Resurrecting the Ice Empress in Guild Wars 2

We put on our clothes, and we turned to be serious, I asked the ice empress: “What’s your friend’s name? Where is he?”
“He is Baroque, and he is in the Lost Tower.” The voice of the ice empress was so weak; it seemed that she was tired now, and I did not know whether Baroque had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold now.
I remembered that the Lost Tower was in the Ice Valley, there were many strong monsters in it, and people who were not in level 80 could not get into the tower.
The Lost Tower was divided into eight levels, and Baroque was in the eighth level.
Was he the centaur? But he was more terrible than the centaur.
“It is only his name, though he had much Guild Wars 2 gold, he is not real demon.” The ice empress said to me.
“I thought he was in the tower voluntarily before.”
“He is put in jail, the White Mantle made many inhibitions.”
“Why did the White Mantle do this? Both of them are the ultimate BOSS in the game.”
“Because Baroque was not willing to cooperate with the White Mantle, he did not want to kill the innocent chosen persons.”
“Is that true?” I did not think a demon could be so kind, I doubted whether the ice empress’s words were true.
“Yes, it is true; in fact, I am not willing to listen to the White Mantle, though he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me, but……” The ice empress said, and then she began to cry, as if she wanted to say: “I am not a bad woman, but I have no way.”
I was afraid of woman’s crying; especially I made love with her just now. Even if I did not believe her words just now, I forgot my worry now.
I remembered Zaria, I considered her as my younger sister before, but I found that maybe I liked her recently, I did not know what she would do if she knew the ice empress, would she be angry with me?
“Yes, I know, I will help you to save Baroque with my skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, and then let’s kill the White Mantle together.” I said to the ice empress, I also became excited.
“How could we get to the Lost Tower? There are only you and I.” I found that the problem was not so easy suddenly. I should think about it carefully.
“The Lost Tower is not far away from here, it is on the Shiver peak, but it is a closet map. You could call your mates to go with us, I know they have good skills, and they also have rich combat experience, it should be easy to deal with the monsters in the tower for them.” The ice empress said to me.
“I tell my mates, but what about you? Will they believe you?”
“It doesn’t matter, now I am dead, and I have no skill and Guild Wars 2 gold. You could resurrect me with your special skill, and then I will be your hero wraith.”
Oh my god, could I use the skill of controlling hero wraith like this? How much Guild Wars 2 gold will it consume? Though I resurrected the enemy with this skill before, and the person was Hansen, but that situation was different.
“Hurry up! What are you thinking about?” The ice empress said, and it seemed that she was too impatient to wait.
“But…… but I could not see you again.” I felt a little unhappy.
“You are a fool, if you want to see me, you could call me out.” The ice empress said, and I felt that her smiled was so sweet. 

The Environmental Effects of the Lost Tower

“It is only a soldier monster, and it doesn’t have special skill, it also doesn’t have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, it is easy to deal with it.” The ice empress said to us, I thought she has been here before, so she knew the environment well.
“Don’t be afraid of the level of the monsters here, in the Lost Tower, all of you are in level 20, and this monster is not so powerful.” The ice empress added. After we looked at it carefully, and then we found that what the ice empress said was right.
There were the environmental effects in many instances, but most environmental effects were not good.
Such as the wild instance of the Treasure Planet Island, people had lower level in it, even people could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold at any time, so I felt the environmental effects of the Lost Tower was good.
Though we were in level 20 now, and the monster was in level 24, but it still in a higher level, we should be careful. It was obvious that the monster had greater ability of defense and attack. I found that they moved by group as all of the monsters in Guild Wars 2. We faced three monsters at the same time.
It was a skill of monster, the monster jumped, and they came to the front of us easily. The monsters were soldiers, but they could use the skill of assassin, I felt it was a little strange. The ice empress said that the monsters did not have special skills, but what was the skill?
We killed the three monsters with only some Guild Wars 2 gold easily, but three green monsters appeared, and they also looked like the hedgehog.
“They can cast poison, be careful!” The ice empress reminded us.
It was true, people who were attacked by the monsters were poisoned, and Polly had no enough time to save them.
Though we killed them finally, but we also lost some blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.
“The first floor is not difficult, we should walk along the road, and then we will see the crossing of the second floor.” The ice empress said easily, because there were more than twenty monsters on the way to the crossing of the second floor, if we were not careful, we would be killed by the monsters.
Dakar drew out a group of the monsters, there were one black monster and two green monsters, and then we killed them together. 

The Lost Tower in Guild Wars 2

We came to the third floor, and then we felt it was more terrible than the second floor. The ground was full of the skeletons. As if these skeletons wanted to tell us that the Lost Tower was a dangerous place, we would die, even if we had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Oh my god, it is too terrible, I want to go back.” Polly shouted, and then she began to run away, suddenly, as if she stepped on something, and the ground was depressed.
“Be careful!” The ice empress shouted, and she called Polly to leave quickly.
“What is that?” Though Polly was afraid, but she was still calm, so she got out of danger quickly.
Just after Polly left, much hot lava fell off from the ceiling, if Polly was hit by it, she would die, and she even had no time to use the Guild Wars 2 gold.
“Be careful the ground, there is mechanism under the beautiful tiled floor.” The ice empress explained to us.
“I was scared just now, I nearly die.” Polly only did not want to step on the skeletons. But now she felt the skeletons were lovely, and the beautiful tiled floor was more terrible.
“We should walk along this road, though it is full of many skeletons, but it is safe.” The ice empress showed us a safe road; I thought we might buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
Suddenly we heard a loud voice, a monster appeared, it had ox head and human body, the monster stood up, and it had an axe in its hand, its eyes were red, it looked at us, as if we were its preys.
“What is that? Even if it is strong, I will also kill it.” Latvia said, only because the monster also had an axe.
The monster did not answer, it rushed to Latvia quickly.
The monster was stronger than Latvia, and it seemed that Latvia could not deal with it.
“You are a beast!” Latvia shouted, and then she waved her axe fast, her anger was full soon.
The monster lost much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold soon, it was a good chance, and we killed the monster together.
The monster was in level 22, but I thought it was not powerful; it was weaker than the monsters of the first floor. The dead body of the monster decayed quickly, and it became green and unsavory, we ran away quickly, because we did not know whether there was the epidemic. 

Guild Wars 2: The King of the Cow Monster

But we felt surprised soon, because the monster stood up again, and its eyes were redder, it did not take the axe, and it took a red scythe, it was aggressive. It was killed by us just now, but it could stand up now, I thought it must have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Oh my god, it is a corpse!” Polly shouted, and she nearly fell down.

I thought Polly was too stupid, this was the world of the Guild Wars 2, it was normal that there was a corpse, when we were in the catacomb before, there were many corpses, did she forget?

“It is not a corpse, it is the characteristic of the monster, after it is killed for the first time, and then it will turn to be the monster of rank poison, after it is killed for the second time, it will have other diversification, but I forget it. In a word, we must kill it for three times, and then it will really die.” The ice empress said to us.

The monster of rank poison was as the same as the former monsters, it did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold, but if we approached it, we would be poisoned, but it was lucky that it did not have other great skills, so we killed it again easily.

It was the third diversification, we looked at it carefully this time, and we did not want to lose any particulars. The dead body turned to be some water, and there was no flesh, at last, there were only some thick beef bones, I thought it was a good idea that if we took them to a dog, and maybe we could use the bones to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

Suddenly we found that the bones were moving, oh my god, it was a skeleton of a cow. It had a hammer which was made of bone, though the hammer was small, but it had great power.

It was the Cow Skeleton King, and it was in level 26, I thought it should be the last form of the monster.

The monster had fast speed this time, it used the hammer even faster the axe of Latvia, and I felt that it moved more cattily.

Suddenly the monster jumped highly, and its hammer sent out blinding purple light.

It was the skill of monster, it would knock down the goal and nearby enemies, and it consumed ten points of anger, but it did not consume much Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was stronger than the Earth Trample, after the monster fell down, it did not change again. It died finally. 

Guild Wars 2: The Monster of the Lost Tower

Though nobody could use it, I would give it to some new mates in future, so I put it in my bag with my new cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

We walked on the second floor, there were many green and black monsters as the first floor, and there were also some incantation sorcerers. We saw a shinning point slowly; it should be the transmission gate to the third floor. It seemed that we killed all of the monsters on the second floor.

“Ice empress, you come finally.” It was a cold voice.

The person was a sorcerer who wore red clothes, he was very strong, and he was nearly three meters tall.

There was a big hat on his head, and we could not see his face clearly. He was the king of monsters, and he was in level 28, I thought he must be the leader of the incantation monsters, so he must have much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“It is you, how do you know my coming?” It seemed that the ice empress knew this monster early.

“Of course I know, the White Mantle know that you don’t want to listen to him, and you will try your best to come back this tower, because you want to save your friend.”

The monster said coldly. It seemed that this monster was an allegiant servant of the White Mantle, and the White Mantle must buy Guild Wars 2 gold for him; I thought he would kill the ice empress for the White Mantle, so I must protect the ice empress.

“Yes, I come now, but could you stop me?” The ice empress said coldly, and then her eyes became red. It was the Ice Storm, it was a skill of reducing speed, and it looked like a sharp ice arrow.

“You are foolish; you are still so impulsive, you should know that you may die because of your impulse.”

Though the enemy was got by the skill, but it seemed that he was fine, and he did not care the skill at all, it seemed that he also did not lose any Guild Wars 2 gold. The water magic could not give enemy heavy hurt, it did not like the fire magic, but the monster should be reduced speed, he could not run away, wasn’t he afraid? Maybe he had some other skills to resist the skill of the ice empress.

It was the Fire Explosion, its profession was elementalist, and its type was fire magic.

The skill belonged to incantation, the nearby enemies would be hurt by the fire, and it would consume fifteen points of energy, its casting time was 0.75, its cooling time was five seconds.

This skill had big range of hurt, it had short cooling time, so he could use it continuously, he did not need to add the Guild Wars 2 gold, no wonder he was not afraid of the skill of the ice empress just now, we were unable to close to him.

The very short casting time was also a problem, and Dakar could not interrupt it.

Latvia and Cable were the chief killers in our team; it was bad that they could not approach the monster.

The monster saw that we dared not to hit him, and then he smiled, as if he got much Guild Wars 2 gold,he used the Double Flat Thunder. As the leader of the incantation sorcerers, of course he knew this skill. It was lucky that we knew the power of this skill, so we did not stand together, and we kept a distance from each other, so the skill should not hurt us. Maybe we should thank the ice empress, we might die on the first floor without her, but we came here for saving her friend. 

Killing the Cavalry Easily in Guild Wars 2

“Yes, so I decide to save my friend with my own way, and the way is joining your team, I know you are kind persons, and I need your help.” The ice empress said honestly, and I believed her a little.

“Please trust me, even if you don’t believe me, you must believe Dylan, now I am his hero wraith, and he could control me, he even could get all of my Guild Wars 2 gold, so I won’t hurt you.” She knew my mates still distrust her, so she explained to them desperately.

“Well, I trust you!” Latvia said, and she was straight. It seemed that my mates believed her now.

“You are too stupid; even if you are really in their team now, I will also kill you, and all of you must die, I even won’t give you time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” The cavalry laughed, he was too rampant, and I wanted to kill him right now.

He used the same skill as a simple cavalry, and this skill could not hurt us badly, it only could interrupt our movements. I did not think he was powerful.

He used another skill of monster, and the skill could make enemy bleed and handicapped, it consumed five points of energy, and the cooling time was eight.

If we were hit by this skill, we would lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold. Now I found that I was wrong, it was a little hard to deal with him, he was really stronger than the last cavalry.

The cavalry fell off from the sky, just after he stepped on the ground, he jumped again, and then he used a new skill in the sky, the new skill consume fifteen points of energy, and the cooling time was fifteen.

Though his skills were very powerful, but it was a pity that he could not hit us.

“What happened?” Before he died, he did not know what was wrong. I thought that maybe he had been in this tower for a long time, so he did not know what the blocking was.

“It is impossible, I won’t fail!” But he still failed, after he fell down, there were a pair of swords and much Guild Wars 2 gold.

They were the Red Swords! No wonder I felt that they were familiar. But I remembered that they were used by lower cavalry before, now they were used by the leader. 

Dealing with the Fire Monster in Guild Wars 2

“Don’t laugh, do you want to die?” Latvia said angrily, because she saw the axe of the enemy.

“Don’t be impetuous, Latvia!” I had no time to stop her, and Latvia rushed to the enemy with her axe and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, she hit the feet of the enemy with her axe.

“Oh my god, I am hurt! Who is hitting me?” The enemy did not say more, and then his fire axe fell off.

“Be careful!” Latvia did not need our reminding, and she jumped aside, but the enemy was too huge, so Latvia was still hurt a little, she lost sixty points of blood.

All of us were scared, even a simple attack could make Latvia lose so much blood, if he used a strong skill, we would lose more than one hundred points of blood and nearly all of our Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Burning, and Latvia’s clothes began to burn, she was losing her life, it was the symptom of burning. I felt that it was impossible! A soldier should not have a skill of burning, it should be the best skill of a fire elementalist, but it was obvious that the enemy was not an elementalist monster.

Even if he was the elementalist monster, I did not see his using a skill; he only cut Latvia just now, why did Latvia begin to burn?

Was it the Fire Axe? I remembered that this equipment should have a property, so it could burn the goal when the enemy used it to give Latvia a simple attack. There might be such anomalous equipment in other games, but it was different in the Guild Wars 2, I thought we should consume much time to deal with this monster, and we even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

“I know, the enemy is intertwined by the fire, Latvia was closed to him just now, so she began to burn.” The ice empress said.

“What is the skill?” I asked the ice empress.

“It is not a skill, it is a special attribute of this monster, and we could not destroy it, we also could not avoid it.”

I felt it was bad to us. It was better that the monster did not move very fast, so if we kept far away from him, we would not be hurt by his fire, of course, we did not have much Guild Wars 2 gold now, so we should be more careful. 

Baroque’s Appearance in Guild Wars 2

After we crossed the bridge, we were still a little nervous, we turned back and looked at the bones on the bridge, and all of us knew that we were nearly killed by the monsters just now.

We came to the eighth floor finally; there was a huge altar in the middle, as if it was a sacrificial place. There were some monsters on each direction, they were guarding the altar, and we knew they had much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Baroque is on the altar, he is sleeping now, we should kill the monsters, and then we must stand on the altar, Baroque will wake up.”

The ice empress told us the way to wake Baroque up. It seemed that she had complex emotions now.

“It is so easy.” I said, because I thought it would be very difficult before, and I even went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold early.

“The problem is that Baroque is powerful, even if we have six persons, we must be careful, or else we will die.” The ice empress reminded me carefully.

“Yes, I know.” I said to her, but I did not believe that Baroque was really so powerful.

After we killed the monsters with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold, we stood on the altar, and we were waiting for Baroque.

The earth was shaking, and even the entire tower was shaking, as if it was going to topple down. A lot of stone chips and fire fell off from the ceiling.

“Who is there? Who disturbed my sleeping?” It was a strong voice.

He was Baroque, and he was in level 31, he was the monster who was in highest level we saw. If I was right, I remembered that the White Mantle was also in level 31, maybe Baroque was as powerful as the White Mantle.

The ice empress told me that Baroque was a centaur before, but I felt he was not a centaur, because the upper part of his body was not human, it looked like a dragon. Baroque’s body was very red, and I thought he looked like a lobster.

The whole body of Baroque was covered by armor, so we could not see his face clearly, and he took a red death scythe in his hand, I thought he must have much Guild Wars 2 gold, I heard that he could use the terrible fire skill.

“It is me, Baroque, I am the ice empress, and don’t you know me?” The ice empress said to Baroque, she still wanted to be friend of Baroque. 

Crossing the Grizzle Bridge in Guild Wars 2

After it died, we did not kill another, we would wait for its resurrection, and then we would know the time. We did it as my thoughts, the waiting time was long, it needed two minutes to resurrect again, so the meaning was that we must kill all of the monsters on the bridge with our skills and Guild Wars 2 gold in two minutes.

We could not use the old method, because it was too slow, and it was impossible that we could kill the monsters in two minutes. Now we were in higher level, so I thought we could deal with the monsters directly.

But we should be still careful, and of course, we should avoid the skill of hell fire, and the fire burned once every ten minutes, we should buy Guild Wars 2 gold first.

We had an experiment first, we drew out four monsters once time, and we consumed twenty seconds to kill them, so we could kill twenty-four monsters in two monsters. We came to the head of the bridge, and then we found that there were still fourteen monsters on the bridge, all of us felt it was easy to cross the bridge.

I thought the time was enough. I was not so nervous any more, and I thought after we killed them, we could get much Guild Wars 2 gold again.

But since we began to fight with the monsters, I found that we were wrong, it was right that we could kill a monster in five seconds, but we still had to waste some other time to draw out the monster and evade.

After a while, there were four monsters finally, and now there were still ten seconds, if we could not kill these four monsters in ten seconds, the monsters died just now would resurrect together then, but it seemed to be impossible that we killed these four monsters in ten seconds.

“We must rush over! The eighth floor is in the front of us, as long as we are outside of the range of the bridge, the monsters won’t catch up with us, even if they have much Guild Wars 2 gold.” The ice empress shouted to us.

Yes, what she said was right, we were too stupid just now, we did not need to kill all of the monsters, and it was enough that we could open a road on the bridge. I knew why people failed here before, they did not know this point, they only wanted to kill all of the monsters, but they could not kill them in the certain time, so after the monsters resurrected, they were killed. 

Guild Wars 2: The Great Power of Baroque

“Who is the ice empress? I don’t know you, as long as you disturb my sleeping, you will die, and I will kill all of people, of course, I will destroy everything in the world.” It was a desperate answer, and it seemed that we had to fight with him, in fact, all of us did not want to fight with him really, because the ice empress still considered him as her friend, but we had no other way, we must kill him with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, or else he would kill many people.

“Be careful, he is singing the incantation of Fireball.” Santana told us, she knew the fire skills well, so just when Baroque opened his mouth, Santana knew what skill he wanted to use.

It was really the Fireball, if Santana or other people used this skill, it would not have strong power, because they were not in so high level, and they also did not have so much Guild Wars 2 gold.

There were still other fire skills could hurt enemy badly, and they were stronger than the Fireball. But Baroque was a monster who was in level 31, we did not know what level his Fireball was in.

The Fireball might be in level 18 or 20, if we were hit by him, we would lose two hundred points of blood and much Guild Wars 2 gold.

It was the Fire Storm, it was large-scale and continuous skill again, Baroque was really an elementalist, but he took a scythe in his hand, we did not know what he wanted to do with the scythe.

Baroque hit Cable and Latvia suddenly, because the two persons were attacking him, so both of them were hurt badly, all of us were scared, even a simple attack could hurt us so badly.

The scythe had a property; it was that it could attack three persons at the same time.

I thought the scythe was the best physical weapon. But it also had a disadvantage, the gap of the upper and lower was big, when it was low; it was even lower than a sword. Its attacking speed was slow, it could attack enemy once every 1.75 seconds as a hammer.

Baroque had fire skill and the scythe, he was nearly perfect. We did not know how to deal with him, even if we could buy Guild Wars 2 gold now, and the worse thing was that the ice empress did not say a word all the time, maybe she was still sad.