Warrior SpotlightWarrior Spotlight




MMORPG.com and the Dragon Knights Online (DK Online) team have partnered to bring our readers a first look at the Warrior class. We’ve got an exclusive developer blog and trailer to show off this awesome class. Read on!


While Warriors can equip two-handed weapons, they’re most at home with the iconic sword and shield combo. Now, we know you may see the old “sword-and-board” and automatically think “tank,” but this is a good time for a short detour to talk a little bit about class roles in general (don’t worry, we’ll get back to the Warrior soon enough). DK Online takes the age-old “tank, healer, dps” trinity and turns it on its head. The classes in this game are built with a measure of versatility in mind, so that they aren’t pigeon-holed into specific roles and groups don’t need to have a designated tank and healer to be successful.




World of Warcraft : New Novel AnnouncedWorld of Warcraft : New Novel Announced

The World of Warcraft team has announced that “Tides of War”, a new novel based in the WoW game world, will be released in physical and eBook formats in August. Tides of War is authored by Christie Golden and preorders are now being taken.
The renowned sorceress Jaina Proudmoore has long struggled to maintain a lasting peace between the Alliance and horde.

But now, as mounting tensions threaten to ignite a new era of conflict, her hopes for peace could be extinguished forever…

Warchief Garrosh, obsessed with assuring the Horde’s supremacy over Kalimdor, launches an all-out attack against Jaina’s island home of Theramore. Though the valiant Alliance defenders rush to repel the sudden onslaught, they’ll soon find themselves unprepared for the terrible scope of Garrosh’s true plans…



Learning More About The GameLearning More About The Game


The Repopulation is an indie-developed MMO that has piqued a lot of players’ imaginations with its innovative features and “sandbox” mentality. We managed to catch up with the development team to talk about The Repopulation and to give our readers new information about this upcoming title. Read on!
MMORPG.com: Will it be possible to play a stealth type character like a Thief, Assassin, Bounty Hunter in PvE, PvP, or both?

The Repopulation: We have a several rogue or ranger like skill lines including: Stealth, Assassination, Acrobobatics, Disguise, Survival, Thievery, Tracking, Hacking, and some shady forms of Chemistry. There will also be a good amount of unique missions for Underworld types.

Read more of Garrett Fuller’s The Repopulation: Learning More About The Game.


The Orient Update DeployedThe Orient Update Deployed




Angels Online players will have a new zone in which to game. Called The Orient, as the name implies, the new area features an Asian theme with the difficulty tailored for high level players.
Little Angels, check out these exciting new features!

Eight brand new maps, including an instance map.
Level cap has been raised to Level 190!
Brand new Phoenix instance quests and 3 mega bosses will provide challenges that will test your individual skills as well as your team’s ability to work together!
One more quest has been added to the new maps.
Each class has brand new skills!
Brand new system: Guild Farms! Only Guilds level 6 and above can set up a farm.
An upgraded, revamped Totem War!


Guild Wars 2 : Asura and Sylvari ReviewGuild Wars 2 : Asura and Sylvari Review


We spent some time with the asura and sylvari during this past weekend’s final Guild Wars 2 beta event before launch and today we’re offering our thoughts on both!

Ever since it was announced that we could choose different races in Guild Wars 2, I’ve had my heart set on making a Charr.  I know I’d make a Norn down the road, but I’d start with a Charr.  Well now I have to rework my plan.  I was really surprised at what the Asura brought to the game.   I always liked the Asura, but I never thought I could connect with one.  The Asura add some comic relief to the game.  Their sarcastic nature and experiments constantly blowing up bring much needed comedy to a world ruled by dragons and war.   The connection between me and my Asuran character happened almost instantly.



Guild Wars 2 : The Asura ExperienceGuild Wars 2 : The Asura Experience




We spent some time with the diminutive asura race during the final beta weekend event for Guild Wars 2 and today we’re offering our thoughts on the experience!

I’ll be blunt; I’ve never been interested in the asura. In fact, I’ve loved to hate them since ArenaNet announced that they would be a playable race in Guild Wars 2. They’re little alien-esque, mice-like, Raz-from-Psychonauts-looking creatures, and I was going to have none of it. At the same time, I do admit they’re probably one of the more interesting smaller races one can find in a fantasy MMO, especially since they’re basically replacing dwarves and gnomes in Guild Wars 2, and I hate those two even more




Nadirim : Now Part of the Aeria Games StableNadirim : Now Part of the Aeria Games Stable


Aeria Games has announced that Nadirim is now a part of its online gaming stable and is currently available for players via its portal.Nadirim features a vast open world full of bustling towns and remote oases separated by the treacherous desert sands. The turn-based combat takes place on a grid, in which strategic positioning is just as important as powerful abilities. When players get into a jam in combat, they can put out a call for help to other nearby adventurers, who can then seamlessly join the battle—as well as reap the rewards of victory!


F2P Hybrid Coming F2P Hybrid Coming



Sony Online Entertainment and the Vanguard team have posted a new blog on the official site laying out some of the details for the upcoming F2P-hybrid subscription model of the game. Included in the news is the announcement that the new version will officially kick off on August 14th.

Some of the more notable changes include:

New Website: Our official website has received a major facelift and has a new URL – http://www.vanguardthegame.com.
Vanguard Marketplace: The Vanguard Marketplace offers several categories to browse – Services, Mounts and Pets, Appearance and Equipment, and Housing.
Starting Areas Revamp: New characters will now start one of the following starting areas: Cliffs of Ghelgad, Tanvu, Three Rivers Village, Tursh Village, or the Isle of Dawn.
Removed Class Restrictions: We removed the class restrictions for all races. You can now create that special combination of character that you dreamed about making!


Traveling in Astral SpaceTraveling in Astral Space

What really seems to help with Allods is that there isn’t a vending system like other F2P games have, so there isn’t an area that is overcrowded by players who are just sitting around AFK trying to sell items. Instead there is just an auction house for trading among players. There is some music in the game, but there can be long periods of time where there isn’t any. In some towns the music gets very tedious after awhile, and often I found it better just to turn it off completely. Still, the visuals are beautifully rendered and not too taxing on the system
In our latest review here at MMORPG.com, Cat Mo takes a look at Allods Online. Allods was one of those games a couple years ago that was so filled with potential that people took notice 

High Level PvP Plans High Level PvP Plans


Funcom’s Martin Bruusgaard has left a post on the official forums for The Secret World. In it, he details upcoming plan for high level PvP. Among other things, Bruusgaard admits that Fusang was never meant to be a “circle zerg” and that the team is looking closely at ways to make changes.

The team is also working to make Stonehenge and El Dorado more attractive to players and to incentivise playing there.

Lastly, the team acknowledges that there are class imbalances and will be working to address those over the coming updates.

Read the full post on The Secret World’s forum.