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Albion Online is probably the most anticipated MMORPG since The Elder Scrolls Online. Since ESO was released there weren’t many AAA titles released but Albion Online is about to change all that.

Responding to the change in gaming habits in the past decade, Albion Online pursues a cross-platform approach, allowing players on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and, post-release, iOS to play in the same world. As the release date coming colser to July 2017, we are inching closer to the game.


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Mu Legend Runs On The Unreal Engine 3: Four Classes

Mu Legend is sequel to the classic MMORPG Mu Online, and it runs on the Unreal Engine 3, more importantly, it featuring hack-and-slash combat, PvP modes, and an isometric perspective just like its predecessor.04213On April 21, 2016, MU Legend entered closed beta in Korea. Korean gamers can be allowed to choose from four different classes: Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage. More details about Mu Legend, official website will be offers more: https://www.u4gm.com/mu-legend.

MU Legend is a fast-paced action RPG that we play online with many other players. This makes it a kind of action MMORPG and resembles the gameplay genre representatives such as Devilian or the upcoming Lineage Eternal.

In Mu Legend, There Are Four Playable Classes
Blader: A melee damage spreader
Lord: A hard tank class that stops the enemy
Whisperer: Also a DPS class, this time as an elf with a bow
War Mage: A typical Nuke wizard who raushes damage claims

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what’s the next activity in Madden 17

Recently, EA has released the list of Madden 17 activities and events in next three days, which around the idea for Madden 17 players: bring more of them, all around the world, more access, and more play. You can get more NFL 17 coins during the day, lets go to see the details about it!

  • At noon PDT on Saturday, June 10 we’ll begin the weekend of EA PLAY with an all-new broadcast experience specifically designed for our players viewing around the world, with a live audience joining us in Hollywood. Be sure to tune in as we celebrate our amazing players and our biggest games of the year ahead.
  • Hundreds of our global community creators will be participating in the EA Game Changers Creators Cave, in the heart of the Hollywood Palladium. This dedicated space provides opportunities for our creators to capture early game footage, edit content to share, live stream directly from the show, and to interact with our studio development teams.
  • And at the center of the onsite event will be a Player Fanfest that will feature over 140 hands-on gaming stations, demos, live music and more.

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Albion Online: Impressive Beta Statistics

With a series of new numbers, Sandbox Interactive gives an interesting insight into the statistics surrounding Albion Online. The published figures are extremely up-to-date, because they are based on data collected since the Galahad update implemented four weeks ago. Galahad was the most comprehensive update of the Sandbox MMORPG so far and brought many changes and innovations. Therefore, the data collected and evaluated between March 13 and April 9, 2017 should be interesting and impressive for the developers as well as the players.

For instance, the current 212,815 Founders from 164 countries played over 2.8 million hours, almost 512 million resources were mined, 178,477 buildings were built and 13.1 million carrots were harvested. Tragically: 124,179 killed player characters in PvP mode are opposed to 850,811 hunters killed. The players, it seems, are prepared for the official launch of the game on 17 July 2017.


What is Albion Online?

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, located in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Thanks to the classless “You’re What You Wear” system, turning a skillful archer will turn a powerful magician into a powerful archer, and the players determine their role in the world itself. No matter if hard-fought fighters, farmers, traders or master craftsmen Every weapon, every building made by players. Whether PvE, PvP or in the guild guild against guild, any action in the game has a meaning – and consequences. PvP battles take place in the more dangerous zones of the game world according to the “Winner takes all” principle. Albion Online is the first PC game, which allows full player experience without compromising on tablets.

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Interesting Data Statistics Of Closed Beta Testing Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive showed infographics with interesting statistics of closed beta testing Albion Online. It was attended by more than 210 thousand people from 164 countries, who spent more than 2.8 million hours in the game. Data were collected from the time of the release of the Galahad update, March 13, to April 9.

Among other figures: 178 thousand buildings were erected, 13.1 million carrots were harvested. From the tragic aspects: in PvP killed 124 thousand players. Even rabbits did not regret: 850 thousand poor creatures were killed. The genocide is straightforward. Find the rest you can on the infographics below.

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Mu Legend: An Extensive Range Of Systems And Styles Diverse

With this new CBT focusing on localisation implementation, players from Europe, North/South America and all over the world are expected to arrive on the continent of MU. Webzen has established many press partnerships, allowing players to secure access to MU Legend’s second CBT from their favourite online game portal.04144

Webzen also confirmed a limited number of beta keys will be available on the official company & game social media pages as well as via a selection of world-class streamers. More official news and guides, you can head over to https://www.u4gm.com/mu-legend.

Players can expect a huge range of different PvE and PvP options that will cater to all play styles, as well as offer content that can either be completed in a few minutes or played for hours at a time. With an extensive range of systems, like pets and gear enhancement, users can customize their experience in every way possible. You can aslo buy cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling get better gaming experience.

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