Guild Wars 2 Flameseeker Chronicles

Guild Wars 2’s Tower of Nightmares release has been with us for the past week, transforming formerly beautiful (if centaur-populated) Kessex Hills into a toxic wasteland. The source of the devastation is a massive, thistle-topped structure in Viathan Lake, which was built and defended by the Krait and Nightmare Court. A whole lot of mystery is tied up in that thing, from Krait religion to Nightmare ambitions to the involvement of Scarlet Briar, but Marjory Delaqua and her partner Kasmeer Meade are on the case. The Pact has also gotten involved by aiding with research and demolishing the tower plant’s offshoots, which are spreading on the wind like dandelions, only I wouldn’t recommend adding them to salads, and they’re not fluffy.

The ArenaNet team responsible for this release has made some praiseworthy improvements over previous releases, which supports the idea that GW2’s living world is still a work in progress with lots of room to grow. Combined with some interesting developer responses from the collaborative development initiative, I think it paints a promising picture of where the story is going in the upcoming months.

A date with the Krait (and that’s great)

Logging into post-update Kessex for the first time instantly delivers your character to a short solo instance. I found this to be a great way of introducing the changes, since it makes it feel as though you’re in the middle of something happening instead of wandering around in the aftermath of something that’s already taken place. The instance is still post-infestation, but it’s set in the stage where none of the NPCs knows much of what’s going on or how to handle it. Although it lacks the immediacy and multiplayer aspects of one-time events like storming Southsun Cove to open it up, an instance like this still feels special and avoids most of the problems that come with massive, semi-live one-time events.

After devoting a column to being disgruntled over the emphasis on enemy teamups in Scarlet’s story, I was happy to see a great deal of narrative emphasis placed on the unusual behavior of the xenophobic Krait as well as confirmation that the toxic Nightmare Courtiers don’t represent their entire faction. Scarlet is involved, but she doesn’t overwhelm this part of the story; after the Krait got their hands on some obelisk shards, their primary concern became the possible imminent return of their prophets. I’m still not sold on Scarlet’s villain alliance, but it’s nice to see the Kraits’ traits (say it! it’s fun!) worked into their reasons for joining up rather than being conveniently explained away. The appearance of a minor character from the very beginning of the human starting experience was a nice touch as well, tying the whole thing more closely to the continuity of the existing lore.

This release was also refreshingly character-focused. One of the long-standing complaints about the living story is that the story parts are brief and not particularly compelling, and after thinking about it for a while my feeling is that much of it comes down to redundancy. This is true of the personal story, too — a lot of dialogue and text is wasted on explaining what needs to be done in a given mission, after which your character sets out to do exactly what was just discussed. Some of that is necessary, but action and excitement are usually best expressed through our characters’ own hands, while dialogue is great for establishing why we should like and care about our NPC companions.

There’s a reason Braham and Rox (and Frostbite) are so popular; not only are they likeable characters, but their dialogue with each other sparkles and is almost entirely given over to establishing who they are and what their relationship is. Similarly, a bunch of us are now all a-titter about how married Kasmeer and Jory are, and even though the characters are used to describe what’s going on in the area of the tower, their dialogue is peppered with character-defining tidbits and development. Dedicated fans tend to be shameless gossips; juicy details about NPCs’ love lives or family connections or morality or history can sustain our interest in a story long after the explosions have faded and this week’s bad guy has been vanquished.

My interaction with Tower of Nightmares has still followed the same pattern of the last few months: devour the story and then fiddle around with achievements for a few hours before falling back to do other stuff and waiting for the next installment. In this case, though, I’m a lot more excited to see what comes next — it feels less like getting a spoonful of story with my achievements and more like the achievements are there to bridge the gap to the next part of the story. It’s a good step in the right direction.

Necromancer underwater combat
All together now

I’d like to bring further attention to the progress of the collaborative development initiative on the official forums, since many of the developer replies so far provide valuable insight into why the above changes took place and what we might see in the future. I think it’s important to add that one of my first thoughts while playing through the Tower of Nightmares solo instance was how much feedback the living story team had managed to incorporate, and I maintain that ANet is one of the most responsive development studios in the industry. Not all of the responses can be implemented quickly enough to satisfy the playerbase — something that the devs readily admit — but it’s better to know for sure what the potential turnaround time is on big changes than to have no idea when or if they’ll ever be implemented.

The entire general discussion thread is fascinating and full of good suggestions from players as well as commentary from many of the developers. Bobby Stein talked about technological limitations and upcoming improvements as well as ways in which the story’s pacing could have been handled better (and yes, dragons are still a big deal). Chris Whiteside posted a three-part response to the thread covering feedback on rewards, achievements, and the evolving nature of the living story. Jonathan Sharp chimed in on future game modes in the structured PvP forum thread, while Devon Carver provided some insight into the parameters of what’s possible for World vs. World in the dedicated thread for the discussion of world population. Sharp also posted a list of upcoming profession balance changes in order to obtain feedback on them; this is the second time ArenaNet has offered an advance look, and it seems to be working out well.

So far, I think the CDI has had a positive impact on the forums and player morale. It’s neat to see developers and fans bouncing questions back and forth and to witness the sort of brainstorming that can happen when both parties are looking for real solutions. I’ve also noticed an increase in the amount of constructive forum posts, even outside of the collaborative development threads. People tend to respond well to positive reinforcement, and in the end I think one of the great strengths of this undertaking — even in its infancy — is how it’s framed the developer/player relationship in a cooperative light.

Female Phalanx set and male Trickster set
Garterbelt Garrison Volume Two

In other news, we finally got a male light armor set that shows a touch more skin than the female version! I bought the Trickster set for my main almost immediately. Unfortunately, ANet made up for the progress in that area with the Phalanx heavy armor, which doesn’t look even remotely like the same set of armor when worn on male or female characters. The gender disparity is so huge that it’s mind-boggling; we’ve had sets before that mysteriously lose material in dangerous places when female characters wear them, but at least most of them obviously originated from the same idea as the male versions of the sets.

Necromancer underwater combat

This was also an issue with the Phoenix set. It’s easy to see why fashion-forward players were begging for the opportunity to buy it from the moment Kasmeer showed it off: Even though it’s skimpy, it’s gorgeously designed and has several unique touches, such as the train of floating feathers. It was a letdown when the male version turned out to be a standard-issue neck-to-ankle robe with none of the elements that make the female Phoenix set so eye-catching.

ArenaNet is a relatively progressive company, and it has said in the past that it wants to provide lots of variety for both male and female characters and to make sure that players are comfortable with the available choices. I’ve got a hunch that the gender discrepancy in these armor sets came down to art resources — the Phalanx set in particular seems like a pairing of two designs that didn’t actually ever have opposite-gender counterparts — but the effect is to make it look as though male and female characters are being deliberately placed into strictly gendered style categories, even if it means covering up male characters at the expense of interesting design or putting together two sets that look nothing alike. It seems like more and more of the gem store armor sets lately have made neat details gender-specific (how many Aetherblades do I have to kill to get the male version of the Magitech boots on my female Engineer?), and that’s disappointing. It’s not even that the armor looks terrible or that sexy armor is a bad thing itself, but we’ve got more than a handful of sets now that uphold the stereotypes of cool, severe fantasy men and sexy, fashion plate fantasy women. A little more of the opposite — or better yet, more sets that maintain a theme across genders rather than offering an either-or split — would be welcome.

How do you feel about the Tower of Nightmares release? Do you think it’s improved on previous living story chapters? Are you following along with the collaborative development initiative? And what on Tyria is Scarlet standing in front of in the preview art for the next release? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and I’ll see you in the Mists!

Rock the Nightmare Music Video” Contest 2013 Official Rules

Eligibility: “Rock the Nightmare Music Video” Contest (“Contest“) is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia), Canada (excluding Quebec) and Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom, who are at least eighteen (18) years or age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, whichever is older, at the time of entry. Void in Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories and possessions, Quebec and any jurisdiction not listed above and where prohibited by law. Employees of ArenaNet, Inc., NC Interactive, Inc., NCSOFT Europe Ltd., and NCSOFT Corporation (collectively, “Sponsors”), and each of their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, advertising, promotion and publicity agencies, and members of the immediate families (defined as parents, children, siblings and spouse, regardless of where they reside) or households of such employees are not eligible. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Participation constitutes participant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules and Sponsors’ decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Contest. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.
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How to Enter: During the Contest Period, to enter, create a music video no longer one (1) minute in length in English to the song, “Nightmares Within” (“Video”), available for download at the ArenaNet Soundcloud page. Once you have created your Video, complete the Contest entry form. You must include a link to your Video, which you must upload to YouTube. All terms and conditions of YouTube apply. Note: You only have a limited license to download and use “Nightmares Within” for the sole purpose of creating a Video for this Contest. Any individual appearing in the Video must give you consent to include them in the Video. Any minor in the Video must be your child or legal ward. No automated entry devices and/or programs permitted; all such entries will be void.
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Guild Wars 2 Survivors of War

250 years have passed since the first stated release-date, torturing the Heroes of Guild Wars. Many have survived and new were made.

Humans – You have your humans that have some how survived countless tortures and this could be due to their relentless to never give up and to always challenge themselves to do better.

Charr – The ruthless race that like to hunt and challenge and scare off some creatures or use some to their advantage. However, they may have found some matches that don’t have them being the most superior race. Don’t tell them that for they think they still are the highest race and refuse to listen to the asura when they boast.

Asura – Small creatures that think their knowledge is far more superior than than of the charr or any other race. They like to challenge each other and themselves, but prefer to risk other races to submit to some of their experimental tortures. They’re too smart to risk their own lives. Being so superior, they have no idea what is actually ahead of them and sometimes could be caught off guard. For some, it makes them angry, but they always develop things to over come their fear that they face.

Norn – Tall like humans, as some would or could consider them. However, they can transform into that of a bear, a wolf, a raven, or other creatures. They prefer not to be compared to the humans. They don’t hunt in packs unlike the others and they prefer to be lone hunts. However, with the humans. they had learned that hunting in packs on somethings has a great outcome. Still, many prefer to hunt alone. Loneliness can cause one to desire a companion. It’s unusual for most norns to do packs, but only when it comes to saving their race would they do such. They are a unique cultural race of their own and many respect them and learn how to earn their respect, by killing ruthlessly and giving them the food.

Sylvari – A race that were made from trees. Many think they’re just tree creatures made of wood and have tried to cut at them… Then a few discovered that they bleed blue. Some wonder if a smurf mated with a tree, but then their color are of a strange mixture with a human trait in it. Many get confused, others prefer not to know. This race is strange and unknown, but smart at what they can do. Some have noticed at how quickly they can learn and adapt. When they charm, none can resist them. They manipulate many to tell them thinks and others have learned or heard of them being telepathic with each other. Most try to stay away, but have seen them in odd places. For the most part, their home is in a forest and a special tree hatches them. A few try to cut down the tree, only to be turned to stone. The Sylvari turns the stone into dust or other materials to use. So, the tree is sacred and many try to stay away out of fear.

Guild Wars 2 Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest

Prepare to Rock the Nightmare! In the November 12 Guild Wars 2 release The Nightmares Within, you’ll storm the sinister fortress of the Toxic Alliance and face your fears!

Few things are as “metal” as a sorcerous tower full of evil, so to commemorate The Nightmares Within release, we’re hosting a heavy metal music video contest from November 5 through November 26.

The Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest runs from November 5 through November 26, so don’t delay – get rocking today!

Enter the Tower of Nightmares
The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Create your own Guild Wars 2 music video using our all-new “The Nightmares Within” song. The most creative video creators will win SteelSeries gaming gear, and the grand prize winner will receive a unique custom Guild Wars 2 guitar from Sygnus Guitars – there isn’t another one like it on Earth or Tyria!

You may have found a way into the Toxic Alliance’s inner sanctum, but this has by no means curtailed their nefarious activities! Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside are still befouled by the alliance’s evil presence!

Enter rooms within the Tower of Nightmares to brave special encounters—but beware! Things are not all as they seem. You can never know what awaits you within these dark rooms. Will you find yourself face-to-face with Scarlet’s agents, or a much more insidious enemy? It’ll take strength, determination, and a cool head to survive the trials that await you.

Marjory Delaqua has developed a special antitoxin to put an end to the deadly plant at the heart of the tower, but the first team dispatched to inject it never returned… Fight your way to the upper chamber in a last-ditch battle to destroy the toxic menace!


Antitoxic Fashion
Complete the meta achievement for The Nightmares Within to unlock a special Gasmask Skin! As the latest design in air purification and toxin prevention, the Gasmask is a universal skin that can be applied to any piece of head armor.

Exclusive New Looks
Complete your wardrobe with an Air Filtration Device—a dry-land version of the starter aquatic helm—or the Toxic Spore back item!

Brand-New Minis!
Two new Toxic Krait miniatures are on the loose! You have a chance to pick up one from Toxic Alliance foes you destroy, and the other can be earned by killing a very special enemy, hidden deep in the heart of the Tower of Nightmares.

Tri-Key Chest
The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!

About Nightmares Within update November 12th

Posted ImageThe dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Arenanet announced the next Living Story update: the Nightmares Within. The heroes of Tyria assault the giant tower in Kessex Hills and fight the Toxic Alliance. According to the picture we’ll also face the Gearworks and a brand new foe. Scarlet’s messed up experiments, perhaps?

Rewards in this update include:
Gasmask Skin for completing the meta achievement, applicable to any head piece armor (yay!)
Air-Filtration-Device Skin: A head piece armor skin with the same look as the starter Aqua Breather (yay?)
Toxic Spore back item
Two new Toxic Krait minis: Mini Toxic Hybrid and Mini Toxic Nimross
Tri-Key Chest: “The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!”
This update also includes the Rock the Nightmare-contest where you need create a music video for the “The Nightmare Within”-song. The best music video nets you a spiffing looking guitar made by the Sygnus Guitars and the second best one is rewarded by GW2-themed gaming gear by Steelseries.

Guild Wars 2 Toxic New Items in the Gem Store

Most recent product updates, Come take a look:

Neither snow nor rain nor invasions from the Mad Realm nor the uprising of the new and deadly Toxic Alliance will keep the Black Lion Trading Company from providing you with new and useful items! We’ve got new Toxic armor pieces for those of you who’ve been enamored of the Alliance’s dark beauty, as well as vivid new dyes!


    We’ve developed a set of new gauntlets and shoulderpads for every armor class that have all the deathly fashion of the Toxic Alliance—with none of the poisonous side effects!


    Toxic Dye Kits will dispense one random toxic color – and they have a chance at granting you one of six brand-new, special colors!


    You’ve got just one week left to store up enough Halloween goodies to last the year! Soon, Trick-or-Treat Bags will be gone from Black Lion Chests, our Halloween costumes, finishers, and miniatures will disappear, and the Halloween weapon skins offered by Black Lion Weapons Specialists will go up in price!


    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Guild Wars 2, 5v5 Weekly Cup #4

Some days ago we announced our weekly cup series. Today we want to announce our 4th cup. As last week the cup will start at 20:00 CET.
Also don´t forget that we will provide prizes worth $ 175 for the first 2 teams! So better spread the word and sign up!
The matches will be casted by  Sireph. So better tune in if you don´t have the chance to play! You can find his channel on TwitchTV! The stream will be casted by Sputti and ChroNickGamer. You can find the channel here! The chinese stream can be found on  Crispeke´s channel!

In case you missed the matches of last weeks cup feel free to check the VoD´s of Jebro´s show on Youtube.

Also feel free to leave feedback via support ticket, within the forum or as news comment!

 5v5 Weekly Cup #4 – 07/11/13

   5v5 Weekly Cup #4 – 07/11/13

 Date: 07. November 2013 20:00 CET
 Mode: 5on5 Single Elimination // 45 minutes per round
Global Rules

Support ticket

 Guild Wars 2 Gameaccount


Thanks to ArenaNet we are able to provide pizes worth $ 175 for this cup.

 1st place: 5x $ 25 gem codes
 2nd place: 5x $ 10 gem codes

 Check In

Step 1 – Reservation (green)
Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 – Confirmation (yellow)
30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you’re in the Cup.

Step 3 – Entry (red)
You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 20 minutes before starting!

 Upcoming Cups

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 Winner Weekly Cup #3

After an intense rematch of past weeks finalists  Cheese Mode successfully earned the tournament win over  Who Gets Carried Hard.


Good luck & have fun!

Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares DLC Live, New Appearance

The steady flow of content updates for Guild Wars 2 hasn’t slowed since this past summer. The latest update marks the third just in October, and is called Tower of Nightmares, which is a fitting name for a Halloween week DLC release. Players will have to deal with the ever changing world of Tyria, which is always full of new dangers and dark forces looking to ruin the day of the world’s inhabitants. They will have to band forces and plan new strategies to take on the Tower of Nightmares, which was created by a mysterious reptilian krait whose ties to a dark force are a cause for concern.

In addition to the new mission the content update also adds a new rewarded skill called Antitoxin Spray, which allows any player to heal others around them from the various poisons and toxins that are affecting them. Those who are wily enough to take down the Tower of Nightmares will also receive a Krait Obelisk Shard to erect in their home instance.

For a better look at the Tower of Nightmares DLC content head on down past the break. The content is now live, so grab a few of your best buds and begin planning your attack on the Tower so you can reap the rewards for taking it down.

Guild Wars 2 is a PC only title that is currently available.

Guild Wars 2 Backpack Cover,Your Choice

Equipment is definitely the everlasting pursuit to players in each video game, some of the players even spend money to buy gold or gems in order to get a suit of powerful equipment. Equipment in gw2 features the appearance rather than the attribute, so it is not difficult to get top equipment in this game. We are going to show you the most comprehensive selection of backpack cover for you in this article.

To start the selection, let’s talk about the ways to get backpack cover in guild wars 2 first.
1. Players will get backpack cover as a reward for completing the main storyline.
2. You can use the Karma to buy backpack cover from some special NPC.
3. Cover will fall off in the eight raids and Fotm, so it is also a good way to collect backpack covers.
4. Correspondent backpack cover will be released in each update, you can purchase it from the trading post.
5. You can also buy backpack cover from the vendors in the guild.

In the following part, let’s enjoy all the amazing backpack covers released before in guild wars 2!!!

Mad Memories

Mad Memories. It was released in last Halloween, which looks like a book. Mad Memories were awarded to players for completing the Halloween quests.

Toymaker's Bag

Toymaker’s Bag. As a release of 2012 Wintersday, this cover was sent to every player through email.

King Toad's Backpack Cover

King Toad’s Backpack Cover. It was released in the first season of Super Adventure Box. Actually, this cover has three different colors.

Fractal Capactor

Fractal Capacitor. It was released in the event called Lost Shores. This cover should be leveled up three times to sparkle.

Fervid Censer

Fervid Censer

Sclerite Karka Shell

Sclerite Karka Shell
The above two covers were released in Southsun Cove.


Holographic Dragon Wing Cover

Shattered Dragon Cover

Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover

These two covers were released in Dragon Bash. You can still purchase the Holographic Dragon Wing Cover in the trading post.

Plush Moto Backpack

Plush Moto Backpack. It was from the second season of SAB. It looks very cute.

Wings of the Sunless

Wings of the Sunless. A cover from the Tequatl Rising. I don’t think this cover is popular due to its bad-looking appearance.

The part above collected the released backpack covers in gw2 for you. If some of the covers are missed, remember to tell us, we will add them in time.

Guild wars 2 New WvW Card

For ArenaNet’s online RPG Guild Wars 2 WvW a new card has been announced called “edge of the fog.” The special feature of this new WvW card is that it requires no queues.
The proposed new map “edge of the fog” to make the WvW game in ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 MMORPG accessible. In contrast to the known WvW cards you can watch the edge of the fog fall any time in WvW battles without previously persevere in a queue. If the new area is full, it will give the new card WvW an overflow server. So you can watch any time bashing in the new card in WvW until a place in the regular ticket is free.
Your services in the edge of the fog will not count towards the points WvW your world in Guild Wars 2nd According to the developers from ArenaNet well populated server otherwise would have an unfair advantage over less densely populated worlds. But it should give special rewards that you can achieve your only in the edge of the fog. Which they should be specific, the developers of ArenaNet have not been betrayed. It should be including, among other bonuses that give you an advantage in the regular WvW.
The edge of the nebula is, by design, include many different aspects of Guild Wars 2nd The entire region consists of flying islands that float above the eternal battle fields. Each island will have a unique flair. There will be, for example, a city of ruins in the jungle or a temple between snow-capped mountains. Also, the game mechanics to conquer strategically valuable areas should be partially differ significantly from WvW standard.
The new WvW Card “edge of the fog” in Guild Wars 2 will be released until the spring of 2014. Who wants to see the new area previously, has the opportunity to log in with his guild to beta test. To enter your selection, you need only the application form fill, which will link your specified under the. The only requirement is that a player can give useful feedback to the developers in your guild in English. The original announcement for the new Guild Wars 2 card “edge of the fog” can be found on the official website of ArenaNet.