Have priority to tank, treatment.

Someone said there is no bad guild, just depend on personal cultivation. It just likes some full people point those hungry people and say “Poor people, there will be the place of hateful.” As the saying goes, you often play wow, how can’t be rolled? Now I would like to share my own experience about telling the bad guild.

When you join a new guild, the first thing you need to do is observing. Since a long time ago, no matter TFWOW or CWOW, there is a common: silence. If you join a guild, you will find no matter guild channel or group channel, no one say any word. In thi way, you should be careful. Someone will tell you the leader doesn’t like noise and brushing screen. Now that we are all players, it is normal to communicate with each other. So the only possibility is they have their own small team and chat happily in their own channels. If you want to fit in this kind of guild, you have two choices: one is be a real member of them, two is keep low tone and don’t say any word and conflict with other people. There are other bad guilds, though they are not good, the atmosphere is very good. If you want to fit it, you must turn a blind eye.

It is important to note that, the smart guild leader have a gang,don’tdon’t roll you initiatively. He will ask his men to provate you. Once you accelerate young, he comes out and uphold justice. So you can not brush him on NGA. You also need to observe the internal potential of all kinds of power division.

Which guilds are bad?
1. too many protection old members rules, such as TFWOW, old members only spend 30 gold to buy a suit, but new member can’t buy in half a year.
2. Excessive priority system. Have priority to tank, treatment. It is normal to do these during opening up wasteland, while after the killing the farm’s BOSS, it is too excessive.1. For some reasons, we need to talk in different languages: such as English, French, German and so on.
2. Don’t easy to die. No matter in which copy or you are tank or DPS, we have died once.
3. As a new player, you need to know what 51/20 and 17/54 symbol and remember them firmly. Magic power doesn’t have any effect for our skill enhancing.
4. In the process of leveling, please try to click out skeleton horse riding skill, strengthen evil area to increase your adaptive capacity of environment.
5. In every group, first you are a common teammate, secondly you are a DPS or tank. At last, you are so-called death knight.
6. Death knight doesn’t need to say a lot of words. They live in silence, keeping low tune to bear. Death knight is never despair, as only DK with belief and hope can gain new life.
7. Crimson system runic power just like the wheels of a 4WD. In order to make the problems simplification, crimson system can be regard as 10 seconds recycling.
8. Until now, the overall evaluation, power is still the most useful property for us. In most of scenes and talents, power is definitely the highest value property.
9. All beating skills including: blood soul beat, sherbet beat, petis beat, OB, wrath of heaven beat and so on, they are not effected by swift. What swift can effect is DK magical skill’s GCD, like ice touch, death coil, howling blast, etc.
10. Empower crimson weapons can be used as hand cycle to increase DPS. It also can match death and decay to group of claps.
11. Cold winter horn can be used to increase energy, but not only increasing bread’s property.
12. DK can add blood to our teammates and ourselves. How many DK has never tried it?
13. Jewelery and forging most suitable for DK output. Of course, tank also can choose enchanting, engineering and other careers.
14. If you want to beat the ideal DPS data, reducing delay and hesitance is more important than maintain the firm cycling suit.
15. If you want to be a good tank, please make sure you have steady time and good attitude. Then making full use of every crimson beating and never trust the nonsense you will not be killed by BOSS.