Webzen Will Focus On Developing More New Content For The MU Legend

The international version of the hot action online game will be officially open beta in September of this year, of course Webzen is still business. Beside supporting many popular languages including English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese. MU Legend new version will have interesting updates on gameplay. Some fun and main update have been listed at U4GM, click for source.

MU Legend

The MU Legend’s combat mechanism is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking down the top view. It is noteworthy that the character’s skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. MU Legend are retained and combined with a beautiful new graphics effect, creating a sense of nostalgia just vibrant.

MU Legend will also have new content to create a new, more exciting product. The top online game series is coming out in English, very suitable for players throughout the world playing this summer. Webzen has officially announced that it will open the official Open Beta version of MU Legend in the summer of 2017, just months away. Webzen also stressed that in the coming months, the company will focus on developing more new content for the MU Legend before the global release of the game this summer.

In fact, MU Legend has caught players waiting a bit long when the game has opened open beta. However, the game’s Global Open Beta Test in September. It may be a pleasingly news for avid players. Arguably, they are willing to spend much time waiting its test, since the test will be undoubtedly brings more new features and improvements, to make them enjoy much better gaming experience. By the way, wonderful gaming experience that you can enjoyed under the help of MU Legend Zen.

Start The Elder Scrolls Online From Morrowind

Bethesda and ZeniMax have done it again. A great new area that promises the player dozens of hours of adventure in a universe of fantasy that does not disappoint.

Not long ago the first new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) came to our hands for both PC and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Specifically on June 6 the epic role saga received a gigantic new area as well as Much more renewed content that we will unveil throughout this analysis.


The original game was launched three years ago, in 2014, and since then has received several updates and improvements that have managed to make the title one of the best games of its kind. Other video games like Skyrim and Oblivion already offered to the players freedom of action and exploration, reason why TESO has put the batteries in that sense to equal its competitors. This allows us to leave our mark in Tamriel with the style of game that we prefer, whether playing alone or with friends and even with any player on the planet.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the reason for the designation “chapter” and not the classical designation of “expansion”. Well, Morrowind incorporates more than 30 hours of missions into the main story, plus it brings new key content and features that veteran players will love, mostly because they are based on the requests they have been making to the developer at over the years of life of the game. It is clear then who is the main target audience of the chapter but, just in case, I qualify it, the veterans. Anyway, it will not be necessary to have a high level or have surpassed previous content to be able to play, so the new additions to the saga can begin from level 1 within the area and the history of Vvardenfell.

Before you begin, novice players will be able to start the game with a tutorial and introduction and you can start from Morrowind. And let’s also remember that thanks to last year’s update, One Tamriel, which balanced all levels of the world and enemies, Vvandenfell is accessible to any level. Once we complete Morrowind, the story takes us back to the original content, The Elder Scrolls, where we expect much more content to enjoy.

And you will wonder what has changed in TESO, because the answer is that it depends. It depends on the time you take without playing or whether you are a neophyte. If you take a long time without picking up the keyboard and the mouse or the joystick, you will be surprised by the amount of changes. The truth is that Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have spent three years improving the TESO experience and have incorporated hundreds of hours of adventure and content, which has resulted in a game that now seems more than ever an online adventure By The Elder Scrolls. For the new additions, I will quickly mention what have been the updates of the game since its release: four packs of downloadable content and a pack of dungeons, namely Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Shadows of the Hist; And One Tamriel, a complete modification of the way of playing that eliminated alliances restrictions and included the system of balance between worlds that we mentioned, in addition to introducing the desired freedom that characterizes the most beloved games of TES.

We will also see what have been the incorporations of systems and improvements, because they have not been precisely sparse. To do a quick review we found the Justice system, the Champion system, the Craglorn zone, ESO Plus, which among other things rewarded players; The Crown Store, the trials; Daily missions; The improvement in combat animations and in the battle experience itself; The dyes for armor and the daily missions of thieves, assassinations and handicrafts.


And after this background, let’s go in parts. First, we’ll talk about the new Vvandenfell area, which is probably familiar to TESIII players: Morrowind from Bethesda. This online version has been built directly on the elevation map of the previous game, which has given rise to a very precise, although updated, recreation of the favorite place of many adepts to the saga. We must also make clear that some creative freedoms have been taken, in the city of Vivec we have an example, since we are in construction, and well, the world in general has a rather different aspect to appear recent. Since its launch, Vvandenfell has been the largest area that has been added to TESO and will allow us to enjoy exploration and adventures directly related to the main story, as well as secondary stories, new areas such as Delves and other challenges.

TESO: Morrowind includes new content for the story in the home of dark elves. Once we arrive at Seyda Neen, we have to look for locals to help, but they will send us to Vivec so we can talk to the demigod himself. The story of the chapter takes us fully to Vvardenfell and along the way we will find more to those who help. We have six new dungeons in Delves and two in Public Dungeons. Delves dungeons are somewhat smaller and usually have a mission that we can complete alone, while the Public Dungeons are larger and host large groups of enemies, in addition to strong bosses. The latter are open to everyone, so it is easy to ally with other players to overcome them. And let’s not forget to mention the World Bosses, who are group leaders that are in the open areas of the maps and we will be a challenge. As in the case of Public Dungeons, we will have to group together to defeat them.

For the newest in this world, I will make a brief summary of certain basic concepts that should be known. In the case of combat, TESO’s style combines skills with offensive and defensive moves and puts special emphasis on how resources are managed. At the time of combat we will need to use the following options: light attacks, heavy attacks, blocks, interruptions, dodge, skills with cost of Magicka or Stamina and maximum abilities with cost of Ultimate. On the other hand, there are three main attributes in TESO: Health, which determines how much damage you can receive before you are defeated; Magicka, to know how many magic abilities you can cast and make them more effective and Stamina, to be able to establish the stamina skills you can use, the times you can dodge, block and sprint and improve the effectiveness of stamina. As we level up we will get Attribute Points that will allow us to improve the main statistics. There are also three types of skills, which are bought with the Skill Points that we get as we level up and complete missions.

The skills are of three types: active, which are placed on the skill bar and activated in combat; Passive, which have a constant effect, and the ultimate, which are very powerful and have a unique cost that can only be achieved by participating in combat. Finally, objects can be made thanks to different skill lines: blacksmithing, clothing creation, carpentry, alchemy, supplies and enchantments. Most of the resources needed for manufacturing are in the open world of the game and can be collected. Once we have the resources we have to find a craft position according to our profession and there we can create objects, refine materials, disassemble objects, investigate characteristics, improve objects or create furniture.


About the classes, the Warden was the first since the launch of the game in 2014. Versatile, based on nature and with the ability to cause damage, heal and function as a tank, it all depends on how we want to play. And best of all is that we do not have to limit ourselves to an option, but we can mix them to create something 100% personalized. For those of you who do not know, the Warden has three Skill Lines, or skill trees, which are perfect if we are clear on the goal we pursue. These three trees are: the Animal Companions or companion of animals, with which we can summon wild creatures, like bears or desoladores of cliffs; The Green Balance, where the Warden takes advantage of different kinds of plants to protect and heal himself or his companions and, finally, the Winter’s Embrace or winter embrace, where the Warden is wrapped in ice and cold protective to resist the More consistent blows.

On the other hand, from level 10 or higher, you can go to battlegrounds or Battlegrounds to prove your worth against other players in fast fights. This is the new PvP gameplay that has been incorporated into TESO: Morrowind. It is designed in this way so that the games are short and intense and do not last more than 10 minutes in arenas of between three and four players. As for the games that Morrowind offers, we have three types to choose from: Team Deathmatch; Capture the Flag and Domination or Domination.

And on the new Trial, has new game mechanics and places, in addition to emphasizing the boss fights, which are five in total. The Trials are designed for groups of 12 players and need more communication and skills than other activities aimed at smaller groups, so it is advisable to dare only the most experienced players.

Remember also that you can start from level 1 at any time with a new character, or bring an old one to Vvandenfell. To create a new character, simply click on the “Create Character” option. Once you have modified it to your liking: race, class, body and face, you will accede to the tutorial and you will begin the adventure in Vvandenfell. But if you want to bring a hero you already have Vvandenfell, use the hermitage of Sayda Neen.

Of course, because you started playing in Vvardenfell, it does not mean that you have to stay there, but you can access the rest of Tamriel. Remember that the experience you have does not matter, as the zones adjust to the levels, then you can participate in the main story of the game, try some challenging dungeon or even participate in the Cyrodiil Alliance War.

As for the musical section, composer Jeremy Soule, the composer in charge, has composed a soundtrack that is undoubtedly impeccable. At no time do you want to remove the sound, believe me. To this must be added the environmental sounds of creatures and the landscape itself, which make us believe at all times that we are in the full island of Vvanderfell.

A catch that may be an impediment to the laggards in English, is that the game is not translated, which can make it difficult to access players who are not handled in the Anglo-Saxon language.

Well, once analyzed in detail all the new content that TESO: Morrowind offers us, we can only conclude if it is advisable or not your purchase. The answer is “yes, no doubt.” Good graphics, original music, excellent ambience, lots of weapons, armor, missions, spells, objects and a long etcetera that guarantees an incredible gaming experience. Negative points, to mention something, would point out the lack of dubbing of the game and translation of the manual and that the dialogues may seem somewhat mechanical. Otherwise, if it were you I would not hesitate to get on with it, either for PC or for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms on which it is available.

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Know The Character Builder Of Albion Online

“Albion Online” is an MMORPG that has a free class system, ie it is the combination of equipment that defines the functions that the character will have. However, the proper choice of these equipment is fundamental for the character to be good.

group build.fw

To help players with this, Sandbox Interactivehas made available the Character Builder, a place where players can share their favorite builds for each role and help those in search of the perfect combination of equipment.

In it you will find Solo Builds, which are focused on the ideal character builds for tasks like PVE, PVP, Gathering, Ganking, among others. Group Builds, which are focused on group formations. And a section of Articles with guides and descriptions of various aspects of Albion Online.

Entries For The MU Legend Beta Are Now Open

The Global Open Beta Test of MU Legend, and will start in September. You can play with us if you buy necessary currencies such as MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling. In MU Legend, you will have to for some classes like Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage and Emphasizer.

MU Legend

Beside that, you can also fight with a huge number of opponents, Explorer scenic locations, do crafting and so forth. MU Legend can be a great value, can you understand how to play the game? Recommend click for source. MU Legend is one of the historic MMORPGs in South Korea, consequently, Webzen will update more new content in the near future.

The newest MU Legend is a non-slash hack declination. This new version is now launched in its country of origin, and actively prepares in the wake of an international launch. The official website U4GM brings together the different productions of Webzen, including MU and its many variations. Entries for the MU Legend beta are now open. Definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to purchase MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling.

Webzen has announced the release of the Global Open Beta Test of MU Legend. After several years of development, gamers will be able to try this melee MMO. The test is planned for launch in September, and Webzen have also prepared new trailer with which you can discover both the world, classes and content available during the Beta.

The Services Which U4GM Revolve Around Some Hot Games Like MU Legend

In MU Legend, players can fully orient their adventure, you will be a skilled boss hunter with high combat skills or support for more awesome teammates. The game will enter its the Global Open Beta Test in September this year, if you are eager to participate in the test and the need to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling. Webzen recently made the whole world gamer community to be zealous.

MU Legend

At U4GM, some new information about the Global OBT as well as currencies was unveiled. All the characters in the MU Legend are equipped with AOE skills at low levels and force you to make logical combos while maintaining this level of play. However, some people deem that all types of AOE skills are very boring. Hence, MU Legend allows gamers to customize the characters and the skills they have to create their own mark.

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TESO Midyear Mayhem Event Take Palce From July 20 To 31

Bethesda has announced the Midyear Mayhem event for The Elder Scrolls Online.

It takes place from the 20th to the 31st of July and in the course of which you can earn different rewards.

eso 13

You have the opportunity to come to a Laurel Wreath of Midyear Victor as a head cover, as well as double Alliance Points, PvP equipment or rare crafting materials await you.

“Battles and bonuses are available in all PvP modes, but there’s a lot going on around Tamriel: there will be battles with hundreds of players in large-scale campaigns in Cyrodiil, but also fast street battles in the Imperial city or action-packed 4v4v4 battles on the battlegrounds of Vvardenfell,” it says.

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The Commercial Version Of Albion Online Is Official Launched

After months of development, then early access or beta testing, the commercial version of Albion Online is officially launched. The opportunity to discover the mechanics “sandbox” of the independent MMO.

For a long time, the MMOs were exclusively the business of giants of the gaming industry, who produced massively multiplayer blockbusters, colossal and (in principle) perfectly refined but sometimes a strand formatted. And then the independent studios began to take an interest in the massively multiplayer genre, in order to integrate new (and somewhat absurdly) ideas such as encouraging more interactions between players, offering them more freedom or developing Open games … but often with few means and the risk that these independent MMOs remain perpetually developing without ever really being officially launched.

albion game

The Sandbox Interactive studio is one of these independent studios and in recent years the German developer has been working on the development of Albion Online. And after years of development, months of early access followed by an extra year of beta testing, Albion Online is officially launched in a commercial buy-to-play version (playable without subscription but assuming purchase A copy of the game), starting Monday July 17th at 3pm, if you own a “Legendary” Pack, sold for € 99.95 – the MMO will then be accessible from July 18th at 3pm via an Epic Pack (€ 49.95) and finally on July 19th at 3pm with a “Veteran” Pack (€ 29.95).

This official launch will be the occasion of a new (and in principle last) wipe, allowing all the players to launch into the game universe on an equal footing, to (re) discover the Gameplay rather “sandbox” of Albion Online.

If the game world is not quite as open as one might hope, the gameplay of Albion Online nevertheless proposes a true freedom as to the evolution of its hero. The creation of the character only determines his physique and his place of appearance in the game universe (at one ten spawn points, in one of the five different environments that the MMO currently offers) and It is only then, as the progression of the character and especially his equipment progresses, that his skills, his specializations and therefore his role within a group will gradually be defined – a stick to adopt a career as a mage, Heavy armor to play warriors or even high-level tools to become a legendary craftsman, or even a mixture of the whole to be versatile or specializing to improve his abilities.

And this choice of gameplay of Albion Online that “you are what you wear” (or the warrior, the hunter, the alchemist, the sorcerer, etc.) is not insignificant since the economy of the MMO is integrally Entrusted to the hands of the players. With the exception of the recently integrated Black Market in the gaming world, all the equipment is manufactured and marketed by the players themselves (in principle, there is no loot of Monsters), thus encouraging the diversification of profiles, since crafters are as important as, or more important than, fighting classes, and favoring interactions between players – the first steps in the gaming world set the tone. Resources and design his first tools, before making the equipment that will determine his role in the game.

And this is probably the other fundamental aspect of Albion Online gameplay: if it is possible to make its first steps alone in the game world and that at first glance the progression is very linear, we will quickly Encouraged to join a guild to access the different facets of gameplay – especially to participate in guild wars, which must help sustain the activity of game servers and thus retain players.

As we know, in terms of MMOs, a launch is not the end of the development process, but rather the beginning of exploitation. As part of Albion Online, the formula is a bit biased since the MMO is already “exploited” for several months in advance access and then beta, but the coming months will nevertheless be scrutinized carefully, notably because That Albion Online is one of the first of these “independent MMOs” to be the subject of a real commercial release. And at a time when these independent MMOs are still skeptical (we are still wondering if they will actually emerge and then if they will enjoy the same longevity as their big budgets), Albion Online will undoubtedly serve as an example , To demonstrate the viability (or not) of this new category of massively multiplayer games.

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NFL 18 News: Quarterback Johnny Manzel Still Want To Return To the Track

Johnny Manziel’s odds of getting a second chance at the NFL are still small. But many Madden fans hope he will return to Madden 18, so there will be more interesting than before.


Manzil said Saturday that he had talked to some of the NFL’s team. It is reported that in March this year, Super Bowl weekend, Manzel and New Orleans saints coach Sean Payton breakfast to participate in his return race.

Manzier said he knew what he was going to do, and he knew he had missed a long game, apparently he knew he had made the mistake. Now, he is full of hope, in this stage has made some progress.

However, Manziel was no longer the focus of the news during training, so he wanted the NFL team to persuade him for a second chance. So you need prepare enough Madden mobile coins in advance for this valuable player card.

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MU Legend: The Most Special Here Is The Soul Level

In MU Legend, the most special here is the Soul Level, the level plays no less important than the real level of the character level. In general, Soul level is usually less than the main character level of 5-10 level. Looking at the level rankings, many gamers reached the level of account level of 108, a pretty high number and surprising. You can head over to here to know more content and details about MU Legend.

MU Legend

However, the account level in MU Legend does not reflect the level of the character level, but it is the total level of all characters in an account only. Initially, MU Legend is considered as MU 2, the title sequence success of the old MU online games and Webzen itself developed. MU Legend’s graphics have been pushed up a lot better. The design of characters, monsters, maps are sharper and more authentic.

PvE-driven players will enjoy a great variety of features, which will accompany them throughout their journey. From procedural solo & group dungeons to legacy MU content such as Blood Castle & the Endless Tower, players will be spoiled for choice when it comes to hunting for the greatest gear. MU Legend naturally enables its players to have unparalleled freedom of customization in its vast range of PvE and PvP content. Hence, gamers adhere to the idea of buying cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend, the long-awaited the Global OBT will be officially opened in September. Trust us, MU Legend is really shaping up well. Because MU Legend is sequel to the fairly popular MU Online, it already has an established fanbase that is growing quite fast. MU Legend features a striking and fluid hack n ‘slash fighting style, content that will please solo players or groups and a world that is intriguing and deep that will please new and old fans.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide On Classes

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow and receive new content such as Morrowind, the new big expansion of the Bethesda and Zenimax MMO RPG. As we know that many of you will take advantage of the launch of new content from The Elder Scrolls Online to begin your adventure in Tamriel, today we bring you a new class guide that will help you decide what type of character to choose. There are five classes available (one included in The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind) and each has several unique skills that we must keep in mind in our decision to wager on a particular character type. Of course, it should be noted that all weapons and armor we find will be compatible with all races and classes, so the choice of our character class should be more oriented to the way we play.

As we tell you, the base game of The Elder Scrolls Online allows us to choose between four different classes, although in this class guide we will also talk about the new class included in the Morrowind expansion of the Bethesda and Zenimax game. Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, Nightblade and Warden are all available in The Elder Scrolls Online, and then we offer you a guide to The Elder Scrolls Online classes with specific details about each one to facilitate your choice of character.



The Dragon Knights are the ideal class for players who want to bet on a tank with heavy armor in their game in The Elder Scrolls Online. In addition, it is a very versatile class with interesting abilities in fire spells. Here are some of the features of the three unique skill lines (which we’ll be able to improve with the skill points we get during the game) of the Dragonknight in The Elder Scrolls Online:

  • Earthen Heart – This skill line is focused on survival ability and group protection, but we can also unlock abilities dedicated to improving our defense.
  • Draconic Power – Focuses primarily on defense and healing. Some of the abilities included in this line are the absorption of enemy health, the improvement of resistance to the damage or the possibility of immobilizing our enemies.
  • Ardent Flame – The most offensive skill line of the three available for the Dragonknight class of The Elder Scrolls Online and is focused on fire attacks.


Wizards are able to use all sorts of both defense and attack spells and use light armor, so if you are interested in this class we advise you to be careful with fights at close range. In the case of cooperative play, the Sorcerer class is ideal to serve as support and to heal the rest of the team. His unique skills are:

  • Dark Magic – This is a skill line focused on team support, but also allows us to boost our attacks with abilities such as slowing down time or immobilizing enemies.
  • Daedric Summoning – This branch of Sorcerer class from The Elder Scrolls Online focuses on the ability to summon creatures to aid us in combat.
  • Storm Calling – It is the line of ability that we must enhance if we want to increase the magical damage done by our attacks.


This is the ideal class for those users accustomed to using a thief or rogue class in similar role-playing games. His main skills are focused on light armor, stealth and the ability to perform critical hits. Their unique skill branches are:

  • Assassination – All your skills are focused on quickly finishing the enemy through melee attacks.
  • Shadow – The skills of this branch will allow us to hide in the shadows and make stealthy moves to destroy our enemies.
  • Shiponing – Their powers are aimed at weakening enemies in multiple ways, thus facilitating the ability to wipe them out quickly.


The Templars are one of the most complete and balanced classes, since they possess abilities in both the weapon and the casting of spells, mainly healing. Below we detail the three branches of abilities of the Templar class of The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Aedric Spear – Will allow us to use spells to improve our physical damage, reduce the damage received by the enemy and apply additional bonuses to our teammates if we go in group.
  • Dawn’s Wrath – Includes skills centered on causing magic damage and improving the effectiveness of our allies in cooperative play.
  • Restoring Light – This is a branch of skill focused on healing and support.

Warden (The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind)

The Warden class included in the The Elder Scrolls Morrowind expansion is based on nature and is a great option for those users who want to play a key role in a group by providing support and support. His unique skills are:

  • Animal Companions – Allows you to summon powerful creatures to aid us in combat.
  • Green Balance – Take advantage of the healing and protective benefits of natural.
  • Winter’s Embrace – This skill line lets you manipulate the cold to create defensive barriers and shields.

As we told you at the beginning of this guide of classes of The Elder Scrolls Online, all the classes are very dynamic and allow us to equip ourselves with all the arms and armors of the game. The key to the class choice in the RPG MMO of Bethesda and Zenimax is what kind of character we want to build and how we are going to confront the adventure in Tamriel, whether betting on stealth, enhancing physical damage or centering our powers on the magic. If you want to know more about the game of PS4, PC and Xbox One, do not miss our complete analysis of The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited.

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