NBA 2K17: Snoop Dogg, Launch Time And After Dark Mode

On November 26, a new feature of NBA 2K17 was added. For the new After Dark mode, in one-on-one up to three-on-three pick-up games, it will allow players to take MyPlayer to virtual courts against other players. If you want to join any of the games, for the MyPlayer, they needs to wait for other players to play with.


2K Sports released a new trailer for the NBA 2K17 MyPark: After Dark mode which transforms the normal MyPark mode into a virtual party with special effects, DJ, and a happy crowd. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg also performed a live concert under the alias Snoopdelic to launch the new game mode.

Snoop Dogg was quoted saying: “As the world’s greatest NBA 2K17 player, it’s only right that I get to Snoopify the Park After Dark. I’m going to set off the park with a SNOOPADELIC set that’s going to have house parties around the globe JUMPING OFF.”

The NBA 2K17 MyPark: After Dark mode features a dunk contest and a three-point shooting competition apart from the Mountain Dew 3x Tournament that allows players to win a cash prize. The same tournament was featured in the Pro Am series during the NBA 2K16.

The MyPark feature has been the most entertaining for players for many years. There is now a new automated system which has leveled the field for amateurs but increased the waiting time to find matches. Nevertheless, it ensures that similarly skilled players will be paired.

In fact, there is no doubt that it’s a wildly festive experience, at the same time, it would be presumably stimulate some fans who don’t normally play NBA 2K17 MyPark. Nonetheless, usually, I’m not a MyPark player. After dark just to witness this for myself, I will stop to witness it.

NBA 2K17 Update: Regarding Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

When will start for Space Jam season? on this weekend, it begins release of both an Air Jordan XXX1 that’s on basic of the iconic Air Jordan 11 of the same name as well as a recently renamed Air Jordan 9 that was also featured in the movie. In this week’s edition of NBA 2K17 Kicks, let us guess what we featured. which contains feature Jordan Brand athletes Russell Westbrook as well as Kawhi Leonard? 11303-fw

The Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam will probably make it into the game eventually as an update, but we decided to just beat them to the punch for a moment and create our own version. As you can see the screenshots of the user-created XXX1 and the pre-scanned Air Jordan 9 Space Jam, there’s a big difference between a shoe that you make from scratch and one that was tinkered with by the game’s designers and artists.

Speaking of Space Jam, wouldn’t it be more fun to feature Russ in the a hypothetical sequel instead of LeBron James? I understand that ‘Bron is a bigger name and it makes sense that he would be pegged to star in a sequel or remake of the original, but we’re talking about the potential for comedy here with Russ.

if it can be a new story with an ensemble cast featuring Jordan Brand’s best? why not to do this? Who not care to see a game featuring Russ, Chris Paul, Kawhi, Blake Griffin as well as Carmelo Anthony taking on The Monstars. Hell, as well all know, it seems to that Jordan Brand already has something like that in the can – a short film/commercial – and which is a special occasion.

NBA 2K17: MyTeam Glitches After The New Patch

This glitch report mainly focus on PS4 console, some gamers post their giltches after patch 1.06, and these glitches happen more in MyTeam mode.

nba 2k17

Widely Fast Breaks Glitch

Glitch Description: Players often run into the referees without any precedence during fast breaks, typically killing the momentum.

An example of this would be, in MyTeam Historic Domination against the Magic, the gamer was running the fast break. Curry had the ball and dished it to Shawn Marion, and right as he clicked the button, Shawn Marion suddenly locked onto the ref, and was bending over on the sidelines. The pass went through however, even though Shawn was already out-of-bounds, causing a turnover.

This bug happen in lots of game mode: MyLeague, MyGM, MyCareer, MyTeam, Play Now, Play Now Online.

MyTeam Home Screen Glitch

Glitch Description: The MyTeam Home Screen is poorly optimized, and often makes the PS4 heat up and become very loud after sitting on it for only several minutes.

No other game does this yet, and other modes in NBA2K17 do not cause this either (i.e. MyLeague Home Screen). This has been a problem since launch, and many PS4 users have been experiencing it. Even the PS4 is relatively new (5 months) as well, and no other game mode or video game does this.

Just simply turn your PS4 on, immediately boot up 2K, launch the MyTeam mode, and just sit on the home screen for ~5-10 minutes. Your PS4 will become somewhat noisy and will feel incredibly hot to the touch, as if you’ve been running it for hours (when in reality it has only been several minutes).

This bug only happen in MyTeam Home Screen and is easily repeatable.

MyTeamOnline Peja Glitch

Glitch Description: Players are able to use different card versions of the same player in MyTeamOnline (i.e. Ruby & Sapphire Peja Stojakovic on the same team’s lineup).

Not sure if this is a Peja exclusive thing since he’s a SG/SF. Haven’t seen any other cards with this yet, but other gamers have seen the Peja glitch occur twice.

And this bug always happen in MyTeamOnline.

Have you met these problems? Don’t worry, these giltches would be fixed soon since these quality comments have been sent to the 2K Team.

Albion Online Update: PVP And Gank With The Guild Nilfgaard

August 2, at 17:00 Moscow time, As a MMORPG, Albion Online PVP-aspect unveiled. For Albion as well as Hideo, both have the support of the well-known Russian-speaking guild, on top of that, Nilfgaard will fight together with all sorts of enemies. Do not miss the start of the Stream, Do not miss buy cheap albion online gold online.


Remember that prior to August 3, you can take part in the competition under the name The G.O.A.T. and win the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 SM-T815, the legendary founder of the kit or set epic founder.

Albion Online offers what modern games offer have long feared – full loot and free PVP in almost anywhere in the game world.

Undoubtly, The communities that is around this project will be quickly formed. Expecting to quickly participate in the game as well as start the battle. Arguably, the ability to take away all their belongings back-breaking labor in others. Full Albion Online Details or latest news, you can head over to:

Albion Online: The Final Stage Of Beta Testing Is In Progress

The final stage of closed beta testing was used by Sandbox Interactive Studio, Albion Online is an Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. To make sure that being one of the participants, you need to go to the official website of the project as well as in the company’s digital store stock up in one of three so-called founder of the packages. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that cheap albion silver for sale.


They cost extremely expensive and are called “Legend” (right gives access to “beta”), “Hero” (access opened today, so the same thing as buying a first and “Veteran” (in “beta” if only tomorrow).

Albion Online can be called a typical MMORPG, but a few nice little things help it compare favorably among similar offerings on the market. For example, the domestic economy is governed by the players. Be sure to take note though that cheap albion online silver.

These same players can also engage in the construction of their own communities, then to take them, for example, other guilds. All items and buildings in the game Kraft also by the users themselves.

Most interesting is that in Albion Online classes are not present as such – all exclusively depends on what kind of clothes and weapons is a character.With traditional MMORPG for any system level designers did the same unceremoniously: it simply does not. Bleeding and character development occurs by earning achievements and fame points.

Albion Online is considered as a game with one world, in other word, which is a one server gameplay. It’s extremely significant for all announced platforms. At least, is very ambitious. Nonetheless, we can anticipate that the most negative impact on the popularity of Albion Online, it’s also highlight that the “Donut”. You can buy albion gold immediately.