Lucian mechanics AMA, more on Rengar, leaving the penalties that may Xerath changes in quality of life , major update on EUW / EUNE status of the lag

Lucian designer ZenonTheStoic reddit AMA to conduct a post on their own are not able to participate in last night’s official Lucian team AMA. In the same way , we highlight the bullet that the AMA last night , we made a summary of tonight as well. Check it out , but be sure to read the entire AMA is good, because there are many answers to the information in Zenon shiny curious pieces !

Early data sheet Mingluxien nearly 49% win rate . This allows developers to think it’s just a matter of time before the players are accustomed to his ULT, which is why they do not think at the moment polishing purification
Within a larger , more powerful purification
Lucian skill in the future if proven to be too weak or too strong , there are already prepared for the change in both cases Here to supply Buy ff14 gil
If you are using ULT, and you are not running away and within the capacity of your other , you’re wrong
The impact of this project is applied to Lucian ‘s ULT Rylai ‘s Crystal Scepter , any effects of all spells spell vamp AOE ”
Should be able to dodge enemy Lucian ULT, Zenon, which is due to the desire to eliminate intensity and shorter cooling time
Lucian R 400% of the damage, which allows developers felt that he waves it clear that, if anything, too minions ”
Lucian passive should not be playing the new cowboys , the original target had just died the first shot . In these cases, the second shot is one of only visual , thus shooting Lucian I need a new one is a virtual lens does not actually do damage to the messenger said
Lucian particularly suitable support, you can hold down the enemy 3 seconds
Lucian W- stellar explosion skills to adapt to the concept of visual , rather than the other way
Trinity is the new troops Lucian recommended items are not , because it does not exist, his project arrangements
If Lucian access to the world championships , it is most likely to play from the semi-finals onwards . This is because of the fact that there is a rule , described the scene at least four weeks champion
Lucian ‘s old last month called asking Shot: ~ 1500 marks the range of enemy heroes. Within the next 6 seconds , you can shoot in any direction you want to lock the target missile and missile into dumbfire mode , acceleration, and get most of their damage