The great vessel impacted on the shores of Azuremyst Isle

Kil’jaeden, who had loved Velen like a brother, was infuriated by the draenei’s flight from Argus and their ungrateful refusal of Sargeras’ offer. In retaliation, Kil’jaeden led the Legion’s armies on a relentless pursuit of the draenei throughout the cosmos. Eventually, Velen and his beleaguered people eluded their hunters and found sanctuary on a remote world that they would name Draenor, or “Exiles’ Refuge.” Having been instructed by the naaru in the ways of the Light, the draenei developed an extraordinary society on their new home and came to know the shamanistic orc clans native to Draenor. After departing the shattered draenei world, the Exodar appeared above northern Kalimdor when a spectacular explosion ripped open the skies.

Start Location: Azuremyst Isle Located off of the coast of northern Kalimdor, Azuremyst Isle is home to the draenei, refugees who fled Outland aboard the massive dimensional vessel named the Exodar. When the draenei crashed on Azeroth, powerful crystals from their vessel were scattered about Azuremyst Isle, mutating flora and fauna near the debris. Following the ill-fated landing, the draenei worked feverishly to find survivors and mend any damages inflicted on the isle due to their disastrous arrival.HomeCity: The Exodar Once a satellite structure of the mighty Tempest Keep, the dimensional craft known as the Exodar was used by a group of draenei to escape their perilous home on Outland. The great vessel impacted on the shores of Azuremyst Isle, which has since become home to Outland’s refugee draenei.

Following their dramatic landing, the draenei have utilized the remains of the Exodar to great effect, transforming it into a base of operations for their dealings on Azeroth. Racial Mount: Elekk The recent influx of different races to Outland, particularly the ethereal, has resulted in increased hunting of the native elekk of Nagrand for their prized tusks. Yet in addition to being seen as game, these massive beasts are also valued for their ability to act as mounts. When the draenei fled Outland aboard the Exodar, they carried with them a number of species, including tamed elekk. Upon landing on Azeroth, these tusked-creatures played a large role in helping the draenei establish themselves on their strange new home. While much of Azeroth’s own native wildlife has served other races as trustworthy mounts, the draenei still prefer the hearty and unyielding elekk above all else. If you want to buy wow gold, pls contact us.