, or resell it. And most of the time you’ll get as much as you paid, if not more. Thus your pricey items turn into rentals that you use for 10 or 15 levels and then resell, paying only the 15% AH fee for the usage.

I think this is mostly for Hardcore where players have to reroll semi-regularly, but low and mid level gear is quite pricey for softcore as well. Does anyone buy it? I don’t know. I have rerolled 5 or 6 chars since I’ve been rich enough in HC to not mind dropping a few hundred thousand on an item I’m only going to use for about 10-15 levels, and every time I’ve looked, for a variety of characters, there are many items, of every type, listed for 5m+ from level 15-50. I’ve never paid that much for anything, usually spending 100-500k at most for any gear slot, but someone must or people wouldn’t bother listing rare level 27 bracers for 3.5m… would they?

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Click through for a few more details about the pros and cons of fortune hunting in Nightmare. If you’ve tried this, or done some fortune hunting on Normal or Hell, do share the news in comments. I’d love to hear details about what sells and doesn’t, which are the most coveted item finds, (Leoric’s Signets are level 17 and sell for 30-50m in HC) if this is actually profitable in softcore, etc.

D3 most interested in the Wizard

When D3C launched I was most interested in the Wizard, but she’s wound up my least-played class since there aren’t any builds I really enjoy. During the first month after release I alternated between a Wizard, a Barb, and a Demon Hunter, leveling them all to 60 and sharing gear between them, and only got to the Monk and Witch Doctor after that… and yet today the Monk is by far my #1 in time played, and I’d put the WD as my 2nd or 3rd fave class to play now.

Nevalistis: My first experience with Diablo III was at Blizzcon 2011 playing the demo. I’m not sure why, but the Wizard called to me and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy the idea of having all the elements at my beck and call. My fate was pretty much sealed when I found out one of my favorite voice actors (and people) was the male counterpart.

Vaeflare: I love playing ranged casters, and truth to be told, I picked my first character based off of her voice! When I first heard the female Wizard speak, I instantly recognized the voice actor as being from another series I enjoy (“Avatar: The Last Airbender”), and decided it would be fun to journey along through Sanctuary with her commanding voice leading the way. 🙂

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For me, I picked the wizard to start because it was the only class that none of my RL friends picked. I was originally going to go with a DH, but two of my friends already decided to run the DH as their first/main character. Two others picked barb. Another picked a WD. And the last one picked a monk. That left me with the wizard.

D3 Acrobat skill

Her Acrobat skill performs a short vault that can help her escape or chase down fleeing champions, and also adds bonus attack damage to encourage players to use it often. Catwoman’s ultimate ability, the aptly-named Bad Kitty, adds a short-duration bleed to each of her basic attacks and skills and significantly buffs her Acrobat ability.

If you’ve been following Russian castle-building MOBA Prime World, you’ve probably noticed that it didn’t release on Steam in mid-September as intended. Some players have been experiencing problems with the launcher when launching the game from Steam, and developers have asked for the community’s help in reporting the problem in order to make a good first impression at launch. Buy Diablo 3 Gold You can download Prime World on Steam now by explicitly searching for it by name, but the game won’t become visible in the global game lists until it officially launches.

Turbine added yet another classic DC Comics character to its upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis this week with the introduction of the original Catwoman. A money-hungry thief, Catwoman benefits from reduced skill cooldowns every time she picks up a coin and her melee attacks also cause bonus coins to spawn nearby. She can use her whip to deal damage at long range or trip opponents to slow them.

Any Dota 2 player who’s played Pudge will know how successfully predicting enemy movements and landing a Meat Hook on target can really turn a game around. Unfortunately, the only way to become a good shot with the Meat Hook is to play games and miss a lot of shots, which might not look too good in your stats. Now a player has stepped up to solve this problem with his new Meat Hook Trainer mini-game. The web-application was developed in Unity and has been praised for having a very similar feel to the real game.

Diablo 3 Star Citizen

The semi-finals of League of Legends’ Season Three World Championship took place this weekend, ending with Korean favourite SK Telecom T1 and Chinese team Royal Club advancing to the grand final to compete for the million-dollar top prize. Frustrated with the difficulty of learning to use Pudge’s Meat Hook ability, a Dota 2 player has developed a standalone mini-game designed to let players train to aim the ability. Classic DC Comics character Catwoman was added to Infinite Crisis as a playable avatar this week, and award-winning Russian MOBA Prime World is now on Steam despite missing its intended mid-September Steam release date.

Star Citizen hit the $20 million crowdfunding mark this week and announced that its $22 million goal will be for the purchase of equipment to capture actors’ faces and put them in-game. Buy Diablo 3 Gold site Diablofans found more juicy hints about the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion in its latest datamining attempt, and developers have opened a discussion on the problems caused by low character health pools. Path of Exile released patch 0.11.6 this week, adding in the new Lightning Trap and Smoke Mine skill gems and rebalancing existing traps and mines. After laying off 10% of its staff, Firefall developer Red 5 Studios has released a new optional subscription package that grants bonus Crystite, manufacturing slots, and marketplace slots.

Star Citizen accrued another million dollars this week like clockwork, bringing the game’s crowdfunding total to over $20 million. This goal unlocks first person combat on select lawless planets in addition to the previously revealed battles on space stations.

Guild Wars 2 free trial and sales expansion

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D3 Demon Hunter

It has first two skills by Level 5 which are the Poison Bolts and the Crippling Shot. They both do considerable damage but the Crippling Shot is known best to slow down your enemies. And then make it more perfect by letting loose your Poison Bolts.

The Scoundrel also has several escape strategies that he can do. Dirty Fighting can turn your enemies blind and Vanish can let him escape and heal up. Just take note that once he vanishes, all the surrounding monsters will surely come after the primary hero.

The Scoundrel’s final two skills can increase your chances in tiny percentages and its damage is increased for your hero. Buy Diablo 3 Gold The only downfall is that he cannot bring anything fresh to the table for your hero as compared to the next follower in our next post tomorrow which is about the Enchantress.

The Scoundrel is known to be more potent for a follower when it comes to the damage aspect as compared to the Templar. All of his skills are deemed dangerous but as a Demon Hunter yourself, you already have enough of those dangerous attacks on your side. But if you what you currently have include the trap and evasive skills, then you definitely need the Scoundrel to be by your side.

Take note the your followers are your back up and not your leading fighter in any given scenario. But if you need a quick and easy boost to cause more damage, then the Scoundrel is the best one to use.

D3 Infernal Machine

There you will find Nekarat the Keywarden and a slew of elite mobs. If you still need a stack or two of Nephalem Valor but run into Nekarat first, run away and seek out an elite mob. Thankfully, Keywardens will not pursue you very far.

Before you can even begin to think about crafting a Hellfire Ring, you’re going to need an Infernal Machine. Crafted by the Blacksmith, Infernal Machines will allow you to access one of three portals. Inside each portal resides a pair of Uber bosses. Buy Diablo 3 Gold Defeat these bosses and there’s a chance that they’ll drop one of the Hellfire Ring components. But first, you’ll need the Blacksmithing Plans for the Infernal Machine.

Change your quest to the “Prime Evil” and head to Act IV. First, we’re going to need five stacks of Nephalem Valor, as the Keywarden will never drop the plans unless you have them.

Your best bet is to clear the Gardens of Hope Tier 1 for 1-2 elites first, and then head to the Gardens of Hope Tier 2 for 2-3 more. If you do not have five stacks by then, don’t worry about it. Port back to town and take the waypoint to the Crystal Colonnade. From there, travel to the Silver Spire Level 1.