The Secret World : Magic Skills InterviewThe Secret World : Magic Skills Interview


The Secret World boasts that it gives players the ability to focus on whatever type of combat they prefer, whether ranges, melee or magic. We caught up with Funcom’s Martin Bruusgaard to tals specifically about magic in The Secret World. See what we discovered and then leave your thoughts in the comments.
MMORPG: Will there be a reason for players to mix magic schools? Or will it make more sense to mix something like Chaos Magic with Melee weapons more often than not.

Martin Bruusgaard: TSW has over 500 unique abilities distributed over 9 different weapon types: Shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, swords, hammers, fist weapons, chaos magic, elementalism and blood magic. Players can mix and match any two weapons, but they have to make a choice. You can only bring 7 active abilities and 7 passive abilities into battle. There are always reasons to mix two particular weapons, but some have more synergy than others. Blood magic and elementalism is a great match for a damage-over-time-build, and they both can apply and modify how “DoTs” behave. Blood magic and chaos is great for a shut-down build, as chaos can knock people back/towards/down and blood have quite a few abilities that can exploit impairments (knockdowns, stuns and silences). Chaos and elementalism would make a fun area attack build. Drop a few manifestations down and go to town on a group with your summoned fist-claws



Funcom has announced that players

Funcom has announced that players of the Alternative Reality Game set in the realms of The Secret World have spent over 30,000 hours working to unravel the mysteries of the end of days. As December 21st approaches, players are investigating events in the ARG at an astonishing pace.
The ARG takes place online (and outside the actual ‘The Secret World’ MMO) in the Situation Room, a main hub where participants can live chat with each other, see updated video briefings and access several intricate puzzles that are being made available over the course of the ARGs lifespan. Among some of the tasks participants encounter are situations where they must ‘hack’ (obviously not the illegal kind) computer terminals to access information, investigate strange websites, and go through other challenges and mini-games that will put their mental capacity to the test. Players accumulate points, and they have access to a special profile page where they can track their progress.

Prior to inferno, I always bought/kept items with dexterity and vitality and I had a health pool of about 35,000 HP.

Come INFERNO, it doesn’t matter if I have 35K or 70K, I simply cannot get hit and survive. So I ditched all my vitality

and protection gear and stacked the only alternative attack speed. I’d be extremely happy to go around with no attack

speed but being able to withstand a hit. Dying from something offscreen is extremely frustrating and game designers

should address this and not the fact we stack attack s

Runewalker, the creators of Runes of Magic, is now working with Sony Online Entertainment to bring a new game, Dragon’s Prophet, to the world. In today’s Free Zone column, we speculate as to whether or not Runewalker can ‘hit another one out of the park’. Check it out before lending your voice to the conversation in the comments.


This former status, has contributed to my interest in Dragon’s Prophet. The IP is new and thus unrelated, but it’s from the same developer, Taiwan-based Runewaker. So, I wonder if the studio can follow up with a second success. As well, there’s a personal factor. I simply happen to like the concept, which is based on taming the great creatures to accompany and aid you on your adventures. So, any title featuring this element tends to grab a bit more of my attention than average.


Read more of Richard Aihoshi’s The Free Zone: Can Runewaker Repeat its Success?


Since its launch in November 2004

Players get the chance to be heroes in World of Warcraft A deadly virtual plague has broken out in the online game World of Warcraft. Although limited to only a few of the game’s servers the numbers of characters that have fallen victim is thought to be in the thousands. Originally it was thought that the deadly digital disease was the result of a programming bug in a location only recently added to the Warcraft game. However, it now appears that players kicked off the plague and then kept it spreading after the first outbreak.

Since its launch in November 2004, World of Warcraft (Wow) has become the most widely played massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in the world. Its creator, Blizzard, claims that now more than four million people are regular players. Wow is an online game that gives players the chance to adventure in the fantasy world of Azeroth that is populated by the usual mixture of humans, elves, orcs and other fantastic beasts. As players explore the world, the characters they control become more powerful as they complete quests, kill monsters and find magical items and artefacts that boost abilities. Although computer controlled characters did not contract the plague, they are said to have acted as “carriers” and infected player-

As we know that there are three necessary requirements, one is enough time for power leveling to playing in the World of Warcraft. One of the essential conditions is enough playing time. The second is sufficient money to sustain the game time. The last is you can need to take part in a good guild and possess good mates for team tasks. But when you have only one or two of them, you would require a large number of World of Warcraft gold to make up for your game. And then there is a problem discovering the farming and safety gold source difficulty for the players. It is much simple for you playing the World of Warcraft game than before under the help of using gold. And there are also many instance and raid which are not difficult to pass through.

It will help you save much than for the workers or students that provide another method to keep catch with others progress when you possess less time. So some people take this chance to make illegal money. If you want to trade the WOW gold you need to go to the health warcraft gold market and game environment. In order to obtain the best cheap wow gold services, you need to be carefully in the trading WOW gold website, where you can get the low prices, WOW account protection and instant delivery. You also need to find the basics on guides to the latest game environment.

We have invested most time and capital in developing Wow gold services market. The service we are providing includes buying and selling US wow gold, US wow power leveling. In the last four years of intensifying competition, our business maintains a steady growth, which is definitely attributed to our premium and highly efficient services. We always stick to standard services so as to protect game environment. We believe our players are sensible to make a right choice. We guarantee you the most premium and efficient services and will keep providing players with all-round value-added services.To give these powerful characters more of a challenge, Blizzard regularly introduces new places to explore in the online world. In the last week, it added the Zul’Gurub dungeon which gave players a chance to confront and kill the fearsome Hakkar – the god of Blood. In his death throes Hakkar hits foes with a “corrupted blood” infection that can instantly kill weaker characters. The infection was only supposed to affect those in the immediate vicinity of Hakkar’s corpse but some players found a way to transfer it to other areas of the game by infecting an in-game virtual pet with it. This pet was then unleashed in the orc capital city ofOgrimmarand proved hugely effective as the Corrupted Blood plague spread from player to player.补丁52 PTR新的宠物,坐骑,潜在的TCG项目 

What a Year 2012 WasWhat a Year 2012 Was

Simple systems like this, along with cross-profession combos, and the dedicated healing skill slot, help free players from the MMORPG shackles, and let us break the mold even more. We’re making players more self sufficient, but are also providing appealing ways for them to effortlessly work together to create a more inspired moment-to-moment experience. That is why Guild Wars 2 does not have a dedicated healing class.

Harvesting the resource will give the player a chance to get a common, uncommon or rare component. Players will be able to use crafted, dropped, or purchased items to extend the longevity of their farms, speed up the growth of their resources, or improve their chances of getting a rare component. Additionally, placing a farm in a higher risk area such as a PVP zone can improve the yield of harvested resources. 

As part of our ever-expanding

Were there any ideas for the intro cinematic that didn’t make the cut?

Nick Carpenter: Earlier versions of the cinematic were much more focused on the characters talking back and forth, mostly about the Eternal Conflict. We ultimately decided it was better to ‘show not tell,’ so we moved away from this direction and instead came up with the idea of establishing the Eternal Conflict by flashing back to it. We loved the concept of angels pouring down from the sky like a waterfall of diamonds into an ocean of demons, but there was no way we could create such sequences and still ship the game on time; it was essentially like adding another entire cinematic relatively late in the schedule.

That’s where the idea of the 2D animations originated. Here, we could show the same backstory in the context of a macabre, living storybook where the images come to life on the page. Through the constraint of time, we came up with the unique ‘storybook’ look for which I think the Diablo III cinematics will be remembered. This storybook grounds the sequence as a flashback — without explicitly explaining that it’s a flashback — and it even gives the viewer the sense that they are witnessing events with the weight of an epic, almost mythological past.

What technologies were used to create the intro cinematic?

Nick Carpenter: We use Pixar’s RenderMan as our primary rendering tool. It’s very good at displacing surfaces and adding both realistic motion blur and depth of field. During the development of StarCraft II’s cinematics it felt at times as though RenderMan was leading us, but for Diablo III we were able to apply what we learned during StarCraft II and get back in the driver’s seat. We also used VRay for matte painting passes, which is the modern equivalent of how 2D painters used to draw environment layers on sheets of glass to create a sense of depth. Also, if you look closely at the 2D storybook sections of the Diablo III intro cinematic, you’ll notice that we took the fibers in the parchment and separated them at different

z-depths in After Effects to create a 3D effect, almost like a star field.The gameplay is simple and to the point. One team fights against another in either team death match or “plant the bomb” game modes. As is usually the case with realistic first person shooters, head shots are near instant kills, whereas body and limb shots are significantly less lethal. Movement decreases the accuracy of the player’s weapon, as does sustained fire, which gives the combat a level of tactical nuance commonly found in modern shooters today. However, two things that I found to be curiously absent were weapon iron sights, as well as the ability to either sprint or bunny hop in any shape or form. With that aside, pretty much anything you’d expect to see from a standard shooter, you’ll see in 9mm Online.
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As part of our ever-expanding coverage of all things MMO, we’d like to direct your attention to sister site and the latest review by Danny “Tenebrion” Wojcicki. Danny takes a look at the F2P online shooter, 9mm Online. See what he discovered and then let us know if you’ve played too.Mists of Pandaria Press Tour Coverage 

This monster is common in MC.

The ‘Fractals of the Mist’ dungeon is a result of all the lessons ArenaNet has learned from developing the game’s initial dungeon offerings as well as the feedback they’ve received from players on dungeon content since launch. Players will enter the Fractals of the Mist dungeon via a central hub that will feature an assortment of amenities such as repair NPCs and other merchants. Once players have gathered their party members, they will be launched into one of the nine ‘fractals’ that will be randomly selected for each group.

Each fractal’s experience will be similar to that of the various mini-dungeons littered throughout the open world of Guild Wars 2. These fractals will feature a variety of challenges, puzzles, and boss fights, with an emphasis placed on use of the environment. Player

Once players return to town, future entries into the dungeon will scale to become harder than the last. The amount of enemies players will face will increase as will their health and damage, for example. Of course, you can also expect commensurate rewards for completing harder versions of the dungeon.

Speaking of rewards, the Fractals of the Mist Dungeon will introduce the new ‘Ascended’ item type. This type is a bit more powerful than the Exotic quality items currently found in the game. There will only be a couple of Ascended quality items available initially, but some of the rarer Ascended items will also feature a new Infusion slot that will make players even more powerful so that they can tackle new challenges that ArenaNet plans to throw at them as they continue to expand on the dungeon over the coming months and years.


The background of Annihilator: This monster is common in MC. You will see early .It like to attack the main objective. But it is difficult to kill anyone because the attack time of each target is too short. It will static refresh every 150 minutes. This monster can be deported. Background of Glider: This is a very interesting monster and it has a very interesting attack methods. You can see this monster glides very fast. It refreshed every 28 minutes, which belongs to one of the monsters which can fast refresh. You do not know how to stop them refresh. But this monster also can be deported. Annihilator attacks: a simple ordinary attack can cause 600 to 800 damage for the tank. Confusion hatred can attack randomly the members.

Attacks of glider: the basic attack will cause damage for tank. It will select the second target and quickly glide toward the target. It attacks anyone around it and its targets to cause 800-1000 damage. Annihilator strategy: You need to ensure the soldiers continue to attract the hatred .In general, it is seldom run away or attack the caster from time to time. Even if it did so, it will soon lose interest in favor and turn to attacking other people. Glider strategy: You can time the monster, in order to grasp whether they will be refreshed at a location nearby. It is not so bad, because they can be expelled by warlocks. You should spread out to knock down it. There will be very few people died in the battle with it, but consuming Mana.Elemental Invasion Survival Kit 

We have talked in depth in regards

Each of the actual Stormrage brothers experienced your tuition regarding Cenarius, your kid involving Elune along with Malorne and a strong Old. Despite the individual interest of your demigod, Illidan can’t get in themself any actual interest in the druid magics that Malfurion consequently excelled from. Illidan was far more enthusiastic about the actual arcane. In case younger crowd sought a new quicker path to strength to be able to wow Tyrande, it turned out nonetheless his or her personal preference.

The Battle from the Ancients transformed every thing for those a few ones (as well as for those Nighttime Elves everywhere). Your Kaldorei (because Nighttime Elves call on their own) transformed thus thoroughly and thus shateringly as a result of this conflict that it’s a hardship on anybody who knows the evening Elves today to recognize. Illidan grew in order to small the adult years between any people that utilized the Properly of Eternity at the heart regarding Kalimdor for every achievable utilize. The actual Well’s strength therefore suffused his or her civilization those who have been most within tune with the regular outflow of the arcane power had been the rulers with their folks, the particular Quel’dorei (Children of Respectable Start). King Azshara very little came to be with the exact same fantastic sight while Illidan, sight that notable both of them which has a special lives to the night elves of that moment.

We have talked in depth in regards to the warfare along with Illidan’s role in it ahead of. For now, we can easily claim that Illidan took part in the actual warfare with Malfurion as well as Tyrande, employing their arcane capabilities and also showing themselves one of the strongest mages still living — sufficiently strong enough to have success where these Highborne not enticed through King Azshara’s mayhem unsuccessful. Correctly had been the King and also the girl advisor Xavius which had, essentially, stated war on their unique people as well as war on the globe by itself. That they sought to maintain all the power of your Well of Ever for themselves in order to use it to open a site among Azeroth and the Twisting Nether and also allow the darker titan Sargeras wholly into the entire world. While his or her people panicked, these people let Sargeras’ demonic servants loose, within millions virtually many. They took this wonderful time which Nighttime Elf culture acquired arrive at depend on to ensure their own people who have no methods to guard on their own. In their hour associated with very best will need, the evening Elves saw your arcane miracle that they had consequently dependable fail these people thoroughly.一趟下来内存车道地图,指南和论坛


Isuldof Iceheart: Your Freezing Cardiovascular regarding Isuldof will take in this kind of territory until it can be came back. Woe onto the ones that support the heart because the bane involving frozen blood vessels besets these…

Windan with the Kvaldir: The anguish associated with ten-thousand many years awaits any kind of silly sufficient for you to wear the standard Battle suits from the Kvaldir. Beware the air along with haze, mortals; regarding with these will come your end.

The particular thieves is discovered with the tuskarr, who were regrettable sufficient to own many hunters strategy the region due to the strange action of the sleepless mood from the deceased. As for the buccaneers, they are hiding out and about and dealing using problems of their own, because the items they’ve already compromised are actually a lot more problems when compared with their own apparent worthy of. As outlined by “Silvermoon” Harry with Scalawag Level, everybody who’s come into effect with one of these items has finished up lifeless, missing as well as both.

The Freezing Heart involving Isuldof went one of several buccaneers crazy, and today “Mad” Jonah Sterling covers in the give nearby the pirate cove, having designated a keep to shield the doll. The employees of Storm’s Rage got very similar effect on a staff fellow member called Abdul the actual Crazy, which today supports the personnel on the deliver from Iskaal. The large Sorlof is actually possessing the actual Defend associated with Aesirites, as well as the best way in order to get it’s to gain the have confidence in in the now-undead crew from the Sister’s Whim and help them to beat the large. 

MapleStory : Generosity AboundsMapleStory : Generosity Abounds









MapleStory players have gifted one another over two million dollars worth of virtual items in the past year, according to a press release from Nexon. Items given were purchased from the item shop and given to other players. As of November, over 800,000 of these items had been purchased and gifted.


Linda Tsoi, the community manager for Nexon America’s MapleStory, attributed the huge amount of giving to players wanting to give their in-game friends a helping hand.  “A lot of gifting happens because Maplers consider their in-game friends real life friends, so oftentimes they may gift something because their friend doesn’t have NX because s/he can’t afford or has no means of buying it,” said Ms. Tsoi.




Somebody who has stayed wow power leveling

As an alternative, even with deficiencies in Highborne coaching or a function within their cultural purchase, Illidan quickly started to be one of several most powerful mages around the world with additional natural power than any one of his or her very best. Because potential to deal with your Hord began and those Highborne unaware of Azshara’s actions missing their own connection to the actual Well (thereby their ability), it was Illidan who showed all of them how to change this normal wonderful powers which fed into the Properly alone to draw in after and also which as a result presented the night elves a combating chance from the demons. Even though Ancients and also mythical beasts the same dropped from the wayside, Illidan popularized hunting the demons and eventually perhaps been able to wipe out a powerful satan referred to as Azzinoth within overcome, shredding the particular demon’s weaponry from the corpse and taking advantage of these people themselves. These kinds of weaponry have been lengthy, bent double cutting blades of the style comparable to individuals currently in use through nighttime elves, weaponry known as glaives, which usually assisted your pet best their particular used in his own style.

The other fellow within this week’s Realize Your own Folklore is one of the many powerful numbers within the Burning up Campaign expansion. A full area, Netherstorm, will be turned round his plans with his fantastic persona. The blood elves pretty much worship your pet like a the almighty along with the draenei observe your pet his or her many poisonous opponent. And yet, no one is aware of quite precisely what he is around in his suspiciously pink floating ship. So quick, prior to an individual eliminates him, meet up with …

Whom: Royal prince Kael’thas Sunstrider.

What: Body elf. Indeed! Finally! Somebody who has stayed one particular contest without getting converted into a new fish/corrupted simply by demons/etc.!

Historical past: Kael’thas Sunstrider may be the very last of your empire associated with high elf kings that will go as far back in order to Dath’Remar Sunstrider, that old leader of the Highborne. As being a child, he researched miraculous within Dalaran and became an experienced mage. When it’s in Dalaran, they fulfilled a human mage named Jaina Proudmoore and fell for her, despite the fact that she was a teenager and he had been a great … immortal-type man, thus probably quite old. However the girl decided that the girl studies ended up more vital, and failed to reply while he courted her. Then Jaina started seeing Knight in shining armor Arthas, as well as Kael’thas had been devastated. Amazing, Jaina type of received about. I reckon that that’s what emanates from staying one of the few woman heroes within an Role-playing game. She has solitary right now, though, if you don’t consider these gossip with regards to the woman’s along with Thrall.

At any rate, Kael had been researching inside Dalaran when Arthas travelled nutzo. Arthas marched their affiliate marketer involving undead into Quel’Thalas along with defiled the particular Sunwell, getting rid of a lot of blood vessels elves as well as sickening far more. Kael’s daddy was on the list of deceased. He or she hastened time for Quel’Thalas through Dalaran along with took control in the remaining large elves. The particular sour Kael relabeled these the actual Sin’dorei, or bloodstream elves, in honor of the particular lifeless. They and the troopers became a member of the particular Connections to battle contrary to the Scourge. 

Guild Wars 2 : Getting ReadyGuild Wars 2 : Getting Ready


Last week, ArenaNet threw a small stress test party for those who could make it. It’s the devs’ way of saying, “Yeah, we’re ready. Let’s DO this thing!” In our latest Guild Wars 2 column, we share our thoughts about the stress test and the exciting notion that our obsession is just around the corner! Read on!
A stress test is pretty simple. Players try to log into the game, and stress the servers to help a developer figure out how to make everyone’s connection better. ArenaNet has used a few before, and we have seen some improvements to the game with each passing event. Even if you don’t notice a performance improvement, you should have noticed an improvement in connectivity. I remember the first BEW, and it was a lot of fun, but the game would disconnect every once in a while. It was the first public beta, so this actually wasn’t too surprising. Then a stress test came and it removed a lot of “stress” from the next BEW. The process continued for a few months and each beta ran smoother than the last.