The second state is advancing wow gold

There are some little tasks needs you complete before you enter the second phase of Hyjal tasks. Use your skill of “Call the flock of birds” to gather twelve Alpine songbirds, five forest owl and two gold wing hawk. There are 500 WOW gold on the ground, you should pick it up. It will enter into the vehicle systems after you use “Call the flock of birds” skill. It’s ok to just fly near by the birds and use your skills. Proposed team solution for this task, the number of birds in the air is very limited. Using “feather of bird queen” summon and defeat dense La. Usually, you should out of the way if it has the fire on the ground.

Value of life, once the role of the player’s life created to 100. Life reaches 0, it died, and death wills be sent to the resurrection rebirth point. Summon the use of the monster as foreign aid. The comprehensive struggle Level is the only other players to see the level. This level is automatically calculated by the system. You can pay 2,000 RuneScape gold for a package. Most high as 138 and free membership is 126. Any occupation players in the defensive when the struggle grade is calculated, prayer, life, summon will be included in the wrestling level; soldiers, plus attack and strength, master with magic, the shooter plus archery. Summon for fairness in the free world and will not be counted as the comprehensive struggle level. You can pick up RuneScape gold in game.


Some paying members, paying members world and free world, there are two different wrestling skill levels. You can fish in the certain place where showed you on the map. And you can eat it while less blood point. You need promote your cooking level at the same time, or you can’t cook the fish.

You need use pickaxe to mining in the certain place, usually you need choose a place where close a bank, then you can save it to your bank fast. There are many kinds of stone, such as tin ore, iron ore and gold ore. You need different level to mining the different ore. There are huge amount of trees. The trees re-grow every few minutes. You can sell the wood to RuneScape gold or just fire it. You can cut the tree by an axe. The axe can be picked up in any main store. Sometimes you need to pay 1 RuneScape gold for it. You can also build a house by the wood. There’s a funning farm in the game. The players can plant on the farm. They can farm foods or medicinal materials and so on.

As long as much WOW gold you have. Dense La will flee towards the sky when he’s dying, and there will be a NPC to help you kill him at this time. This little task is not difficult but need team solution. This is the spiritual of WOW, too. You can get help from other players and you can also help others. Cooperation is important!

The second state is advancing lava front. You can open the second stage of the Firelands task once collected 20 World Tree Imprint. The Arch Druid Hammuul wants you to go to the north-west of the ruins to find the message of flame Druid. Take your WOW gold in your inventory.魔兽世界图片壁纸,1920×1080,#148146

Arch Druid Hamuul will be attack to dying by Lei Yala in this place. Go back and find Malfurion after events, and follow Malfurion officially entered Firelands, beat the obsidian slag lords’ entrance can be reached in the stronghold of the Firelands. You need collected 20 World Tree Imprint. Pass through the portal in North Sand hilltop, help Malfurion captured stronghold in the lava front-line. Pass through the portal in North Sand hilltop, you will find party coalition forces are battle with obsidian slag lords.


You will lose all the WOW gold if you are dies. This event will continue to be carried out; if you are lucky it will be fixed if you throw a skill. The little chiefs is a little bit difficult than the previous that he can summon monster soldier Obsidian and use a variety of spells. Remember keep away from the ring of fire under your foot.