PvP-related stuff happening in Warlords

There’s a ton of awesome PvP-related stuff happening in Warlords.

CC Disarmament: there’s a lot fewer CC spells, especially instant and auto cast CCs, and more shared DRs among the ones that remain.
Health and scaling rebalance: means little to no Base Resilience or Battle Fatigue are needed, and classes that aren’t as reliant on gear to perform. Also does wonders for PvP class balance.
Ashran: Blizzard new open world PvP zone, which Blizzard are not quite ready to share details on yet.
Skirmishes: unrated Arenas that can be queued for either solo or in a group.
Spectator invites & Tournament gear: additional tools to allow tournament organizers to run high-quality tournaments without needing direct intervention from Blizzard.
Blizzard new built-in Group Finder: much easier way to find party members for rated BGs or Arenas.

WOW Power leveling – The Key To WOW Success

The term WOW power leveling, often used in World of Warcraft during multi player games, basically describes the process of leveling your character to the level you have decided upon, as quickly as possible using the least amount of play time.

By earning experience points the player becomes more powerful.The best way to power level is to methodically and orderly take on a lot of quests.Due to the desire of most players to use this strategy, many gaming companies and WoW guides have created ways to make this easier. Perhaps the most common way to power level is to only accept the quests that yield more experience over those that rewarded by time. Players should also thoroughly analyze the quests in a given zone so as to complete them as efficiently as possible.

The last tip to help with your WOW powerleveling strategy is to download one of the very handy little add-on’s.
There are a variety of them available to download including one that will show you the amount of experience you have earned per hour.
Be sure to utilize everything available to help you level like the pros!

Benefits of WOW power leveling since they deal in melee attacks

In WoW, Rogues are the principal characters that deal melee damage.They specialize in assassination, combat and stealth.Rogues are unique in the way that they are the only class that are able to dip their weapons in poison and increase DPS.This ability is very useful when playing PvP.Rogue’s are unable to use shields and thus may take more damage.Because of their specialization in assassination, Rogues are helpful in supporting a tank.

Rogue’s have many benefits of WOW power leveling since they deal in melee attacks.For power leveling a Rogue I recommend on focusing on the Combat spec.For AoE combat spec is the best.Subtlety spec is not as useful since it always requires you to be behind your enemy.

Level 15 – Shadow Focus – While in stealth, special abilities cost 75% less energy.Imagine what you could do with the remaining energy.
Level 30 – Combat Readiness – Who doesn’t want to deflect enemy weapon strikes and top of it all decrease their damage dealt.
Level 45 – Cheat Death – What could be more obvious figuring from the name.Deathly blows from enemies will only decrease your health to 10% instead of killing you.Useful when fighting powerful enemies capable of killing you.
Level 60 – Shadowstep – Want a quick hit and run then this will do the magi for you.Increase your speed by 70% and kill your enemies quickly.
Level 75 – Prey on the Weak – Pretty decent for a high burst comp.
Level 90 – Marked for Death – A great DPS boost.Land 5 Combo points in an instant and should the enemy die within a minute of being marked, the cool down for Marked for Death is reset.

Technically buy WOW power leveling

Warlords of Draenor is about as inclusive as WoW expansions get: each copy comes with a magic wand to wave at one of your characters and bring them right up to level 90.

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that Blizzard would be selling an identical boost via WoW’s in-game store, but the price turned heads: $60.

Blizzard have assured players that they’re not running a “profit maximising” scheme – but instead ensuring that WoW’s levelling zones don’t become NPC-only wastelands.

There is no doubt it is a business decision, the free 90 with the expansion so new users can go straight to the new content and play with their friends, rather than being forced through 90 levels to get to the new content and making it so they either have to do it alone or their friends need to start a bunch of new alts.

The problem came because on the back of that due to being able to transfer chars between accounts you own you open it up so people can create and transfer level 90 chars at a price, so then it comes down to do you just leave it so people make a bunch of new accounts and then transfer the char across accounts or do you facilitate a way that is probably much easier on blizzard’s servers.

So really once the free level 90 was included with WoD you opened up a door that allowed people to technically buy WOW power leveling, so in reality blizzard is actually losing money at $60.

Don’t buy WOW power leveling?

It’s time for the Warlords of Draenor beta. But the need for a beta now is deeper than appeasing the community’s need for new purple pixels. Three reasons:

First, and foremost in the mind of a multinational business like Blizzard, the beta itself is needed to show investors and other stakeholders that the company is moving forward with their flagship property and is executing its recovery plan. Let’s not argue about how healthy or not healthy WoW is at the moment — it has had a subscription drop and the market demands that it tries to recover from that. Part of the rejuvenation process is to release an expansion that alters the gameplay in fundamental ways that will draw players back in.

Second, the beta itself is going to compete for attention with Elder Scrolls Online, which releases April 4th. Make no mistake, the MMO market is competitive, and Blizzard knows how to play the game. There’s always been a lot of scuttlebutt about how such and such a game is coming out soon and Blizzard is going to play dirty and release a new game around then. I don’t buy WOW power leveling. But they certainly do recognize that there is a good reason to start to talk about the game now rather than when another AAA title makes it debut. Why force the larger community to pick between two games when a simple calendar move could allow everyone to have both? Blizzard is full of insanely good gamers too, they’re going to be playing ESO, they get it. Co-exist.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is what the lack of beta is doing to the community’s mood. Yes, much of the whining (for lack of a better word) about not having a piece of test software is only out of love for the game. But when you combine that negativity on a large scale, that want of new information, the need to see first hand what the future of the world we all play in will look like, it becomes an issue. Blizzard has dealt with some major community problems in the past, and they’ve responded, it seems, by becoming more and more transparent and accessible.

A new character in WOW power leveling

WOW power leveling is an interesting beast to tackle. There are many ways to do it, many people trying to sell you their method of doing it, and of course many advantages and disadvantages to all the different ways. As an above poster mentioned definitely join a guild (at least level 10 or something like that for the 10% increqased XP gain) and as its the social aspect of WoW that really makes this game outstanding. If you have access to heirlooms or recruit a friend (RAF) this process is much smoother and quicker. Also for the love of God when you get the chance buy the biggest bags you can afford, it is tremendously annoying to have to discard loot that could be sold because you don’t have space for it because of random stuff or quest items.

First of all, if you want to race to 90 you miss a tremendous amount of lore and dynamic character development (including professions, gold, honor, etc.) But you can access what WoW is really all about, endgame PVP and PVE content.

Having said that, if you are new you may want to take your time leveling your first character to learn how the game works, get the rotations of your class down, and learn what to/not to do within the game. I recall when I first started playing back in Vanilla the whole feel of the game was so epic and massive. I don’t know if I would have traded that experience for anything, but the game has grown and changed a lot since those days.

WOW power leveling service killing item

The World of Warcraft community was up in arms last week, when WoW Insider spotted a level 90 boost item available briefly in the in-game store for $60. Speaking to Eurogamer, lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas says the high price tag was established to ensure Blizzard didn’t “devalue the accomplishment of levelling”.

The WOW power leveling service killing item is being introduced to the long-running MMORPG in response to the one-time level 90 character boost included in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion pack, said Hazzikostas.

So Blizzard decided to introduce the ability to purchase an automatic level 90 character boost, setting the price for the upgrade to $60. This made people angry for multiple reasons. Some say the price is far too high, though still much cheaper than the average third party power leveling service — a quick Google search shows prices set in the $200-$300 range.

Others say the ability to instantly purchase a level 90 character will keep players from leveling altogether, creating a game full of max-level characters and emptying the areas where players in the process of reaching the cap would play.

Hazzikostas says that’s exactly what Blizzard is trying to avoid.

It’s a classic dilemma Blizzard has faced with World of Warcraft — trying to please several different groups of players at once. Some want a lower price. Some fear the boost entirely. Others are looking forward to the chance to skip the fluff and get straight to the end-game meat.

It’s impossible to predict how such a diverse player base will react once the service is fully available. Is Blizzard doing the right thing at the right price? We’ll have to wait and see.

Warlords of Draenor expansion is now available for pre-order

The World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion is now available for pre-order, granting access to various bonuses including an instant boost to level 90.

It’s available now through the official site, in standard ($50) or Digital Deluxe ($70) versions. Pre-purchasing gets you the level boost, while going for the Deluxe Edition also nets you a dread raven mount and dread hatchling pet. In addition, the Digital Deluxe edition comes with Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm portraits and a Warsong pennant for your Diablo III characters.

Blizzard explained that it initially planned on providing the boost once players installed the expansion, but decided to provide it earlier so they could get a chance to familiarize themselves with their new skills, and experience the current end-game content leading to the story of Draenor. The expansion itself will raise the level cap to 100.

The boost also led Blizzard to consider selling the boosts separately for players who have multiple builds or characters on different servers. After a leak showed the standalone price to be $60, lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas told Eurogamer that the company didn’t want to “devalue the accomplishment of leveling.”

You can read more about Warlords of Draenor with our in-depth preview.

Warlords of Draenor will be available

Blizzard has released a new trailer for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor entitled “Wish You Were Here.” The trailer highlights the level 90 character boost included with the expansion pack.

If you purchase Warlords of Draenor, you’ll be able to raise one character up to level 90 instantly. This character will then get a set of level-appropriate gear. If it’s your first character, the game will provide a few abilities to you at first and then unlock the others as you gain familiarity with the class. The exact process by which abilities unlock isn’t clear but the point is, they’ll start off newbies slow rather than just throwing dozens of abilities in their lap and pushing them into the game.

The point of this feature is that it allows players to dive right into the new content for Warlords of Draenor. The expansion pack provides a new planet full of quests and dungeons for level 90-100 characters. The boost therefore makes the expansion more appealing to a former player who’s been gone for years or a complete newbie. They can potentially bypass dozens of hours of leveling.

Blizzard will also allow players to buy level 90 character boosts separately for $60 in case they want to upgrade multiple characters. They decided to sell the boosts directly so that players don’t have to use awkward methods like buying copies of Warlords of Draenor for multiple accounts and then transferring the new level 90 characters to one account.

Warlords of Draenor is the fifth expansion pack for WoW. In addition to providing new lands for players to explore, it will allow them to create and upgrade their own keep – the first “housing” feature ever introduced to the game. The expansion’s player-versus-player features include spectator and tournament modes.

Draenor will be available for pre-purchase soon through Blizzard’s Battle.net Shop. The level 90 boost will be available immediately after you pre-purchase. If you spring for the Digital Deluxe Edition, you’ll unlock a new mount and pet right away as well. Blizzard hasn’t said when pre-purchases will begin but this trailer suggests that day’s not far off.

Also hit the WOW power leveling

World of Warcraft’s tenth anniversary is this year, and with that milestone we’ve seen a lot of changes, additions, and growth — the game now spans 90 levels (soon to be 100) and Also hit the WOW power leveling, sprawls across the original two continents, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria and places like Deepholm. We’ll be traveling to an alternate dimension soon. The game has auction houses, flying mounts, the Brawler’s Guild, Proving Grounds, dungeons, raids, scenarios, transmogrification … a lot has been changed and added over the years.

Yet there are some things WoW never did that I admit, I expected it to do before now. With the level 90 boost incoming, they added one I was wondering about (and which our own Adam Holisky basically predicted based on what other games were doing) but there are still features other games have had over the years that WoW doesn’t. Some have seemed like real no-brainers, while others might just be based on my own weird ideas. None of these are things I necessary want or think are good ideas, they’re just things I expected.

User Generated Content
Item dyes and item customization
Playable Ogres
A Diablo/Starcraft Universe Crossover

So there we are. Five of my ‘This never happened?’ moments. Honorable mentions goes out to Martial Arts weapons (I totally thought monks were going to get hook swords and bladed fans and three sectioned staves), more classes (I thought we’d be up to 20 or so by now), and a third faction (I’m glad they didn’t, but back in BC, I really expected one).