Zenimax’ MMO Philosophy


Last week during a special MMO-enthusiast press day at Zenimax Online Studios, we learned a lot about what ZOS hope’s Elder Scrolls Online will be to gamers. In this article we recap the team’s opening presentation which focuses on their core philosophy and design decisions.


You hear game developers talk about design a lot. You hear them talk about philosophy almost as much. The best part of the Elder Scrolls Online presentation last Wednesday was that we heard about the design and the philosophy behind the game, and then we immediately played it. For anyone who had doubts about Zenimax Online Studios’ monster undertaking, it is time to end those doubts. The game is playable, and it is amazing. So what did the team do to really introduce the hardcore press to the game last week? They gave us their design ideals, and then sat us in front of the game for three straight hours. You know you have a good game, when no one gets up for lunch.  But let’s go over how ZOS introduced their core philosophy behind the game to us all.