Madden 18 News: Madden 18 will Re-Connect Franchise Mode

EA released that Madden 18 will Connect Franchise Mode again, and many Madden players hear the news very excited, because in the new game before adding some of the old game mode, they can quickly integrate into the new game, master the new game skills.


So it’s good news for Madden’s fans: Madden 18 is fantastic from the point of view of the game, and Longshot has got a lot of positive buzzing. Bad news: fans of career patterns may be disappointed because Madden’s developers once again kicked out proverbs can go downhill.

EA did not have much detail on what they called “connected franchise models” or “CFMs” during E3, but it was clear that their focus was mainly on the transition to Frostbite and the development of their story patterns. The biggest update fans can expect is a draft – a new feature that will allow online league players to set their preferred players if they can not do the drafts. Otherwise there will be a normal adjustment, but not too much of the other.

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Mu Legend Has Light Specifications And Very Well Done Animations

Mu Legend was one of the most remarkable games, nearly every lover of a good MMORPG will like it too, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling and have fun with this beautiful game. Mu Legend has beautiful graphics and very well done animations, and best of all, it has “light” specifications, it’s a truly worth playing gameplay.

Mu Legend

Mu Legend allows for a lot of customization in the progression of your character. While character creation is somewhat limited, you’ll level up in two different ways as you play allowing you to tweak the stats and playstyle of your character. Regular levels gain you new skills and allow the use of new gear, while Soul Levels get you SP and allow you to further customize a whole slew of stats from Spell Power to Movement Speed, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, and so forth.

The game uses the familiar eastern Combat Power score to track how powerful you are, which I assume will come into play with PVP and higher level dungeons much like WoW’s Item Level. Unlike Mu Online there doesn’t seem to be any PK-ing in Mu Legend. Mu Legend retains its essence, but becomes a product of a more current generation. Matter of factly, the game is to conform to the style of the current in various aspects, such as combat and gameplay.

Mu Legend is an action RPG with several levels of difficulty. It suits both the couple player, who prefers to focus on the PVE, with uncomplicated gameplay, and for those who opt for something more “hardcore” and want to invest in the character progression directed to PVP. To find out more about Mu Legend, check out here which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos.

Albion Online Version 1.0.326 Available In Hector

Sandbox Interactive continues to rack in improvements to Albion Online, the latest of which is Hector. Yesterday, a new patch of Hector was released to game. It’s time to download the second patch of Hector, Version 1.0.326. Here are the patch notes:

Albion Online


Caerleon’s Bank and Marketplace are now in their own sub-areas in Caerleon.
New starter areas have been added to help with potential overcapacity.
Black Market setup has been adjusted to increase the frequency with which armors and weapons will drop.

  • The immediate result of this change will be that armor prices increase ~9x faster, and weapon prices increase ~45x faster, than previously.
  • This in turn should mean that many more weapons and armors are sold to the Black Market (as it will now be offering good prices for them far more frequently), which will lead to higher drop rates for these items.
  • The effects of this change will not kick in immediately, because old orders will still need to process through the system before the changes take effect.

Improved quantity selection in crafting: it will now remember the last amount you selected so long as you keep crafting the same item.
Destiny Board achievements are now untracked by default.
Destiny Board starts to track achievements when they get some progress (ie Fame is greater than 0).
During this patch, all achievements with progress will be set to tracked, and all achievements without progress will be set to untracked.
Added a limit to how many achievements you can track at once.
Added tooltips for Destiny Board tracker notifications.
Added “time remaining” in tooltips for buffs/debuffs.
Upgraded all remaining text in the game to use the new font.
Trophies now give their bonuses to up to three laborers rather than up to two.
Added a warning about renaming etc when creating characters.
Royal Sigils can now be transmuted to higher tiers (although doing so will be very expensive).
Royal Sigils are now classed as materials in the market.
Missions no longer show timeouts if they have very long durations.
Improved Undead and Morgana group dungeons.
Open world Ghouls now have a new ability.
Dryads and Forest Spirits are no longer aggressive.
Toads, Boars and Monitor Lizards have had their aggression radii halved.
Reduced durability of (non-Founder) furniture, making them easier to destroy.
You can no longer place furniture near banks (you know who you are).
Increased zoom speed and movement speed in the World Map.


Gathering journals now only count resources of their tier and up to two tiers higher.
The “Flail” line of weapons is now called “Morning Star”.
Reworked visualization of zergs to not show individual player positions.
It is no longer possible to find T3 resources in the Outlands. Their old positions have been filled with T4 to keep node counts constant.


Moved the siege camp in Birken Fell to remove overlapping PvP areas.
Fixed Arcane Orb cooldown to be the correct value of 15s.
Fixed damage area on Forest of Spears.
Improved various visual issues with projectiles.
Fixed some issues with calculations for focus cost of enchanted items.
Fixed an issue with visuals for Separating Slam ability.
Fixed some issues with the rewards in the final chest of safe zone hellgates.
Repositioned building NPCs/clickables to ensure they’re easy to access.
Demon Gatekeepers (eg Vile Warden) have had pursuit range reduced from 60m to 35m so they can no longer be pulled out of the Unrestricted PvP area.
Removed unnecessary warning when entering expeditions.
The Keeper Chieftain remembered the abilities he had forgotten and now uses his complete ability arsenal again.
Destroyable chests now have health and armor to make them a little harder to loot.
Fixed an issue where farm buildings did not have enough durability.
Fixed more issues with Guild UI shaking.
Fixed an issue where respawning in Caerleon was not portal-binding players correctly.
Fixed a visual issue with gathering multiple nodes in rapid sequence.
Fixed an issue with toggling nametag visibility in cities.
Various visual and effect fixes.
Various audio fixes.

Let’s Enjoy Whisperer Class Trailer Of Mu Legend

Mu Legend is developed and published by Webzen. At the same time, Mu Legend is the official follow-up of one of the first MMORPGs called Mu Online. The game is free to play, action packed in isometric view with open world, but also with lots of dungeons.

Mu Legend

Mu Legend is a mix between MMORPG and ARPG in that you see other players out in the world, there’s a main city everyone gathers at, group content is available and the questing areas are more on the large side in comparison to other ARPGs, Mu Legend will be free to play upon release and also features dungeons of multiple difficulty for either group or solo game play as well as the choice between one of 5 gender locked classes with limited character customisation.

Thanks to Webzen Games, the highly anticipated Mu Legend another class trailer has been released, the video is mainly introduced class: Whisperer. Furthermore, the video also highlights the abilities of class with a bow as well as arrow. Anyway, it’s really cool looking set of wings. The following is full video and enjoy it!

Based on what you’ve seen in this video, what are you thoughts on Mu Legend so far? If you expect to see more intriguing video or graphics, stay tuned U4GM or head over to here.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Create A Character Tailored To The Player

Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character? Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO.


Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character?

It is best to think carefully before answering. Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO. If the player already knows about a previous delivery of The Elder Scrolls, especially The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the process will be familiar. First you will have to select the race and the sex, then you will choose the class and, finally, customize the appearance. However, there are some differences that veteran fans of Skyrim and the original Morrowind should know.

Races – In The Elder Scrolls Online, each of the nine major races is linked to one of the three alliances. The Bretons, Orcs and Red Guards form the Daggerfall Covenant; The High Elves, the Forest Elves and the Khajiites are members of the Aldmeri Dominion; And the Argonians, the Dark Elves and the Norse belong to the Ebonheart Pact (Ebonheart Pact).


When Morrowind starts with any race, the player will find himself on a ship heading for the volcanic island of Vvardenfell. If you want to explore all Tamriel from the beginning, so if you prefer to ignore the introductory zones and start your adventure elsewhere, you can do so. If this is the first time you play The Elder Scrolls Online, the Morrowind tutorial is part of the story and it is a great starting point. Fans of The Elder Scrolls will also know that each race has a number of skills and bonuses. For example, Khajiites are very agile and high elves are very fond of magic. Let’s make it clear that all races can belong to any class, but there are races that are slightly better in some classes.

The Classes – After choosing the race of your character the player will have to decide on which discipline he will specialize. In Morrowind there are five options: Dragonknight, which mixes offensive magic with melee combat; Sorcerer, who uses canes along with powerful magic and invocations; Nightblade, specialized in stealth and assassinations; Templar, combining hand-to-hand combat and healing magic; And the new Warden class, exclusive to those who acquire Morrowind, who invokes magical animals, has natural healing abilities, can destroy the enemy with frost spells and excels in close-range combat.

Each of these classes has three unique skills trees, but it is very important to remember that there are another twenty-eight skill trees available for all characters, regardless of their class. The player decides how to develop the character, from the specialty of the weapon to the manufacture of objects, regardless of the decisions taken when creating it. This has always been one of the main features of all The Elder Scrolls games.


Appearance – Like all The Elder Scrolls games, TESO offers an impressive array of options to customize the look of the characters. First, a triangle with sliding vertices allows defining the basic complexion of the character (fat, thin or muscular). You can then choose other characteristics of your appearance such as height, skin color or size of the feet.

Then comes the time to customize the face of the avatar. With the slider you can select the basic features and modify the different appearances (soft, angular and heroic) and then choose the hairstyle, age, eye color and other elements. The range of options is vast.

Constantly Improve – Once the character’s creation is completed, the player can begin to explore Morrowind and the rest of the wide world of Tamriel. Decisions about the character have only begun. Virtually everything that is done in TESO serves to shape and develop the character, from cooking to stealing or making potions, everything develops an own tree of skills. The most important thing is to create a character with which the player enjoys. Fortunately, discovering what that means is also an adventure.

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Maple Story USA: The Amazing, Colorful And Exciting Gaming World

aple Story USA is the world-wide known side-scrolling PC game. In the amazing, colorful and exciting MapleStory Maple Story USA world, you enjoy anywhere, anytime action combat in 1500 different quests. With millions of players to meet and countless adventures to be had, Maple Story USA is the MMO that lets you unleash your wild side. Specifically, you can now view website to get official news about Maple Story USA.Maple Story USAIn Maple Story USA, choose from over 30 characters, including mages, archers, pirates, ninjas, even time travelers. Customize your hero with countless cosmetic options and craft your own play-style with robust skill trees. Explore Maple World’s mountains, deserts, jungles and more, or travel to the alien world of Grandis for even more intrigue.

Players travel to unique places, such as the warrior village of Perion, the bowman town of Henesys, Kerning City, home of thieves, and the magician’s village of Ellinia to attain a new job and become stronger and wiser. Hunt in a variety of fields and join groups of players to travel to new continents and reveal secrets.

Maple Story USA have itself unique and key features, for instance, customize your skills, unlimited style, fight with friends as well as the fun never stops. Maple Story USA is one of the most popular 2D online game globally especially among primary and secondary students, gamers are always buying cheap Maple Story mesos at U4GM.

UpAlbion Offers Cheap Gold For The Coming Of Albion Online

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A Good Opportunity For ESO Players To Continue Journey In Morrowind

Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have announced that The Elder Scrolls Online players can now pack their bags to travel to Vvardenfell. It arrived on June 6, 2017, when the Morrowind expansion is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The island of Vvardenfell promises more than 30 hours of adventure in a completely new place in The Elder Scrolls Online. In this new area players will have to assume the role of heroes to help Vivec, warrior poet and Vardenman of Vvardenfell, whose goal is to save the world from a dahedral threat. This new chapter is set about 700 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls III.

In addition to the new territory, the largest to date according to ZeniMax Online Studios, Morrowind also features a brand new player class and a new PvP mode. For the company it is a “perfect starting point for new players and also a great opportunity for veterans to continue their journey”, as Vvardenfell is suitable for all levels.

The new class is the Warden (Guardian), which controls a powerful natural magic that can be customized with a number of abilities to fit the game style of each. If the magic is not enough it will also have the help of the War Bear, always ready to cover the backs of the Warden. The new JcJ mode is located in Ashlands and will allow you to face other players in 4v4v4 battles in sand-like environments.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be available in four editions: Standard Edition (59.99 euros), Upgrade Edition (39.99 euros), Digital Collector’s Edition (79.99 euros) and Collector’s Edition (99.99 euros). Regardless of which is reserved, you will have access to various virtual items such as experience scrolls (50% more for two hours), Warden attire, a pet (non-combat) or treasure maps to find Vvardenfell rewards.

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How To Get A Amount Of Mu Legend Zen At U4GM

In the coming months, Webzen stressed that the company will focus on developing more new content. The Mu Legend’s combat mechanism is quite similar to Diablo III, especially in locking down the top view. It is noteworthy that the character’s skill system has a very fast recovery time, and in particular is not limited to physical attacks. More latest news and tips, recommend you click here.


If you do not know, MU Legend is a successful game success of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to “zero” about the past to prevent To block the destruction of the world. Impressive for MU Legend comes from making nice characters, easy to see. The characters are beautifully designed, white water, especially the female character.

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